X-Lite Treadmill Review

Update: Salus sports have upgraded the X-Lite. This now boasts a thicker (longer lasting) belt, more options via the computer and more.

Summary: The X-Lite II packs a lot of punch for the price. You’ll find incline, speakers and heart rate / BMI sensors all for a mid-range price. This is a compact model, which will be fine for most runners, though taller / larger users might want to look elsewhere. I have not seen an up to date 2016 treadmill with this spec with this much solid feedback (at amazon.co.uk) for under £200 for a long time! Check out the dedicated product page here.

FIT4HOME Unisex SSJK-06 X-Lite II Treadmill, Black

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X-Lite 2017 Update Treadmill Detailed Review

This treadmill is smaller and lighter than many rivals, and is packed full of technology. Several buyers have left feedback that their entire family are using it happily – though looking at the dimensions, weight and spec I’m guessing there are no six footers in those particular families.

If you are taller / bigger then I’d recommend the York range, which are notoriously well made – the Active 120 is in a similar price range.

The X-Lite II has a 3 level manual incline, and a top speed of 12km/ hour. This should be plenty enough flexibility (if you are not yet familiar with treadmill workouts, the incline does make a huge difference). You can store this machine away after use, thanks to the folding mechanism – this is a big plus for those of us who do not have a dedicated gym area.


It is the electronics, the console and the extra features which make this home treadmill stand out in this crowded market.

Sensors: Heart-rate monitoring is always a welcome treadmill feature. It not only helps you understand the physiological effects of your efforts – it can be used to track how fit you are (as your rates lower over time for the same effort). In addition to the heart rate sensor, this treadmill has a body mass index, or BMI sensor.

Console: You’ll find good looking consoles like this are rare at the lower budget end. There are 3 quick start buttons, 14 pre-set programs and access to the monitors.

Extras: MP3 / smartphone compatibility + speakers + a drink holder. Again these are features often associated with higher priced models – and welcome additions to keep your run from getting dull!

Customer feedback has been overwhelmingly positive for this model. One user rued the lack of a pause button (a fair enough point), while others pointed out that this is a smaller model than many on the market. On the whole, the features and ease of setup were welcomed.

As long as you are not too tall or big, this compact treadmill has a ton of great features for the price. Check out the full spec and customer feedback over at amazon.co.uk for yourself now!

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