York Fitness B530 Heavy Duty Incline and Decline Bench Review

Summary: The York B530 Incline weights bench was described by one commenter as having the best ‘bang for buck’. This is certainly a solid bench for your money, in the mid-price range for weights benches – though keep in mind that it has a lot of features. It works for legs as well as upper body, with a max weight of 200kg, plenty enough for most home gym users. This has become one of the best-selling benches over at amazon.co.uk – with a healthy discount too (at the time of writing at least). Check it out the product page for the latest info.

York Fitness B530 Heavy Duty Incline and Decline Bench

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Detailed Review of the York Fitness B530 Heavy Duty Incline / Decline Weights Bench

This is a solid bench, that is made of metal and plastic. It comes in one big box, and takes around 1 hour to put together (feedback stated that this was easy enough). It does not fold, so you’ll need 1.5 meters by 70cm minimum for storage – and obviously a bigger space than this when you add your barbell to it.

You’ll get a lot of flexibility in the incline and seat positions. This bench does go flat. An interesting observation is that the maximum incline does not leave enough room for your head under your barbell – though of course there are plenty of other exercises possible in that position.

One big advantage over cheaper benches that was noted over and over is that this is a solid piece of equipment – no creaks or wobbles. This does not surprise me given the good general reputation of York Fitness.

Grip Trouble: A couple of people noted that the rests for the barbell were in the most natural position for their hands – making bench-pressing more difficult. This turned out to be more of an issue with 5 foot bars. It should be noted that this is a common issue – and baring universal agreement on bar sizes, something we will all need to live with for the time being.

Bought Together

Obviously a bench on its own is very little use – so the ‘bought together’ options are important here. You’ll need a selection of weights and a solid barbell set to go with it – as well as dumbells. The York Fitness cast iron dumbbell sets, and combo 50kg York Barbell / Dumbbell sets were both popular options.

Summing up: The York Fitness B530 hits that sweet spot where you get a robust and solid bench at a very decent price. If the same discount applies as was there when I wrote this review, then this is a real bargain compared to similar benches from other fitness equipment manufacturers. The main attributes are a solid bench with a lot of flexibility and a robust build. Check out this product page at amazon.co.uk now for more details.

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