York Fitness R101 Rowing Machine Review

Summary: Budget rower from the popular York Fitness which looks sharp and has many of the features of much higher priced models. You’ll get a LCD display, variable resistance and a solid build all in one. This is an ideal machine for a beginner – check it out at amazon.co.uk

I will say that the buyer feedback for this model has been disappointing – especially when compared to the glowing feedback for other York Fitness equipment (their Excel 310 Rowing Machine could not be more different). I’m adding a strong ‘Do More Research’ message to this model for the time being, and will check back in a few months to see if the aggregate feedback has improved!

York Active 110 Rower Rowing Machine - Black

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Detailed Review of the York Fitness R101 Rower

The York Fitness R101 Rowing Machine is definitely meant for a beginner at rowing, it is light and minimal, but that’s not to say it won’t give you a worthy workout. With 12 levels of resistance, you can be sure that there is enough versatility for the more experienced rower as well as those starting out.

Perfect for the home, it easily folds away for storage, or you could even carry it to and from the living room when you want to have a workout if space is an issue. Hydraulic mechanism means less care, you don’t have to worry about greasing the flywheel and it won’t require any electric power. This make it longer lasting for those of us who don’t have time for maintenance.

To keep track of your progress, there is a computer monitor installed that displays various aspects of your workout such as the number of calories burned, strokes time and speed; all in all a solid budget rower with a generous feature set.

York Fitness generally have a good reputation for both their service and their fitness equipment. Very average reviews for this model show that something is not right. I’d check out some alternative budget range models and see how the feedback compares before you order.

  • Nice looking budget model
  • From the popular York Fitness
  • LCD Display and configurable resistance levels

  • Lacks the advanced featured (monitors / entertainments / water resistance and so on).

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