FitBeast No-Screws Pull Up Bar

No Screws Pull Up Bar from FitBeast

This Pull Up bar from FitBeast supports 250kgs (39 stone) with a no-screws locking mechanism.

It is a best-seller in the pull-up bars category, with hundreds of reviews confirming its effectiveness. FitBeast use a unique hexagonal locking mechanism. You don’t need to drill holes in your doorway and can use it in the corridor or a concrete doorway. This FitBeast pullup bar can be used for chin-ups, TRX workouts with training straps – or lowered to enable other bodyweight exercises.

I’m not surprised this is a popular pull up bar – see it in use over on this official FitBeast pull-up bar page at

Detailed Review of the No-Screws Pull Up / Chin Up Bar from FitBeast

Most pull up bars need you to drill holes either side of your doorframe, and fit grips which the ends of the bar lock into.

FitBeast have solved this issue, with an innovative hexagonal design. The ends of your bar are flat PVC rectangles with grip. You lock the bar into place, enable the safety-lock – and you are good to go.

With an impressive 250kg max weight, you can work out knowing that your bar will safely support you. This bar works for doorways between 27.6 inches and 37.8 inches. Unless you have a super-narrow door, this fits fine. You can even use it in a corridor up to the maximum width. Note that glass doors or uneven frames can limit the use.

Dense Foam Hand Grips

Naturally, most of the details of this FitBeast no-screw pull-up bar focus on how it holds up in the door frame.

There are also features designed to make it comfortable and easy to use. The thing to highlight here is the high-density foam handgrips. They are non-slip, which is key for chin-ups. Durability will keep your grips working for years to come.

Pull Up Sizing

No-Screw Pull Up Bars from FitBeast: More than Just Chin-Ups

Body weight routines are getting more popular than ever.

In the past, a bar like this FitBeast unit would have been for a few pull-ups only. A little planning will make it far more versatile. Add straps (for example TRX straps) and you unlock whole-body workouts using your body weight. A big advantage of no-screws is that you can easily lower your pull-up bar. This allows for sit-up, push-up, and leg-stretch workouts that a regular (with screws) bar simply can’t offer.

For anyone unsure of the types of workouts that are possible, FitBeast have provided a training video library that lets you get the best from your bar.

Feedback: What Did Users of the FitBeast No-Screw Chin-Up Bar Have to Say?

One thing that caught my eye from the feedback is that many people had purchased their bar after having other products from FitBeast. This must be a positive, especially in the fickle world of fitness equipment.

Hugely positive feedback in general for these bars. The word that stood out for me was ‘Sturdy.’ This is the key question which comes with the no-screw setup. Some people did say they needed to read the manual twice before getting the hang of it – though everyone was happy as soon as they worked it out.

As an aside, the foam grips on the handle got some positive comments too. This compared well with pull-up bars from other brands.

Remember to check the latest feedback. While I have every confidence that FitBeast will continue their great run of both quality and support, you never know when things may change.

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Wrapping Up: Is the No-Screws Pull Up Bar from FitBeast any Good?

This is a massively popular product, and it is easy to see why.

Most pull up bars need you to pick a door, drill holes and screw in supports. This one from FitBeast uses a unique hexagonal locking mechanism instead. It supports a hefty 250kgs and does it with comfort too – thanks to the dense foam handgrips.

The big advantage is that you can pick and choose where to use it (you are not limited to the door you fixed the screws too). It works for TRX, chin-ups / pull-ups and for multiple body weight workouts.

I think this unit is a bargain.

See this pull-up bar in use, and check the latest feedback for yourself now, over on this dedicated product page!


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