NordicTrack S15i Studio Cycle

NordicTrack S15i Studio Cycle Review

Summary: NordicTrack have created several popular studio bikes – for me, the NordicTrack S15i Studio Cycle hits that sweet spot. It has stunning design, a long list of technical features (including iFit access) and a price below many rivals. If you are seeking an alternative to the often-hyped Peloton bikes, then the NordicTrack S15i Studio Bike should be high on your list.

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Detailed Review of the NordicTrack S15i Studio Bike

The tilting console will immediately catch your eye with this model. More on that below. First, the setup. This is a big bike compared to those rattly no-brand alternatives that are so prevalent these days. It is 1.41m long, 55cms wide and 1.54m top to bottom.

S15i bikes are designed for users up to 150kgs – that is over 23 stone.

This exercise bike is adjustable for different sizes of user. The saddle can be moved forward and back, the seat height can be changed – and you can set the height of the handlebars. With commercial grade steel construction, this bike is built to last.

You also get an incline / decline option. The bike tilts, giving you realistic terrain that works with the iFit app and group training.

You get a solid warranty, in line with other genuine NordicTrack exercise bikes. The frame is covered for 5 years, with 2 years for all the parts which also covers labour. Note that you do need to register within 28 days to get the warranty.

22 Digital Resistance Levels That Work with Incline

Digital resistance lets you change how hard it is to peddle without needing to stop and turn a dial. This can be controlled by your instructor as part of the iFit group training options, as part of pre-set programmes – or you can use the ‘OneTouch’ controls and switch it manually via the console.

There are 22 levels to go through – and when you combine the top ones with the 20% incline option – you’ll certainly feel the burn.

As a notable extra, you get some branded dumbbells with this bike – no excuses not to do an upper body workout while you peddle.

iFit Example with the S15i Studio Bike

Family iFit Membership Comes Free with the S15i Studio Bike

Fans of NordicTrack fitness equipment may have already discovered their iFit training system. If not, then you are in for a treat. This makes use of the 14-inch swivelling monitor that comes as standard on the S15i bikes. You can choose from group training, led by an instructor, or pre-set / recorded workouts. You can bike through beautiful scenery or choose your own spot with Google Maps.

iFit also lets you join together with other users for challenges, support or social. If you have a goal in mind (for example a 10k ride in under a specific time), then training programmes can get you there.

You get ‘Family’ membership for a month with the S15i studio bikes – this is good for up to 4 users.

The console is Bluetooth compatible, which makes it useful for music (there are integrated speakers), or other fitness apps. Like many high-end NordicTrack exercise bikes, this model also has a fan to keep cool on those long rides.

Feedback: What Buyers of the NordicTrack S15i Said About this Model?

I was surprised to see some negatives on this bike… looking into them, it was some orders from a 3rd party that never arrived. I can understand why people were upset, though slating a product that never appeared is not hugely helpful for people thinking of getting one direct from NordicTrack.

The ‘P’ word came up in reviews. People favourably compared the S15i to Peloton bikes, calling it an excellent alternative. Quality always gets a mention with NordicTrack gear – there is no comparison with the wobbly no-name cheap bikes from Chinese brands.

iFit users loved this bike – with the swivelling screen providing a way to follow the routines which include floor exercises as well as the cycling sessions.

With this being a recent model, there will be more and more reviews appearing as we go. Make sure you check out the latest before you buy.

Wrapping Up: Is the NordicTrack S15i Studio Cycle Right for You?

This bike is perfect for people that know they love studio biking / exercise bike sessions and want a machine which will last for years. You will already know whether the angles and looks appeal to you. If they do, then the checklist of technology and features is nothing short of top of the range.

It is the small touches which make the biggest difference. The big 14-inch monitor is set back from the handlebars, so you won’t lost sight of it when sprinting. There is a fan and fully adjustable seat / bars setup – when you see the pedals, that attention to detail is immediately clear.

With free iFit ‘Family’ for a year, free dumbbells, and a super-inclusive warranty – you get a lot of extras with the S15i.

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