JLL IC400 Pro Studio Bike Review

JLL IC400 Pro Exercise Bike Review

Summary: JLL call the IC400 Pro Bike ‘Studio Grade’ . Once you see the spec and build quality – I think you will agree. This home exercise bike has stunning looks, and a size / quality that would be worthy of any commercial studio. There is a huge 22kg flywheel at the heart of this machine. Add to that a bigger than usual monitor, plus app compatibility and sensors – and you have technology which matches the build.

Hugely positive feedback for this JLL bike – with a broad agreement that ‘studio’ grade is more than just a marketing ploy.

Check out the impressive gallery, which includes close-ups of all the key parts, for yourself now over on this dedicated product page.

Detailed Review of the JLL IC400 Pro Home Exercise Bike

The IC400 Pro is a bigger bike than the others in the JLL range. It has a maximum recommended user weight of 150kgs – that is over 23 stone. For a bike that is designed for stand-up sprints as well as sit-down peddling, that is some capacity.

The dimensions one the IC400 is assembled are 130x 54x 141.5cms. With stainless steel construction, you get a strong, sturdy frame designed with high intensity workouts in mind.

JLL made the IC400 Pro adjustable in 3 key ways.

You can adjust the height of the saddle, how far back the seat goes and the height of the handlebar unit. There is a 3-piece crank which drives a 22kg flywheel. This big flywheel is a key element of any exercise bike which claims to be studio grade. The bigger the flywheel, the smoother and more predictable the resistance. You can rely on this bike to give you a hard time for those simulated hill climbs during your routine.

Monitor and handlebars for the IC400 Pro Bike from JLL

Smart Console with Multiple Functions

The monitor is compatible with iConsole+. This is free from the App stores for both Android and Apple devices. People have linked it to both Peloton and Zwift using extra tech.

You can get the full benefits of the IC400 Pro without 3rd party apps. The monitor shows the road ahead (albeit in a basic LCD format). It also provides your time, speed, distance, watt, calories, and RPM. Scanning lets you see each of these in turn, without crowding the screen.

There is a heart rate monitor build into the handlebars. A handy tablet holder lets your own device take over – ideal if you choose to use those multi-player / scenery apps.

JLL IC400 Pro Exercise Bike: Small Touches (SPD Shoe-Compatible!)

Neoprene handlebars help this bike stand out from the no-brand exercise bike models. There is also a holder for your bottle (you might need it at the highest intensity level rides). The saddle is leather covered – a huge boost from the moulded plastic you get from cheapo brands.

You get ergonomic pedals, which are SPD shoes compatible. This means those custom cycling shoes (also known as mountain bike shoes) that clip to the peddles for safety will work with this studio bike.

Small wheels at the front allow you to move your bike into place. With a design this sharp, you might want to leave the IC400 on display instead!

JLL Logo on IC400 Pro Page

Feedback: What Previous Owners Said About the JLL Pro Studio Cycle

It is a strange world when even seemingly positive reviews have 1-star… it seems someone got frustrated by an oversight in the assembly instructions. Even though they thought the bike was great, this resulted in one-star. Guess that rating was outrage / frustration, though it would have been more useful to regular people reading the comments to approach it differently.

That aside, the feedback for this bike has been hugely positive. A lot of people were impressed by the quality and quietness compared to regular bikes.

Make sure that you check the latest feedback before buying any fitness equipment. JLL are a British brand that are well known for their service and support – though you get a better impression of each bike in their range via regular users than via any marketing blurb.

Wrapping Up: Is the IC400 Pro from JLL Right for You?

This home exercise bike is perfect for you if you want a studio-grade exercise bike to use at home. It has a build quality that will put other home bikes to shame – with stainless steel construction and flexibility for even the biggest users. It is in a mid-budget price range – with a long warranty and excellent spec at compared to other brands.

The tech is just as impressive as the design. You can choose between using the multi-function monitor, or use it alongside an app by plugging in your iPad or Android Tablet.

Positive feedback for this model, which is designed to work you hard via a giant 22 kg flywheel.

Check out the impressive picture gallery, and read the latest feedback for yourself now, over on this dedicated product page.

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