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Keep Fit in a Small Space with these Compact Fitness Machines Ideas

There is a lot to consider when looking for fitness equipment for small flats or bedsits. We’d all love to have a room dedicated to fitness. For most of us, that is something for the future – though it should not stop you enjoying working out at home. Here I have covered 5 popular options for those living in a small flat or with limited space to store fitness equipment. Those machines should not just be small, they will often need to be quiet. Keeping fit, being a decent neighbour and not cluttering the place up too much – read on for 5 killer ideas!

5 Ideas for Fitness Equipment for a Small Flat or Room

#1 – Space-Saving Mini Exercise Bikes

GymMate Space Saving Mini Exercise BikeBikes are the single most popular fitness machine. They have the drawback of being on the big size. Sure, you can get a folding model, the UltraSport F-Bike is a popular option. These are not the sturdiest of rides…

My pick for those who prefer to pedal is a mini-bike. The Gym Mate Mini-Bike can be used under your desk or popped out to use while you are watching the TV. These units have variable resistance levels. That allows you to vary the intensity of your workout from a gentle peddle to a tougher uphill type climb.

Size-wise, these units are small, measuring just 42cm x 21cm x 42 cm. They are great for a quick burst, or a longer gentler session. In addition to the general cardio and calorie burning benefits, a mini-bike will also stimulate the circulation in your legs.

Check out the full gallery and electronic display of the Gym Mate Mini-Bike on this dedicated product page now!


Confidence Fitness Stepper Great for a small room#2 – Compact Stepper Machines (with Resistance Bands)

For some people, a bike is just a little too sedate. If you are after a compact fitness machine that will really get your heart beating, then a stepper is idea. These are small, often just 25cms high and 30cm square. Perfect for storing away between uses.

I recommend you look for two things when considering a stepper. First, variable resistance. As you tone up and improve your fitness a gentle session will no longer be enough. Second, look for a model with resistance bands. These do not take extra space between uses. They allow you to vary your routine, and to add upper body exercises to your lower body ones.

Check out the Body Sculpture Twist Stepper. This comes from a recognised maker, has a ton of positive feedback from previous buyers and will not break the bank. If you have not used a stepper before, I do recommend you start gently. These small fitness machines can be more powerful than you’d think in toning up those thighs and buttocks!

#3 – Folding Treadmills for Easy Storage

If you’d love your own treadmill, though worry that you have not got enough space, then a folding model makes a great solution. You can find treadmills which are ideal for flats, as they fold up almost flat against a wall between uses.

You might also need to take account of the noise. Look for models with padded running surfaces and add a rubber floor mat in between. With a treadmill you unlock a lot of potential for different routines. If your model has incline, you can easily adjust the intensity – as well as the length / speed of your workout.

If you are on a budget, I recommend the Fit4Home Healthmate, this treadmill has a great spec, including a detailed electronic display, pulse rate monitor and cushioned running surface. It will fold almost flat and can be moved around a room with small wheels. Check out this dedicated product page for more.

For those keen on a quality space-saving treadmill, you can get the JLL T350 Digital Folding Slimline Model Instead. This is sturdy, quiet and integrates with apps and music players. The ‘killer feature’ for me is the automatic incline, which can change while you run. A fully-featured home folding treadmill for a keen price. I do recommend you see the full gallery for this one over at

JLL T350 Digital Folding Treadmill, 2024 New Generation Digital Control 4.5HP Motor, 20 Incline Levels,0.3km/h to 18km/h, 20 Programmes, Bluetooth & Speakers, 2-Year Parts&Labor, 5-Year Motor Cover
This treadmill is a step ahead of its rivals with a 5” LCD display, Bluetooth wireless connectivity, 20 programs and 20 level incline… more

Fitness for small flats and bedsits - abs muscle trainers#4 – Thane WonderCore: Perfect for Small Flats / Bedsit Use

So far, the focus has been on cardio machines which suit smaller spaces. If you’d prefer to focus on your core muscles, then the ‘As Seen on TV’ Thane WonderCore could be right for you. This will not only strengthen your core muscle area, it will work those abs too. Getting a 6-pack requires work (and a very low body fat percentage), though the WonderCore will certainly give you a great start.

This is small enough to be stored in the bottom of a cupboard or wardrobe – and will give you a solid workout whenever you get it out. You’ll need a mat to go with it depending on your current flooring.

See the WonderCore in action in this video. You can check the gallery and feedback for this product on this dedicated product page.

#5 – Free Weights and Kettlebells

I’m a fan of body weight exercises. Adding some kettlebell swings can really work well with these. The ultimate east-to-store items, these have an outsized benefit compared to their compact size. I do recommend some instruction before you get started. Kettlebells require techniques to avoid strains or pulls. You can get these in sets, or simply pick and choose from the weights that you want.

Barbell sets and benches are not ideal for small spaces. One saver idea is an adjustable dumbbell set. This saves you needing to buy several different ones. Instead you get 2 bars with nuts, and a set of weights which allow you to make them heavier or lighter for different routines.

Check out my dedicated section covering the different types of free weights for home use here.

Wrapping Up: Get Fit in Small Spaces – Picking Something You’ll Stick With + More Ideas

If you buy fitness equipment that you enjoy, the chances you will stick with the routine and continually improve your fitness goes up and up. In my experience, this has always been a better option than to go for what burns the most calories or builds the most muscle.

Living in a smaller flat or single room should not stop you from enjoying the benefits of fitness machines. Which you pick will depend on your lifestyle and personal preferences more than anything.

There are more options than just these popular ones I have listed above. These include vibration plate trainers, resistance bands, pull up bars or even specialist kit like the EvoSpin.

Remember, if you pick something you enjoy – the road to fitness at home will be that much easier!

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