Best NordicTrack Treadmills

Best NordicTrack Treadmill

The Ranges, Benefits and Features of the Best Treadmills from NordicTrack

I have been a fan of the best NordicTrack treadmills since long before the current models were created. Today’s range makes those early machines feel like relics of the past. These days you get one-touch controls, reflex cushioning, iFit training programmes and super-long warranties.

You will be happy to hear that the eye for design that NordicTrack are famous for is still clear.

This page covers the best of the current treadmill models from NordicTrack. You can compare the features, prices, and technology – finding the perfect model for your home gym or commercial operation.

Best NordicTrack Treadmill: 5 Ranges – Multiple Models in Each

There are 4 ranges, each with a choice of specs and price points within it. The prices fall as you go down this list. The top models in the lower range typically cost more than the lowest priced one in the range above it. Note that the prices are subject to change though are correct at the time of writing. Here are the ranges:

  • Ranges of Treadmills from NordicTrackThe Incline Trainers (4 Models: £1999 to £3499)
  • Commercial Treadmills (3 Models: £1999 to £2699)
  • The ‘T’ Series (3 Models: £1499 to £1799)
  • S-Series Treadmills (3 Models: £799 to £1499)
  • Exclusive Series (1 Model £999)

Both home users and gym owners can spread payments through NordicTrack – or simply purchase outright. These machines have super-long warranties. Note that you need to register your purchase within 28 days to trigger your guarantee.

Each of the ranges is covered in depth below. You will see how the features lists and prices interact, and what the key differences are between the different types of running machine.

iFit is amazing. This provides trainer-led workouts, with a huge library, social / group features, and beautiful scenic runs. Your iFit Subscription comes free (for 1 month) with all the NordicTrack treadmills.

The table below shows the key models in each of the treadmill ranges, with more detail on individual models below it:


Table: Comparing the NordicTrack Treadmill Options

X31i Incline Trainer Mini

Commercial X32i Incline Trainer

This stunning treadmill is the top of the range from NordicTrack. Check out the sharp 32-inch HD screen, 40% incline, sled bars and reflex cushioning. A dream machine in every respect.

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X22i Incline Trainer Thumb

Commercial X22i Incline Trainer

The 22-inch HD screen on this model is bigger than most laptop screens. Perfect for iFit, with the amazing NordicTrack tech (40% incline, 22km / hr + 6% decline) built in.

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EXP 10i Home Treadmill

EXP 10i Home Treadmill

I love the balance of technology and price for the EXP 10i. This recent arrival in the NordicTrack range has a 10" HD screen and impressive 22km /hr top speed. Folds away to save space.

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EXP 14i Treadmill

EXP 14i Home Treadmill

This model is a stunner! With a 14" HD touch-screen, modern design and an effortless folding mechanism, it would look just as good in your spare room as a commercial gym.

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Commercial 1250 Thumb

Commercial 1250 Treadmill

This new model has two excellent innovations. The 10" HD monitor pivots - allowing for floor training between runs. It also allows for automated heart-rate linked training (chest belt a separate purchase). Stunning looks too!

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Commercial 2450 Thumb

Commercial 2450 Treadmill

The gold standard home or fitness centre machine. This model is big, quiet, responsive and comes with 15% incline + 22km / hour top speed. Check out the tech features!

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Commercial 2450 small

Commercial 1750 Treadmill

With a 10-inch screen, you get most of the same tech in the 1750 as in the higher priced options. No EKG grips, though the 22km / hr Runners Flex belt will get the job done.

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T8.5 Folding Treadmill

NordicTrack T8.5s Treadmill

A 10-inch HD Screen for this model, which has 12% digital incline and a 22km / hour top speed. Add the EasyLift folding and a long list of NordicTrack tech features.

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S-Series 45i

S-Series S45i Treadmill

This S-Series model has a 10-inch HD display, it is perfect for home use, with a lot of the same tech as the higher-priced Commercial treadmills and a fold-away design.

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NEW S25i Home Treadmills

S-Series S25i Treadmill

You'll be impressed by the updates for the NEW S25i. You can use the electronic console, or your own tablet (for iFit). A great model at a low price compared to other NordicTrack running machines.

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S20i Home Treadmill

S-Series S20i Treadmill

The lowest priced model in the NordicTrack range is impressive. You get an electronic console, tablet holder, Smart Response motor - for under many competitor brands prices.

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C700 NordicTrack Classic

Exclusive Series C700

Step back to the C700 and you get what used to be top of the Commercial models for a price that now seems super-low. Perfect for a solid treadmill from a premium brand.

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Best NordicTrack Treadmills: Every Current Model in the 5 Ranges

Incline Trainers from NordicTrack

If you have used incline when running before, you will know that a little slope makes a big difference to the intensity of your training. When you hear that the Incline trainer range of treadmills from NordicTrack goes up to 40%… well, you might ‘feel the burn’ just reading it.

Add a 6% decline for some models, 22km / hour top speed and big consoles for your iFit training sessions – and you have machines at the cutting edge of treadmill technology.

The incline is controlled with 1-touch, and makes for realistic mountain runs (again, you can get the scenery via iFit). Add a fan, Bluetooth, powerful / smooth motors, and that big, wide running surface that NordicTrack are known for – and you have a killer product.

The running surface of the Incline Trainers range uses ‘Reflex Cushioning’ tech. This is responsive and adjustable. It will save you from jarring impacts, without getting too soft and squidgy – it can be used to mimic different terrain, or simply adjusted to your own perfect pliability.

Here are the current models in the Incline Trainer range:

NordicTrack Commercial X32i Incline Trainer Treadmill

Top of the range, this Incline Treadmill is worthy of a spot in any commercial gym. The huge touchscreen console is High-Definition. You can control your run, choose iFit workouts and see your stats all in amazing resolution. The tech behind the stylish design is what really makes this the top treadmill in the NordicTrack range. This includes Reflex Cushioning, Smart-response motor (self cooling) and even a decline function.

X31i Incline Trainer Top PricedHere are the key features:

  • A 32-inch HD touchscreen (biggest ever)
  • 55cm x 165cm belt with reflex cushioning
  • 40% Incline and 6% decline
  • 4.25CHP Smart-Response Motor
  • 22km / hour top speed
  • Next generation Sled Push bars
  • 1 month family package to iFit (training app)
  • Fan, speakers (w. Bluetooth), fan, and heart rate strap

This has the highest price tag of any NordicTrack treadmill. It is rightly a dream machine for any home user. It is big, 194cms long and a 100cms wide – with a 155kg weight. The huge touchscreen dominates. The incline and speed of the workout can be controlled remotely by the trainer during live sessions.

You can see the in-stock incline trainers – and grab regular discounts – over on this dedicated NordicTrack treadmills page at the giant Best the range incline trainer in action – and check the latest price – over on this official product page at


NordicTrack Commercial X22i Incline Trainer

X11i Commercial Incline TrainerYou get a lot of the features of the X32i with the X22i. The key differences are the size of the HD screen – plus smaller overall dimensions and running surface. Here are the key features:

  • 22-inch HD touchscreen with one-touch controls
  • 55cm x 152cm running belt, using reflex cushioning
  • 40% incline and 6% decline
  • 4 CHP (Continual Horse Power) Smart-Response Motor
  • 22km / hour top speed
  • Next generation sled push bars
  • 1 month family package to the iFit training app
  • Bluetooth compatible speakers, chest belt and fan

This unit is a little smaller than the one above, though it still weighs in at an impressive 153kgs. It is 179cms long, 100cms wide and 184cms tall at the top of the HD console. While smaller than on the X32i model, the 22-inch screen is still impressive – this is bigger than a laptop screen, had vivid colours and you can adjust the treadmill controls with a single touch.

Again, there is a video, close up gallery, full spec, and the latest price for this model on this dedicated product page at

NordicTrack Commercial X11i Incline Trainer

X11i Incline Treadmill The X11i has a 10-inch HD screen, with the spec otherwise close to the X22i above. This model has a slightly less powerful motor, though it still hits the impressive 22km / hour top speed. The incline / decline and tech match up with the other models:

  • 10-inch HD touch screen console
  • 55cm x 152cm running belt (again, uses Reflex cushioning tech)
  • 40% incline and 6% decline
  • 3.75 CHP Smart-Response motor
  • 22km / hour top speed
  • Next gen sled grips / push bar
  • 1 month family package to the iFit training app
  • Chest belt, fan, and Bluetooth compatible speakers

This model has a significant saving (at the time of writing) compared to the X22i. The key difference is the size of the screen. If the smaller screen is not a high-priority feature for you, then you get a powerful incline trainer at a relatively big discount. The cushioning, high-tech motor and iFit connection are big plus points.

Compare the console size, and see the close-ups of this impressive incline trainer for yourself now, At the popular retailer

Note: This one is out of stock / removed from the official NordicTrack site.

NordicTrack Commercial X9i Incline Trainer

No prizes for guessing that the cheapest Incline Trainer in the current NordicTrack range has an even smaller HD touch screen. This time 7 inches. Look just above this on the console, and you will find a tablet holder – perfect to connect your iPad or Android tablet to iFit.

X9i Incline Trainer 40%Here are the main features of the X9i:

  • 7-inch HD touch screen display
  • 55cm x 152cm running belt (with Reflex cushioning)
  • 40% incline and 6% decline
  • 3.6 CHP Smart Response Motor
  • 20km / hour top speed
  • 1 month family package to the iFit training app
  • Chest belt, pulse grips, Bluetooth speakers and fan

Sled grips and push-bar features are not included in this model. It is 135kgs – still a big, sturdy commercial treadmill. As with all the models, it comes with an impressive warranty. Lifetime for the frame, 10 years for the motor and 2 years parts and labour for everything else.

You can compare the screen sizes – and see the close-ups of the key technical features (+ get the latest price) over on this dedicated product page at


Summing Up: What Are the Key Differences Between the Incline Trainers?

NordicTrack incline trainers are their top-tier treadmills. The technology used is world-class, and those long warranties show that they were built to last. Here are the key differences between the models:

  • Screen Size: This is the most obvious difference. You get a stunning 32-inch HD display with the X32i and a big-phone-sized 7-inch with the X9i, with the others in between.
  • Power / Speed: The motor gets smaller as you move down. They are all powerful enough (and responsive) for a smooth run and are guaranteed for 10 years. The range of top speed is from 20km / hour to 22km / hour.
  • Sled Grips: These are available for ‘push’ training on the X32i, X22i and X11i models, though not on the X9i.

All the models come with iFit family (multi-user), ‘AutoBreeze’ fans – and that impressive 40% incline capability, which can burn up to 5x as many calories in the time compared to a flat run.

These are amazing machines – check out the entire range side-by-side over at’s official site now!

Commercial / Incline Treadmills from NordicTrack

Commercial Treadmills from NordicTrack

For me, if you were to imagine a ‘classic’ treadmill design, it would look like the Commercial treadmills range from NordicTrack. This range takes a ton of the technology included in the incline trainers, and puts it in big, beautiful classic machines.

You get iFit training free for 1 year with of the models below. Once again, they are more similar than they are different. The size of the HD screen, capability of the motor and overall size gets smaller as you go down the numbers – though not by too much. The price points overlap a little with the Incline trainer’s range.

While NordicTrack call these ‘Commercial’, they work perfectly for home users. The ability to fold them away between uses is a big plus point.

Here are the 3 current models. There is a summary of what makes them different after the specs:

NordicTrack Commercial 2950 Treadmill

The biggest, highest spec model in the Commercial range comes with the biggest price tag. This is lower than the top Incline Trainer. You get an impressive 22-inch HD screen with this machine. It is perfect for those on-demand trainer-led workouts via the iFit App. You get one-touch controls, impressive incline and a top speed that is beyond most people’s needs.

Commercial Treadmill 2950 NordicTrackHere is the spec:

  • 22-inch HD Screen
  • Big 55cm wide by 152cm long belt with ‘Runners Flex’ cushioning
  • Up to 15% incline and 3% decline with digital controls
  • Powerful 4.25 CHP motor with SMART-response tech
  • 22km / hour top speed
  • 1 month sub to iFit (family package)
  • Folds away (SpaceSaver design)
  • Heart rate monitor, Bluetooth speakers, AutoBreeze fan and SpaceSaver design

Note that the incline and speed can be controlled via a single touch on the screen, or via the iFit app as part of your training programmes. This a hefty model – made to the same super-high standards as all NordicTrack fitness equipment. The maximum user weight is a big 135kgs.

You can see how amazing the big screen looks, and find out more about how iFit works, while you see the close-up pictures of this treadmill over on this dedicated product page at


NordicTrack Commercial 2450 Treadmill

Big treadmills like the Commercial Series that fold are rare beasts. NordicTrack have applied their famous high-tech approach to this – using ‘EasyLift’ hydraulic design. The 2450 is the same size as the 2950. The lower price point includes a lot of the same tech too. The console is smaller, and the motor is a little less powerful. You get the big 15% incline, which is plenty enough for most of us when it comes to increasing the intensity of our workouts.

2450 Commercial Gym TreadmillHere is the Commercial 2450 Spec:

  • 14-inch HD Screen
  • 55cm by 152cm big running surface (again, Runners Flex cushioning)
  • Max 15% incline / 3% decline controlled digitally
  • 4.0 CHP SMART-Response motor
  • 22km / hour top speed
  • iFit Subscription for 1 month for the family
  • Folding model (SpaceSaver Design)
  • EKG handgrips, Bluetooth speakers and AutoBreeze fans

The 14-inch display is more like a smaller laptop screen than the monitor-sized 22inch of the model above. There is a significant price difference, which makes this an easy pick for runners for who (screen) size does not matter.

You can see the details and close-up pictures of the key components, over on this dedicated product page at


NordicTrack Commercial 1750 Treadmill

The running surface, top speed, and incline capability of the 1750 are the same as the more expensive 2450 and 2950 models covered above. The main difference is the smaller (10-inch) HD screen, and the slightly less powerful motor. You get the same folding technology, making this model a good match for home users. You also get the iFit integration, which gives you trainer-led workouts, stat tracking, and a massive library of runs.

1750 Commercial Fitness Here are the key features of the Commercial 1750:

  • 10-Inch HD touch-screen display
  • 55cm by 152cm Runners Flex cushioned running area
  • 15% digital incline and 3% digital decline
  • 3.75 CHP motor with SMART-response technology
  • 22km / hour top speed
  • 1 month Family (multi-user) sub to iFit Training
  • Space-Saver design with EasyLift fold-away technology
  • Bluetooth speakers and AutoBreeze fan

No EKG grips for this model, which means you will need your own heartrate monitor if this is important for your routine. At 110kgs, even the smallest of the ‘Commercial’ range is a big, solid machine.

Check out the full picture gallery for yourself now, over on this dedicated product page!


Summing Up: What Are the Key Differences Between the NordicTrack Commercial Treadmills

All 3 models in the Commercial range have space-saving design. You can fold away the running surface, making them ideal for home gyms where your space is limited. They all have the same technology. The motor gets smaller as you go down the price points, and the 1750 does not include heart-rate monitor hand grips.

The main difference is in the screen size. You get to choose from 22-inch, 14-inch or 10-inch HD displays. All work perfectly with iFit, and give you 1-touch controls for incline, decline and speed.

You can compare them side by side, and decide whether size really matters, over at – do it now!


T-Series Treadmills from NordicTrack

For me, the T-Series treadmills have a more angular design than the Commercial models. The thinner (though plenty tough enough) bars and angled edges coming down from the safety arms look amazing. The T-Series fold away with a slimmer profile than other quality treadmills. They work for home users, though are often found in shared fitness rooms.

The prices come directly under the commercial range – and once again the prime difference as you step though the prices are the size of the HD screen. The T-Series models have digital incline, though no decline. You can compare the three options below:

NordicTrack T9.5S Treadmill

This is the top of the ‘T’ range. It comes with a 14-inch HD screen, featuring one-touch controls and iFit integration. Once again 1 year of family membership is included for iFit. This model packs plenty enough punch for home users. The top speed is 22km / hour and there is a 12% digital incline. This is a big treadmill, weighing in at 97kgs.

T9.5s Treadmill NordicTrackFolding up the running surface reduces the overall length from 213cms to 106cms – more than half. Here is the spec:

  • 14-Inch HD display (one-touch controls)
  • 51cm wide by 152cm wide running belt, FlexSelect cushioning
  • 12% incline which is digitally controlled
  • 3.6 CHP Smart Response motor
  • 22km / hour top speed
  • Family iFit subscription free for 1 month
  • Folds to 50% length with EasyLift assist
  • EKG hand grips (pulse rate), Bluetooth speakers and Fan

When you work out on the T9.5S with iFit, the trainer can control the speed and incline in real time. This is ‘live control’ and makes for amazing runs. You can choose from 100’s of programmes, to suit your own fitness level and choice of scenery.

Check out the details and current pricing for the T9-5S Treadmill now, over on this dedicated product page at


NordicTrack T8.5S Treadmill

At the time of writing, the T8.5S is just £200 lower in price than the 9.5S model. What gets trimmed with this option is the size of the console. Sure, the overall size is a couple of cm shorter – and the motor loses 1/10th of a horse (3.5 CHP, compared to 3.6 CHP).

T8.5s Home Treadmill ModelAll the key technology is identical across the NordicTrack ‘T’ treadmills range. You get EasyLift Assist folding, 12% digital incline and that fast 22km / hour top speed. Here is the key spec:

  • 10 HD Display
  • 51cm by 152cm running belt with impact-saving FlexSelect cushioning
  • 12% incline controlled via the console
  • 3.5 CHP Smart Response motor
  • 22km / hour top speed
  • iFit Subscription for 1 month (family)
  • Folds between uses with SpaceSaver design with EasyLift
  • EKG Handgrips, Bluetooth Speakers and AutoBreeze fan

Like all the models from NordicTrack, the warranty is world-class. The frame is covered for life, the motor for 10 years and you get a full 2 year parts and labour for the rest. Note that you do need to register your treadmill within 28 days of purchase.

Update: NordicTrack have removed this model, though you will find them in stock over at the retail giant BestGymEquipment – Check out the gallery for the T8.5S for yourself now over on this dedicated product page over at


NordicTrack T7.5S Treadmill

Head another £200 down the price levels, and you hit the impressive T7.5S. Again, it is the screen size that is the most noticeable difference. This is 7-inches across, the size of a big smartphone. While the motor is again less powerful, this does not affect the top speed, incline, or overall performance of the T7.5S.

T7,5s Home TreadmillYou get a family subscription to iFit for a year, and those double-barrel name features found on the top commercial NordicTrack treadmills too. Here is the spec:

  • 7-Inch HD Display
  • 51cm wide by 152cm long running track with FlexSelect
  • 12% incline
  • 3.3 CHP Smart Response motor
  • 22km / hour top speed
  • 1 month of iFit Subscription (multi-user)
  • SpaceSaver and EasyLift to fold between runs
  • Pulse rate handgrips, Bluetooth speakers, AutoBreeze fan

Small touches like the big safety arms and bottle holder come as standard with the ‘T’ range. As do rollers to help move your treadmill into place.

You can see the spec, and the full picture gallery (including iFit) over on this dedicated product page at


Summing Up: What Are the Key Differences Between the T Series Treadmills from NordicTrack?

All the T series running machines fold to around half of their working length. While many home users choose the commercial range, this feature is a big plus for those of us with home fitness rooms.

The key difference is again in the screen size. There are smaller differences too – for example with the size of the motor. The technology is more than capable of giving you a smooth run. Unless you are going flat out, it is hard to notice the difference between the 3 CHP and 3.6 CHP motors.

Check out the impressive ‘T’ Series side by side, over on this page on the official website now!


S-Series Treadmills from NordicTrack

The top treadmill in the S-Series from NordicTrack matches the price of the smaller screen T-Series machines. The cheapest model is the only current NordicTrack treadmill that you will find for less than a grand.

As you go down the numbers, you switch from an integrated HD display (in the S45i) to standard LCD display style consoles. These are perfect for users who enjoy a run, but simply don’t need the bells and whistles of trainer-led remote / live workouts!

S45i Treadmill from NordicTrack

This is the only treadmill in the ‘S’ range to have a touch-screen display. This is a 10-inch HD screen, the same size you will find in the T8.5 covered above. This works with the iFit remote training program, which has a big library of trainer-led workouts plus scenic runs. You get all the highlights of the unique tech from NordicTrack in this model.

S45i Treadmill Here is the impressive spec:

  • 10-Inch HD display for one-touch controls
  • 51cm wide and 140cm long running surface with FlexSelect cushioning
  • 12% maximum incline
  • 3.3 CHP motor with Smart Response technology
  • 22km / hour top speed
  • 1 month of iFit (family / multi-user)
  • Folding ‘SpaceSaver’ with ‘EasyLift’
  • EKG Hand grips plus AutoBreeze fan

While there are no Bluetooth speakers, the 10-inch display will give you all the entertainment you need – especially with the scenic workouts on iFit. This is a home treadmill that would be an amazing addition to any home gym.

You can see the full picture gallery, plus check out the latest price, over on this dedicated product page at


S25i Treadmill from NordicTrack

If you don’t want the high-definition screen, then you can get a similar spec without it and save £400. The S25i has a slightly lower powered motor, though it is the same size and shape as the S45i above. The iFit will need to run through your own tablet – you get a 1 year single-user membership.

The list of patented NordicTrack tech is impressive. You get FlexSelect cushioning, OneTouch controls. EasyLift folding, AutoBreeze fan… and other classic ‘OneWord’ extras that the NordicTrack team love so much.

S25i from NordicTrackHere is the spec for the S25i

  • OneTouch controls via an electronic console (not a HD screen)
  • 51x140cm running surface with the excellent FlexSelect cushioning
  • 12% incline (digital, no need to stop running)
  • 2.75 CHP Motor (standard Smart Response tech)
  • 22km / Hr Top Speed
  • iFit (via Bluetooth) subscription for 1 month
  • Folds using EasyLift / SpaceSaver tech
  • EKG hand grips, and AutoBreeze fans

For runners looking for a full tech NordicTrack Treadmill at a great price, then leaving out the screen will get you a real bargain. The S25i still gives you access to iFit (or whatever you prefer for scenic runs), though you can do it with your own tablet / iPad. You get a lot of treadmill for the money with this model.

Check out the picture gallery, and see the savings compared to the HD screen equivalent – over on this dedicated product page at


S20i Treadmill from NordicTrack

For many runners, the higher priced parts of the ‘S’ range are over-spec’d for their needs. The S20i is big, comfortable and has all the key tech. The top speed is 18km / hour – a stretch for most of us – and the incline is at 10% instead of 12%. With a full 51cm wide belt, fold away design and one-touch controls on the electronic console – this is an excellent choice for a price point not far above the ‘no brand’ knockoffs you get online these days.

S20i Treadmill Review NordicTrackCheck out this impressive spec for the price:

  • Electronic console with one-touch controls for speed and incline
  • 51cm wide by 140cm long running surface (FlexSelect cushioning)
  • 10% Incline (digital control)
  • 18km / hr top speed
  • 2.5 CHP Motor (Smart Response)
  • iFit for 1 month (via Bluetooth on your own tablet)
  • EKG hand grips

No built-in fan for this model. You get the full warranty package that NordicTrack provide for all their treadmills. A solid, versatile treadmill with the comfortable surface and quiet action of higher priced models. This is great for users on a budget, who could do without the high-tech bells and whistles.

Check out the gallery, and see the latest prices for yourself now over on this dedicated product page at


Summing Up: How Does the S-Series Compare to Other NordicTrack Treadmills?

You will have noticed a step down by £200 to £300 for each model as you go from the Commercial, T and then S Series treadmills. The ‘S’ range are squarely aimed at home users who want the NordicTrack quality without breaking the bank.

What I like the S-Series is that you get the same ‘under the hood’ tech as the higher priced machines. This includes cushioning, automatic incline and easy lift tech to help fold it up.

If you step under the highest priced S45i, then the console switches from HD screen to a standard electronic readout. You can use these running machines perfectly this way. If you want to add the (free) iFit training, then you will need to use your own tablet.

Sub-£1000 prices for NordicTrack technology make the S-Series into instant best-sellers. Check out the availability and pictures of these treadmills in action for yourself over at the official website now!


Exclusive Series Treadmills from NordicTrack

There is only one model in the ‘Exclusive’ series. This model has been around for a while, it used to be joined by a range of alternatives with similar names / numbers. The console is LED, not the HD screen of many models covered above. This is complex – you get a lot of workout options with this machine, with digital incline and a good speed range.

You can use iFit with the C700, you will need your own iPad or Android tablet. This model comes with a holder for this on top of the already busy console.

C700 from NordicTrackHere is the spec for the C700:

  • Multi-Window Electronic Display (OneTouch Controls)
  • 51cm by 140cm running belt with FlexSelect cushioning
  • 10% Incline (digital)
  • 20km / hour top speed
  • 2.75 CHP motor (Smart Response tech)
  • iFit for 1 month (you need your own tablet / iPad to run this)
  • SpaceSaver / EasyLift fold-away design
  • Speakers, EKG hand grips, AutoBreeze fan

This is the best of the last generation treadmills. If having the very latest tech is not as important as having the best value treadmill, then the C700 makes for a real bargain. This machine is designed to last – you can enjoy the benefits of NordicTrack tech with or without the new iFit Training capability.

Check out the Exclusive range and the C700 now – over on this dedicated page at


Technology Used in the Latest NordicTrack Treadmills

NordicTrack often combine two words into one for their patented features. You get EasyLift, AirBreeze, OneTouch and RunnersFlex technology.

This part of this ‘SuperDetailed’ best NordicTrack treadmill guide explains what each of these high-tech extras does. More importantly, the benefits that you will get from this tech, compared to the budget ‘no name’ models available these days is explained.


This is used for treadmills with both HD touchscreens and the older style electronic consoles. It covers the speed, stop start, programmes, incline, and fans / workouts that you can control via these consoles. The ability to do everything with a single touch makes your treadmill safer, more responsive, and easier to use. No need to remember the sequence of buttons – or stop to get your workout programme reset.

FlexSelect / RunnersFlex Cushioning:

This is one of two types of cushioning that NordicTrack use for their treadmills. This allows you to adjust the cushioning of the treadmill while you work out. Some people prefer a harder surface, some softer – varying this with incline gives you a new dimension for your runs. As you move to the Commercial models, you get even more adaptive cushioning with the RunnersFlex.

Reflex Cushioning:

This is the latest innovative tech for the running belt. It has the same options via the console for you to change how pliable the running surface is. At the same time, it works with your impacts to hit the balance between providing a firm enough running surface without being too ‘soggy’ (my words, not NordicTrack’s… as too soft running belts are a personal pet peeve).

NordicTrack Treadmill Tech

SpaceSaver / EasyLift:

These two double-words both cover the fold-away capabilities of the best NordicTrack treadmills. With bigger models, folding becomes a challenge without some innovative engineering. Many of the S and T range treadmills fold to half of their length. To help with the ‘EasyLift’ uses hydraulic levers to help you get the running surface up and down smoothly and easily. A big plus for home users that prefer to fold their treadmill between uses.


Even the fans on these excellent treadmills get a double word. Instead of a random fan blowing on your legs, you get a responsive one built in to the console. This can be used as part of the iFit program, or simply blow more as you up your speed / duration to keep you cool.

Smart Response Motors:

Each treadmill has its own motor size, measured in CHP (continual horse power). These have ‘Smart Response’ technology, which has two main components. First, the vibrations are kept to a minimum. This means quieter, smoother runs. Second, the motor is self-cooling. No overheating, burnout, or ominous burning rubber smells thanks to this technology.

Smart Response Motor S25i

Combining the Best Treadmills with the Best Training: How iFit Will Get You Running

iFit is the trainer-led interactive online program from NordicTrack. Treadmill runs are an ideal workout for this – providing entertainment, motivation, changing up your runs and providing the most amazing scenery.

Which NordicTrack Treadmills Work with iFit?

  • These models have HD screens, which are designed with iFit in mind: X32i, X22i (complete this list)
  • These models don’t have a HD screen, though work with iFit via your own iPad or Android Tablet: C 700, S25i, S20i.

You get family membership with most high-spec machines. This allows up to 4 users to have their own profiles and training programs. Some of the lower priced units have single user iFit subs. These last for 1 month with your purchase – after that you can decide whether this system is right for you, or whether to check out the alternatives like KinoMap or Peloton.

Key Features of iFit for NordicTrack Runners:

  • Pick a training programme, from hitting your first 5k, getting ready for a marathon, cardio or fat burning and many more.
  • Workouts led by celebrity trainers, including both live and pre-recorded ‘livecast’ sessions.
  • Change the speed and incline of your runs with the sessions, terrain and goals
  • Social elements; join groups, set challenges, and share stats
  • Your own progress through the workouts and fitness stats are tracked
  • Scenery, you can run through beautiful mountains, beaches, historic cities and more

Free iFit Subscription with NordicTrack Treadmills

Wrapping Up: Picking the Best NordicTrack Treadmill for Your Needs

There are a lot of models to choose from, with price points ranging from just £800 through to £3500.

Where the ‘sweet spot’ between features and price is will depend on your budget and goals. Whether you are buying for your home gym or a commercial one, NordicTrack equipment is an investment rather than an expense. These treadmills will run and run, are covered by an impressive warranty, and include technology that will still be relevant years from now.

Home Users:

If you are on a tight budget, and would love a NordicTrack treadmill, then you can get the entry level (S700) model for £700. This has a lot of the behind the scenes tech – and will work with your tablet for iFit training.

If that HD touchscreen is a must have (they do look amazing!), then its size will have a big effect on the overall price of your treadmill. The 22-inch screen is plenty big enough, it can be found on the X22i Incline Trainer and Commercial 2950 too. If money is no object, then the 32inch screen will simply blow you away….

Folding models are important for many home users. Look for the T and S ranges, which have EasyLift assistance, saving your home gym space between uses. The bigger incline trainers and Commercial models won’t fold so easily.

Commercial Gyms:

The Commercial range is amazing, with the higher-end models offering big HD screens, powerful motors and a size / setup which will handle users of all shapes and sizes. Look out for the top advised weight recommendations.

Incline trainers take Commercial options to the next level. They work fine as regular treadmills, though with 40% incline, they will immediately make your gym stand out.

For a smaller fitness room requiring a few treadmills, the Commercial range ticks the right boxes. The T-Series (especially the HD ones) are also popular in this scenario.

Here is the table from the top of the page once again. By the time you reach this point, you will have better knowledge of how the best NordicTrack treadmills compare than even the most experienced runners.


NordicTrack Treadmill Options: The Next Step is Easy

You now know the ranges, price levels and all about the amazing tech in each. You also know that these machines are built to last for years, making them a real investment.

The next step is simple, check out the models side by side, decide on budget (NordicTrack do allow you to spread payments), and get an amazing treadmill on its way to you.

You can do exactly that on this page at – check it out now!


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