Bowflex Unisex Home Gym Review

Bowflex home gym review

Summary: For an all-round workout on a stylish home gym, the Bowflex Unisex Home Gym makes a great choice. Enjoy more than 25 different workouts for the price of one, with seven trainer-built workouts for those guided sessions. Flexibility is the key word, with easy adjustments allowing you to perform exercises such as presses, crunches, rowing and more. With a 95kg of resistance and the Power Rod maximising your workout, you can set the intensity as high as you want it.

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Bowflex Home Gym BodyTower
With 30-years of experience, you know Bowflex won’t let you down. This innovative bodyweight home gym has some serious thinking in the design… more

Detailed Review of the Bowflex Unisex Home Gym

The Bowflex Unisex Home Gym offers a total body workout, with multiple body weight and resistance exercise variations available. This popular gym has an overall length of 203.2cm, a width of 261.6cm and a height of 208.3cm. It is foldable, meaning that the total footprint needed when storing it away is only half of that when in use. The equipment has a total weight of 59.4 kilograms with an aluminium frame. The equipment has a three-year parts warranty – backed up by a respected brand name.

Exercises on the Bowflex Home Gym

There are 18 different exercises you can enjoy on this home gym. The equipment allows for incline, decline and flat press positions, which will ensure you can get the most of these exercises. The pulley system in place will help you develop both a strong back and a solid core, as you perform those pull downs and ab crunches.

The cable/pulley allows you to change the angle of resistance. This will increase the effectiveness of many of your workouts. In addition, the bench will convert to a rolling seat enabling you to perform aerobic rowing.

Bowflex unisex gym with media setup

Technical Specifications

This home machine is driven by Power Rod resistance. Effectively, the harder you work and the more energy you put in, the harder the Power Rod will work for you. The assembly has a weight stack of 95kg or 210 pounds. This ensures that users at all levels of personal fitness will be able to increasingly benefit from using this home gym.

Bowflex Unisex Home Gym Design

This home gym comes with a predominantly black colour scheme. This tall structure is impressive, and you’ll feel that it makes a real statement when its assembled. It will tower over the room, garage or wherever you have set it up. Alongside the black you have silver aluminium in places and the occasional swathe of red, never more so than the stripe on the seat. Put it all together and you are looking at a modern piece of gym equipment that lights up the space.

Extras on the Bowflex Unisex Home Gym

One of the best additions to the home gym is the new media rack. This allows you to place either your phone or tablet in the rack and then enjoy whatever media you want to when working out. Play your favourite music or watch a TV show or a movie. It’s simply a case of sliding your device into the rack and it will be held secure.

This multi-gym comes with 7 trainer-built workouts. These workouts will give you a framework for your fitness program. With so many different options available with the home gym, you can choose to focus on any different part of the body and use your own customised workouts.

Side View Bowflex Unisex cable gym

More About Bowflex

Bowflex first started in 1986. At the time, many similar companies had a focus on providing gyms with their equipment. Bowflex had their own approach, being ahead of the game and developing innovative ways of bringing fitness into the home. More than 30 years later, the company continue to develop breakthrough equipment, with innovative cardio and strength products. The focus of the company today is to create machines that get you results as quickly and efficiently as possible, so you can get on with your day and live healthier, happier, and better life.

The best-known piece of equipment from this innovative brand are their adjustable kettlebells.

Is the Bowflex Unisex Home Gym Design Right for You?

This multi-purpose home gym is a good fit for all users, especially for those who want to focus on various parts of the body and not specialise on one. It’s a mid-price piece of gym equipment from industry specialists and this equipment ticks many fitness boxes. With Power Rod resistance, this gym will work you as hard as you want it to, especially with the 95kg weight stack. Watch your favourite TV/movies and stream your music as you work out due to the handy media rack.

Check out the gallery, technology, and latest pricing now over on the official Bowflex Unisex Home Gym page.

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