FitBeast Resistance Bands Review

FitBeast Resistance Bands Review

Summary: There is a kind of ‘aha!’ moment when you first use resistance bands for a workout. No need for a room full of weights, kettlebells, and a bench. A simple set of elasticated bands, some tips on how to use them, and the right handles / endings is all you need to get toned, fit and build muscle in all the right places.

FitBeast have a pack of 5 resistance bands. These come in a value for money set, covering all the levels of resistance needed. This pack comes with some extras which are worth the price alone. They include changeable endings, a video course (you get a registration number) and some of the best customer service in the fitness industry.

Check out the feedback (hugely positive) and close-up pictures over on this dedicated product page now!

FitBeast Exercise Resistance Bands Set, Up to 100 lbs Fitness Stretch Workout Bands with 5 Fitness Tubes, 4 Foam Handles, Ankle Straps, Door Anchor for Men Women, Home Gym Fitness
Different colours represent different resistance levels: yellow (10 lbs), blue (15 lbs), green (20 lbs), black (25 lbs) and red (30 lbs). You can use each resistance band alone or in combination according to your needs…… more

Detailed Review: FitBeast Set of 5 Resistance Bands

Lets start with the contents of this set. There are 5 colour coded resistance bands, each with a different level of resistance. Those are listed below. You also get 2 sets of handles, ankle straps, a strap to anchor on a closed door and a bag with a logo.

Each of the bands has a D-ring at both ends, which you use to attach it to one either the handle or the ankle straps. Each band is 48 inches long (plenty enough, even for taller users as one 6-foot 8-inch user mentioned in the comments).

Here are the colours and resistance levels:

  • Yellow: 10lbs
  • Blue: 15lbs
  • Green: 20lbs
  • Black: 25lbs
  • Red: 30lbs

You can increase the resistance by doing different workouts, with up to 100lbs possible with the right technique / combinations.

FitBeast Pack of Resistance Bands

Small Touches: Big Difference

There are some smaller touches which help the FitBeast bands stand out. These include the waterproof (read, ‘sweat proof’) bag, padded handles for comfort and that extra set of handles. Having two sets means you can do resistance band exercises with a partner using just one set.

Each of the bands has the base resistance level printed on the ending. This small touch makes a big difference, you will not need to keep referring to the instructions to find out which is which half way through a workout.

FitBeast Resistance Bands Review: PDF and Videos

Each set of FitBeast elasticated resistance bands comes with a registration number. You can use this to sign up to the FitBeast platform. This gives you access to videos showing the bands in use and covering exercises for men and women. You can find out how to use them for toning, strength training, muscle building and more. While many users focus on the arms and chest with this type of fitness equipment, you can also use them for legs and abs with the right techniques.

Feedback: What Did Previous Buyers Say About the FitBeast Bands?

These are popular resistance bands, with 1000’s of people already leaving feedback. This is plenty enough to see the good, bad and the ugly.

Overall, the feedback is positive. One thing that jumped out for me when reading the feedback was an upgrade! A buyer received such good service after a band broke that they upgraded from 2 stars to 4.

It is the quality and versatility which got the most praise. Several comments mentioned that even bigger, stronger people will get big benefits from them. Some people were surprised, wondering why they had not gone down the resistance band route sooner.

Feedback does change. I recommend you check out the latest comments for yourself (not just the glowing ones) over on the FitBeast resistance bands product page.

Best Resistance Bands Set

Wrapping Up: How Does the FitBeast Set of Resistance Bands Compare?

This is a hugely popular home fitness option. For a modest price, you get a lot of workout options. The added benefit of being able to put them away into a waterproof bag is a big plus. Compared to shelling out for a home gym or multiple types of heavy barbells / dumbbells this is a bargain.

There are 5 bands, colour coded, with handles and ankle straps. You also get a door anchor, PDF guide and access to custom-made videos.

Feedback for these bands is excellent, with many people reporting quick results.

Check out the full gallery and latest buyer feedback for yourself now on this dedicated product page.

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