WonderCore 2 Review

Thane WonderCore 2 Review

Summary: The original WonderCore by Thane is one of the best-selling (not to mention innovative) pieces of home gym equipment in the abs and core category. I have to say that I was expecting the new WonderCore 2 to be a simple upgrade of this original machine. It turns out that the 2nd generation Thane WonderCore adds a twisting seat and rowing machine type capabilities. You’ll get a rower attachment which brings the total number of exercises to a healthy 12. With a quality steel frame, this machine is built to be regularly used –  it also folds away.

That original machine was a hard act to follow. Based on the feedback from 100’s of buyers, Thane has beaten expectations with their WonderCore 2. If you have seen this advertised on late night TV, and are wondering if it works… well long list of people are delighted with the results.

You can check the latest price, along with the gallery and feedback, over on the WonderCore 2 amazon.co.uk page… check it now!

Wonder Core 2 with built in Twisting Seat and Rower, Grey
Boasts an improved ergonomic back design; Resistance bands, making the Wonder Core 2 a 12-in-1 muscle-toning system, full body workout…. more

Detailed Review of the WonderCore 2 Abs and Core Workout Machine

What you’ll receive is a versatile and unique machine that will have your abs and core toned fast. This is not much bigger than a normal sit-up bench setup, weighing in at 10.8kgs. Some assembly is required, though the feedback shows this is at the easy end.

The ‘back’ from the sitting position is key to the design. This not only works as a cushioned surface for sitting exercises, those same poles hold your feet too. Don’t worry if that sounds confusing – there is a guidebook and DVD to show you the different exercises.

Hinges and pulleys is what allows you to complete  different workouts, ranging from standard sit-ups to sideways crunches and rowing / arm exercise routines. You’ll be able to adjust the resistance level. Even if you are fit I recommend starting with light resistance. The Thane WonderCore 2 will reach many muscles you might have overlooked in your regular routine. There are 12 exercises in total. I have listed these under the main review in the WonderCore 2 FAQ section.

Toning your core is not just about looks, there is plenty of clinical evidence that a strong core is vital for long-term health too.

WonderCore 2 Review: 180 Degree Twists Make this Machine Different

wondercore 2 abs workout reviewThe built in twisting seat goes 90 degrees in each direction, and opens up a lot more options for exercising. It is the resistance from stopping the seat twisting too far which will give you all the benefits. The arm pulley system can be used in two main ways. Either you have this out in front of you or behind you. In front this will act like a rowing machine, while you’ll need to pull up from behind – giving a completely different workout.

Even with these innovations, the core focus is the core (no pun intended!). Your primary reasons for getting a WonderCore 2 should be those abs and core muscles. With the different combinations of ab exercises, you’ll have no excuse not to work on this area… With upper body routines made possible by the rowing attachment (which doubles up as resistance bands), you’ll get a good all-round workout.

One last practical point is that the WonderCore 2 folds away. As all of us who own home fitness equipment know, this is a huge plus.

What Previous Buyers Have Said About the Thane WonderCore 2?

One phrase that immediately leaps out from the positive comments on the new WonderCore is ‘see the difference’, ‘notice a difference’ and other combinations like this. After just a few weeks of use, people see a noticeable change in their abdomen area. It seems that people found this machine easy to set up (there are a couple of minor though vocal exceptions to this – as usual with any fitness equipment). One commentor complained that it was not suitable for people over 6 foot 2 and another mentioned he found it small at 6 foot 1… so check carefully if you are tall.

Other than some unfortunate damaged boxes leading to 2 and 3 star reviews – the response has been hugely positive. Let’s hope that the motivation to keep using it after the initial interest wears off is there!

WonderCore 2 Review Summary: Is This the Ultimate Abs / Core Workout Machine?

Thane have taken a best-selling abs and core workout device, and added a pulley system for arms / pecs / shoulders and a twisting seat.

The result is an excellent, versatile machine which has a lot of fans.

The WonderCore 2 is a similar price to the original, even with these extras included. What shines through from the feedback from long-term users is that they noticed the results. I do recommend the rowing set attachment, as this adds a lot more exercises to the routine.

Check out the latest price (and see the feedback for yourself) now over on the WonderCore 2 Amazon.co.uk product page.

exercises on the wondercore 2

Thane WonderCore 2: Frequently Asked Questions

What Exercises Can I do on the WonderCore 2?

There are 12 different workouts available if you include the WonderCore 2 rowing attachment. I recommend this, as it adds a lot of arm / shoulder muscles into the mix.

WonderCore 2 Reviews ExericsesHere is the full list:

  • Push Ups
  • Sit Ups
  • Twist (abs)
  • Ab Tuck
  • Air Bike
  • Stretching
  • Arm Rowing
  • Bicep Curls
  • Bicep and Back Training
  • Tricep Extension

What you will find with the Thane WonderCore 2 is that the range of motion is bigger than for similar products. If you have done ab workouts before, you’ll already know that the last few centimetres make all the difference.

Don’t worry if you are unfamiliar with any of these exercises – the WonderCore 2 comes with both a training guide and a workout DVD.

Do I Need to be Fit to Use the WonderCore 2?

No, this machine has adjustable resistance levels so you can start ‘easy’ and work up from there. Even if you are a regular exerciser, you’ll find that the WonderCore reaches muscles you might not have used recently. For this reason I’d recommend keeping the resistance low for your first few workouts – just to be sure.

Don’t worry about getting too fit for your new machine… that resistance and versatility will come right along with you!

What is the Difference Between the WonderCore and WonderCore 2?

The original WonderCore built on a crunch trainer – while the WonderCore 2 is built on a small bench setup. This adds exercises to the new model which were simply not possible on the popular original. This versatility adds arm, shoulder and leg workouts to the core / abs (which the original WonderCore was excellent for).

Here is the original WonderCore (my review here):

Thane Wondercore abs review

What is the Maximum User Weight?

Thane recommend 120kgs / 265lbs as the maximum. That is almost 19 stone. This is a sturdy piece of equipment, with steel construction.

Is the WonderCore 2 Enough to Get Fit on its own – or Should I Get Other Equipment?

You will certainly get fit with the WonderCore 2 on its own. Personally, I like to vary things. This machine is perfect for resistance style training. While it has some cardio options (do ‘air bike’ for a while and you will see!), it is more for muscle toning.

For this reason experienced users combine it with cardio / HIIT. This could be a home exercise bike, treadmill… or just a spot in an aerobics class at your local gym.

Check the latest price, along with the impressive gallery and feedback, over on the WonderCore 2 amazon.co.uk page… check it now!

What are Some Alternatives to the WonderCore 2?

This is trickier than usual – as the WonderCore 2 combines workouts in a unique way that makes it difficult for other products to be direct replacements.

One item that works is the FITT Cube. This is essentially a gym in a box, it lets you work out all the main muscle groups in a compact, easy to store unit. It won’t give you the cardio of the rowing function you get with the WonderCore 2 – though you certainly get a lot of workouts in a single unit. More info in my Fitt Cube Review here.

I’d also consider a left-field alternative in the shape of a vibration plate trainer. These machines surprise even fit people with their effectiveness year after year. It is the resistance against the vibrations which tones your muscles brilliantly. Add resistance bands into the mix (they come with many models), and you have a versatile all-round option. See my roundup of the best vibration plate trainers here for more info.


Technical Spec of the WonderCore 2 Abs Trainer

Size: 54cm x 102cm x 89cm

Weight: 10.8kgs

Construction Materials: Alloy Steel

Power Source: Batteries for the LCD monitor (not included)

Muscles worked by the WonderCore 2

What Muscle Groups Can I Work with the WonderCore 2?

This piece of equipment works an impressively long list of muscle groups. They include your abs (upper, middle, and lower), obliques, shoulders, chest, biceps, triceps, traps, glutes, and your calves.

With so many muscles involved that you might not have worked for some time, it is important to start off gently and leave some recovery time. After you get used to the different workouts, you can do more intense sessions – and really start to feel the effects of the WonderCore 2!

Final Thoughts: Is the WonderCore 2 Any Good?

Slick TV salespeople may have got the WonderCore 2 known – but it is the feedback from 1000’s of real users that show clearly that the ‘wonder’ in the name of this machine is not just hype.

Simply put, it tones muscle groups that will get you looking and feeling great – in a unique way. The combination of rows, abs, twists, and other workouts can’t be found on any other single unit. When you consider the price point, the size (it even folds between uses) and the reputation of makers Thane, then I see no reason you can’t be one of the 1000’s of new people this machine will benefit each year.

Get the best price now – at the official Thane amazon.co.uk store – and see for yourself what users of the WonderCore 2 are saying!




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