V-Fit Python Modular Home Multi-Gym Review

Detailed Review vFit Python


Mark’s Summary: V-Fit are known for budget home gym setups, and with their SGT09/3 Python modular compact multi-gym, they have outdone their previous value.

Add the 100kgs weight stack (via a 2:1 pully system), and this gym is versatile enough for all.

You get two main stations, which are angled to make the Python STG09/3 work in a corner. The build is tubular steel. Legs, chest, and arms have stations, with a simple switching process for the stack. There is even a stepper for anyone that wants to add a little HIIT between reps.

Check out the close ups in the impressive picture gallery to get an idea of just how flexible the V-Fit PYTHON modular gym is. You’ll find the latest price on this dedicated product page over at Amazon.co.uk!

V-fit STG09/3 Herculean Modular Compact PYTHON Gym 100kg
It’s hard to overlook the value with the Python from V-Fit – 100kg stack, all the stations you need and a tubular steel build.. more

Detailed Review of the V-Fit Python Modular Home Gym STG09/3

This is a mid-sized home gym when you compare it with the premium options from Marcy or DKN.

It is 214cm tall, 188cm long and 131cm wide. The Python weighs a hefty 112kgs. It is solid, built from Sandrex coated tubular steel. V-Fit advise a max user weight of 125kgs (19.6 stone). While you should always read the rules, do keep in mind that the manufacturers have a big interest in being cautious with max user weights.

Delivery is free, though you will need to assemble. Feedback from multiple users shows this is simple. That said, there are a lot of parts to put together – and so I recommend at least two people for this job.

Multiple Stations

Stations: What Can the STG Python from V-Fit Do?

V-Fit advise that all the major muscle groups are included – so let’s tick them off one by one from the legs up. Keep in mind the cross-cable setup gives you 2x on the weight stack. There is plenty enough for everyone with the 100kg total resistance.

Leg Station: You can do leg extensions and back leg curls. Add abs workouts via crunches for this station. The leg station also gives you upright rows for upper body (you’ll need room for this, so don’t put your setup too close to wall).

Pecs and Pull-Downs: No multigym would be complete without a pec-dec, there is also a chest press on this station, plus a lat pull down. I like the fact that these are connected, so you don’t need to change cables to switch between them.

Dip Station / Stepper: Two extras which you don’t get with many home gym setups. The stepper is used for quick HIIT bursts, while the dip station will really get you toned.

It is hard to see anything major not on this list!

Decent 100kg stack

Feedback: What Did Users of the V-Fit Python Home Gym Say?

Positive, though mixed feedback for this setup. Assembly always gets grumbles. For me these were no worse (or better) than for far more expensive home multi-gyms.

On the plus side, buyers felt they had good value for money. The python has a lot of stations, and thanks to the double-pully system – it also has a lot of resistance when you consider the price. While there were some questions about tight cables – the solid setup and robustness did not seem to be a problem.

Overall, a lot of happy buyers.

Let’s face it, you won’t get a setup like this for a bargain price like the Python has without making a compromise or two…

As always, do check the latest feedback. While the V-Fit brand is well established and trusted, it is always good to know the latest!

Wrapping Up: Is the V-Fit Python Home Multi-Gym Right for You?

This setup has a ton of stations, for a low price. You won’t find that from any other known / trusted brand. While you might find similar value from some knock-off with a suspicious sounding name, good luck getting your money back when it breaks a month later…

You get multiple stations, a solid 100kg max resistance and a simple system with cross-over cables to switch quickly.

Add little extras like a dip station and even a stepper – along with the rows, pulls, leg curls and chest press.

I’m happy to recommend this for budget home multi-gym buyers.

Check out the impressive picture gallery and latest pricing now – over on this dedicated amazon.co.uk V-Fit product page!


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