Top 5 Exercises for a Firm Bum

5 Exercises for a Firm Bum

Want Buns of Steel? Do These!

A firm bum is the holy grail for most of us. Getting the perfect derriere isn’t as hard as you think, this article on the top 5 exercises to get a firm bum has you covered. There are no big mysteries about firming up those buttocks, they are muscles just like everything else. Incorporate some of the moves listed below into your workouts and you’ll see results in no time at all!

I have included some popular videos to explain these moves. As usual I need to note that the producers of these are not affiliated with Fitness Review. The videos are my own choices, and added simply because they are good quality.

Firm Bum Basics: Squats

First up are squats. Probably the single best move for shaping that butt. If you want the perfect behind then get ready to lift weights. You will not become huge overnight, so don’t be scared of them.

You should probably start off squatting with no weights, but try adding weights over time if you want to see real results.

Start with feet shoulder width apart and your hands stretched straight out in front of you, then you simply bend your knees and lower your butt towards the floor. Keep going until you’re at a 90 degree angle and then after a short pause straighten yourself back up.

Again look to add weight as soon as you are ready.

Bum and Core Strength: The Standing Donkey Kick

This one might take a little getting used to, but is great for your bum as well as building up your core strength and improving your balance.

Start by lowering yourself into a half squat i.e. legs slightly bent but back straight. Place your hands on your right knee and adjust most of your body weight over the right knee too. Then raise your left leg off the ground, take a second to get your balance and then extend your left leg out behind you. Then pull your leg back to start position hold for a second and repeat without placing leg back on the ground. Aim for 10 reps before switching legs.

Remember to focus on your breathing and balance during this one. Don’t worry if you can’t do 10 reps on each leg straight off.

Bridges and Leg Extensions

Bridges target your buttocks and lower back and are great addition to any workout.

Simply lie on your back with your knees bent and your heels close to your butt. Your feet need to be shoulder width apart and flat to the floor. From there you’re looking to bridge up and create a straight line from your knees to your shoulders. Contract your abs on the way up and then lower yourself slowly back to the start position.

For best results be sure your knees stay close together and don’t point outwards and always contract your butt on the way up.

Once you master these try adding a leg extension on the end. Start by performing a bridge and once you have the straight line from knees to shoulder extend your left leg straight out in front of you. From there you want to point it straight up to the sky, the straighter the better and finally pull in your left knee as close as you can to your chest, hold for a second before returning to the start position. That’s one rep completed.

You are aiming for 10 reps each leg once again.

Bum Friendly Squat Variant: The Sumo Squat

We have already established that the squat is a must for those looking for that firm bum. The sumo squat is a slight tweak that works your glutes harder.

Start with your feet as wide apart as they can comfortably go. Your quads will do a lot of the work for a regular squat, but if you get a really wide stance the sumo squat targets the glutes only, which is what you want.

Point your feet outward, aim for roughly 45 degree angle and then just simply lower yourself down by bending the knees before pushing yourself back up to the start position like you would in a regular squat.

Aim to do three sets of 15 reps of these.

Advanced Bum Toning: Kettlebell Mountain Climbers

Grab a couple of kettlebells and get in a push up position. Contract your core and drive one leg forward as close to your chest as you can. You need to keep yourself low as you’re doing this. You want there to be a straight line from the heel of your other leg right up to your neck.

Bring the leg back to the start and drive the following leg forward. Aim for 10 reps of each leg. Make sure to not go too fast, slow and controlled reps will give the most benefit.

Something for Everyone

I have covered five of the most effective exercises for getting a firm butt on this page. The truth is there are so many more, but to be honest a great majority of them are just slight variations of the main exercises.

There are many variations of squats, same with bridges, lunges etc. I’m sure you get the message. Simply adding weight once the exercise becomes too simple is a great way of challenging yourself.

For the bridges and extensions, try placing your feet on a medicine ball instead of flat on the ground. This will make them much tougher and more rewarding.

If you really want that perfect butt then get the basics down and keep going. Vary your workouts and resistance to keep challenging your body. You really will be surprised just how much you are capable of given the chance.

For a quick boost, you might also try the Women’s Bottom Toner from Slendertone. This uses EMS technology, and buyers have noted quick results!

Good luck, and remember, chat to a fitness professional before changing your exercise routine!

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