JLL Ventus 2 Rowing Machine Review

JLL Ventus 2 Rowing Machines

Summary: The Ventus 2 from JLL has a new and vastly improved model this year. This home rowing machine combines magnetic and air resistance in a new ‘dual resistance’ setup. That is just the start of the spec, with a lot of improvements compared to similar priced rowers. You get an aluminium frame, tablet holder, wheels on both ends and a comprehensive electronics setup.

As one previous buyer put it, this sits in that sweet spot between the budget home models and the premium end. You get the spec and the build quality – without the high-end price tag.

You can check out the price and see the impressive picture gallery – including close ups – on this dedicated product page.

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JLL® Ventus 2 Air Resistance Home Rowing Machine, 2024 Model, Fitness Cardio Workout with 8 Levels of Magnetic Resistance, Advanced Driving Belt System, Super Smooth Slideway, 12-Month Warranty
Place your tablet or smart phone in the tablet holder for in-workout entertainment. The premium LCD monitor allows you to track your progress as you(more…)

Detailed Review of the JLL Ventus 2 Air Resistance Home Rowing Machine

Like many rowers from JLL, you will be able to fold this machine between uses.

The V-shaped base unit makes this stable enough to stand with a small footprint. This is sturdy machine, with a maximum user weight of 120kgs. That is almost 19 stone. Users at 6’6” have reported being able to use it comfortably. A somewhat shorter lady had problems, she mentioned it was not for ’flexible’ people…

The Ventus 2 rowing machine has an aluminium frame, keeping the overall weight down. There are wheels at both ends of the base unit. This can save you doing the 3 point turn routine if you want to move your rower around. The seat has some padding and the handlebars are non-slip, which is always a plus for those of us that get sweaty hands.

Ventus 2 being used

Dual Resistance Setup

Most rowers have either magnetic or air resistance. The Ventus combines them. This gives you two shots at keeping the resistance smooth and consistent. It also allows for an even more challenging row when you get to the top of the 8 resistance levels.

JLL Ventus II Rowing Machine: Electronic Console

Ventus 2 Rower JLLThe LCD monitor sticks up a little, which brings it nicely to eye level while you row. This measures all the key data. You get time, time per 500 meters, calories burned, overall distance, strokes, strokes per minute, pulse rate, total strokes, date / time and even temperature.

There is a tablet holder which sits directly above this monitor unit.

Feedback: What Previous Buyers Said About the Ventus 2 Rower from JLL

A broad mix of comments and feedback this time – with a big bias towards the positive. The good news is that the consensus is that the limited assembly is easy to complete. With this rower sitting between the budget end and the ‘pro’ ($1000+) levels, it did attract some thoughtful comments from experienced rowers.

The comment with the lady who repeatedly mentioned she was flexible indicated concern that the stroke length was too short. In contrast, people who are 8 or 9 inches taller said they were comfortable. As with many things online… the truth is probably somewhere in between.

This home rowing machine got great marks for value for money, sturdiness and (as always) the quality of the customer service team at JLL.

Feedback can and does change – make sure you read the latest feedback before you buy any fitness equipment online.

Wrapping Up: Is the Latest Ventus 2 Rower from JLL Right for You?

Unless you are both extremely tall and super-flexible – this rower makes for a great buy. There are cheaper models around, though none that I know of with this level of quality.

You get dual resistance, with both magnetic and air resistance working together for a smooth workout. The details like the handle, seat and height of the console are all spot on. With a clear electronic display giving you all the information you could possibly need, there is no excuse not to improve session after session.

This is an excellent example of a mid-range home rower, with a top-level spec.

Check out the close ups, latest price, and that feedback from previous buyers now over on this dedicated product page!


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