Garmin Vivofit Tracker Review

Garmin Vivofit

Summary: An opportunity to get a tracker from the respected Garmin that is not too expensive. This will sync with the Garmin Connect community, allowing you to share and track your activity and goals. As an extra it tracks sleep too! Check the positive feedback on the product page

Garmin vivofit 4 Health and Fitness Activity Tracker, Black, Small/Medium
Tracks steps, distance and calories burned, monitors sleep and provides a personalised daily step goal…

Detailed Review of the Garmin Vivofit Tracker

The device is compatible with many other apps and devices to help paint an overall picture of your health and fitness. Namely Garmin Connect. If you have any other Garmin products they will all sync up together and help provide a better reading of your activities.

If you have a heart rate monitor this can also link up to the device, so you can monitor and improve your cardio and endurance without overdoing it when working out. MyFitnessPal is an excellent calorie counting app that will sync to your device and help you monitor calories burnt and consumed throughout the day.