Fit4Home TF7102A Rowing Machine Review

Fit4Home Rowing Machine

Summary: This Fit4Home Rowing Machine comes from a brand already well known for their treadmills, exercise bikes and more. It is a budget level folding rower, with solid reviews for the price range.

The TF7102A has 10 levels of magnetic resistance. Multiple buyers noted in their feedback that the top level is plenty tough enough for a great cardio workout. This machine has Bluetooth. You can connect it to trackers / apps to see your progress between sessions. There is an on-board monitor too.

Check out the gallery for this smart home rower, which includes close-ups, along with the latest feedback from buyers – over on this dedicated product page.

FIT4HOME Rowing machines Magnetic Rower Foldable Home Rowing Machine Red TF7102A
Enjoy the benefits of a versatile and comprehensive total body workout, from the comfort of your home with our RM-TF7102A Rowing machine (more…)

Detailed Review of the Fit4Home TF7102A Magnetic Rowing Machine

You get a smart black and red rowing machine. This has striking angles, with a futuristic look compared to traditional rowers. It is 183cms long, by 22cms wide and 47cms tall. The overall weight is 26.6kgs. There is a wide base at the front, with the rail supported by a single wide foot. The seat has a heart-shape, this is shaped for comfort – though allows you to keep a solid rowing position.

This Fit4Home rower folds away effectively. You can see from the gallery that the rail sits at an angle over the front unit. This does save space (a common complaint with rowers that do not fold away).

10 Levels of Magnetic Resistance

You can vary the resistance of each stroke. The top level gives you a tough workout – though at the bottom end you will just be warming up. You change this via a dial, which in turn adjusts the magnets on the flywheel. Magnetic resistance not only gives you smoother and more predictable pressure – it lasts longer (compared to the elastic / belt only options).

Fit4Home TF7102A Rowing Machine Review: Console and Electronics

Console Fit4Home RowerThere is a basic though fully functional LCD display on this home rowing machine. It will scan through all the usual rower readouts. You get time spend rowing, stroke count, distance, calories burned and total distance since last reset.

Bluetooth is available for tech-savvy users. You can use apps or trackers, giving you those extra tracking options and (depending on the app) sharing / social options too.

Feedback: What Previous Buyers Said About the Fit4Home Rowing Machines?

While the feedback is not glowing, it is positive when you consider the price level. Most people felt they got a decent machine for the money. Of course, you always find one or two people who were expecting a ‘Concept 2’ level machine for a couple of hundred…

Resistance got a few specific mentions. People were pleased that the top level provided a strenuous workout. The easy assembly was also noted, most rowing machines come almost ready, so this is not a huge surprise.

The largely positive – though not glowing – comments tie in with those for other Fit4Home equipment. It seems like this provider creates some popular budget kit. While it will not blow anyone away, most buyers are happy with their rowing machines.

As always, make sure you do check the latest feedback – you never know when even a solid brand like Fit4Home can start to flag.

Wrapping Up: Is the TF7102A Rowing Machine from Fit4Home Right for You?

For anyone on a budget looking for a solid home rowing machine, the TF7102A ticks all the right boxes. You don’t get anything fancy or gym-spec in this price range. What you will get is a reliable rowing machine which folds away between sessions. The 10 levels of magnetic resistance will mean this unit keeps up as your fitness level improves.

Bluetooth, combined with the simple on-board display, gives you two options to track your rows. The maker, Fit4Home, have a great reputation for service over multiple types of equipment.

Check out the full picture gallery for yourself. It includes close-ups of the console, plus a shot of this rowing machine folded up. See it on this dedicated product page now!

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