WaterRower A1 Home Rowing Machine Review

Best Water Resistance Rowing Machine - A1

Mark’s Summary: The WaterRower A1 Series Rowing Machine offers a unique and effective workout experience – along with a stunning design.

Made with a combination of Honey Oak Ash and Aluminium, it combines style with strength. This model got the water rowing craze started – and remains a best-seller to this day.

With a maximum user weight of 125 kg and low noise operation, this water rower is suitable for a wide range of users. The water resistance mechanism provides a natural and even rowing experience.

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WaterRower A1 Studio Rowing Machine
Finished with Danish oil, the track runs on a black aluminium mono-rail and the five button monitor means you can keep track of your workout…. (more…)

Detailed Review of the WaterRower A1 Rowing Machine

The WaterRower A1 Series is a finely crafted piece of exercise equipment. It measures 215 x 56 x 53 cm and weighs 44.45 kilograms. It is solid and sturdy. A1 Water Rowers are made from Ash Wood and Aluminium – and it looks stunning.

The A1 can support a maximum weight of 125 kg, covering almost everyone. It comes with a 3-year frame and 2-year parts warranty, assuring quality and reliability. This rowing machine is a Honey Oak Ash colour, blending seamlessly with home decor. Its water resistance mechanism provides a smooth rowing experience, closely simulating actual water rowing.

Performance monitor on the A1 water rower

Water Rower A1 Performance Monitor

Continuing the trend of simplicity, the WaterRower is fitted with the user friendly A1 performance monitor which lets you track your speed, distances, stroke rate and workout intensity, as well as watt and calorie consumption. You can always swap it for your iPhone / Smartphone instead.

What to Expect from Your WaterRower A1 Series Rowing Machine?

The WaterRower A1 Series is ideal for users looking for a full-body workout, suitable for both cardio and HIIT routines.

It’s a great choice for those seeking an effective exercise tool without the joint strain often associated with other cardio equipment. Compared to magnetic rowers, the A1 Series offers a more natural rowing feel, replicating the dynamics of a moving boat. This makes it a top pick for both beginners and seasoned rowers.

WaterRower: About the Maker

WaterRower is known for its high-quality rowing machines and innovative designs. Since 1988, they have been:

  • Handcrafting rowing machines in Warren, Rhode Island.
  • Focusing on creating realistic rowing simulators.
  • Creating unique WaterFlywheel technology.
  • Winning design awards and being featured in museums.

Water Rower a 1

Feedback: What do Owners of WaterRower A1 Series Say About it?

User feedback is overwhelmingly positive for the WaterRower A1.

Customers praise its design, ease of assembly, and the natural rowing experience. The smooth, comfortable action and minimal strain on joints are consistently highlighted. Users also appreciate its aesthetic appeal, a big difference to the many brands people try hard to hide away!

The machine’s sturdiness, longevity, and the natural resistance offered by the water tank are highly valued. However, some mention that the monorail can be louder than expected, suggesting that those sensitive to noise might prefer other models in the WaterRower range. Personally, I love the splashing sounds of water rowing machines!

Wrapping Up: Is WaterRower A1 Series Right for You?

The WaterRower A1 Series Rowing Machine is an excellent investment for anyone seeking a high-quality, durable rowing machine that offers a realistic rowing experience.

Its solid construction, elegant design, and effective water resistance mechanism make it a standout choice. Whether for general fitness or high-intensity training, this rower meets a wide range of needs.

To learn more and see this beautiful machine in detail, visit its Amazon product page for an impressive picture gallery and the latest price.


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