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Over the years the all-star team, of writers, editors, technical wiz,’ and social media experts has evolved. I’m absolutely confident that the current team is the best yet.

You’ll find a little more about us below.

Getting in Touch with Fitness Review:

Feedback from readers is always welcome, and we are proud to have built friendships through this site over the years…

But (there is always a but!), since 90% of the communications received are spam – I’ll repeat the kind of things we don’t want to hear about. These are guest posts, web or app designs, domains for sale, social media spammers, requests about buying or selling links (the answer is 100% no) and random things about website errors.

After 15 years online in different guises, I developed zero tolerance to this kind of stuff.

A single ‘just checking whether you got my first (spam) email’ follow up will see you marked as spam and blocked immediately.

Alright, that out of the way – you can contact us via (it won’t always be me getting the mail, though I will personally reply personally to anything interesting / important).


#1 Editor: Mark Russell

Mark Russell Editor of Fitness ReviewMy primary goal with fitness review is to put my 8 years of sales / commercial fitness industry experience to work in a way that is different to most of the websites you’ll find in this area. Before creating Fitness Review, I worked as an editor for multiple websites, and before that I was a ‘suit’ for a well-known big corporation.

My own fitness routine includes running, HIIT / circuits, and resistance training. I strongly believe regular exercise; high quality sleep and a healthy diet will pay dividends in years to come.


Writer Fitness and diet Amy Winton#2 – Lead Writer: Amy Winton

Amy has been working in the fitness and diet industry for over a decade. Her clear, friendly, writing style is the perfect vehicle to get across a vast knowledge of how the foods we consume affect the body. With a degree in Dietetics, Amy keeps up with the latest research and turns this into concise, actionable guides.



lee thompson#3 – Specialist Fitness Equipment Writer: Lee Thompson

Lee worked as a personal trainer for five years, building unique insights into what fitness equipment lasts – and what needs replacing too often. His straightforward style gets straight to the point. Lee is adamant that any drawbacks get called out, whether he is reviewing a treadmill, or the latest Marcy Multi-Gym. Though no longer training others, Lee keeps a close eye on the industry – and never skips leg day.


Diya Linkedin#4 – Diya Patel: WordPress Expert

Diya introduced us to parts of WordPress we never knew existed. She goes above and beyond the usual troubleshooting or building new websites – and is on hand for the inevitable daft questions that the team sends her way. While Diya does not profess to be a fitness expert, she keeps active and busy thanks to her growing family.

#5 – Ross King: Contributing Writer

Ross is one of those rare writers whose work gets better every year. His detailed fitness guides fit perfectly without editorial guidelines, appealing to people of all different shapes, sizes, and fitness levels. Ross writes for well-known industry magazines, and lives a fit, healthy (and alcohol free) life.

#6 – Brian Carpenter: Contributing Writer

Brian is a marathon runner who has kept his sub 2:30 pace going well into his 40’s (and who shows no sign of slowing down!). He has strong views on stretches, recovery, and hydration – and I’m proud to feature him as a contributing writer here at Fitness Review.