MaxiClimber Review: Vertical Climbing Fitness System


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MaxiClimber Review Summary: You’ll use your own body weight in a standing position with the MaxiClimber Fitness System. Compared to steppers and stair machines that use resistance, you’ll find your own weight can give you a powerful workout. One commenter described this as a ‘nice sweaty workout’.

I can’t think of many machines which combine low-impact training with toning and fat burning calories quite like this one. Very positive feedback already from people that bought one – check out this dedicated product page for the latest reviews.

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A great alternative to jogging, running or hiking, MaxiClimber works your entire body, for a maximum workout in minimum time. This is a best-seller and for some great reasons ….

Detailed Review of the MaxiClimber Vertical Climbing Fitness System

The main movement for this machine has been likened to rock-climbing. There are two struts for your feet and two handles for your arms, which will end up above your head. You take a big step, pushing down with one foot and arm at a time and raising the other pair. This climbing motion does not jar, though since you are using your own body weight for resistance, you’ll find the workout to be plenty tough enough for even hardened fitness fans.

Other than the large pole and handles for your feet and hands, the only component is the balancing stand. This makes the MaxiClimber very easy to put together (especially when compared with devices such as treadmills or elliptical trainers). One buyer reported that this took less than 20 minutes to complete. The machine is pretty robust, with a maximum user weight advised at 240 lbs (that’s just over 17 stone), or 120 kilograms.

Testing has shown that this machine burns more calories than either treadmills or exercise bikes. You’ll need to work up to longer sessions, those initial tries will be vigorous! Being lower impact than many other machines, this makes a great choice for older users, as well as those taking their first steps on a fitness journey. While the main effect is on the thighs, buttocks and stomach – you’ll be giving your shoulders and arms a good workout too.

MaxiClimber Review 2019MaxiClimber Review: Specs

The original (and most popular MaxiClimber) model comes 90% pre-assembled. A big plus for most of us! This is approx 145cms x 25cms x 15cms, it weighs in at 15kgs – much lighter than most other home fitness machines. The maximum user weight is advised at 240 pounds. Comments from buyers show that it is easily height adjustable. One commentor said her 5 year old can use it (I’m certainly not recommending this, just for describing the size!). Another a said that they were 6 foot 2 and had no issues.

There is a console which counts your steps, time and calories burned. This is a simple setup, though certainly has all the information you need. The battery is included. You also get a user manual, wall chart showing the workouts and a diet and exercise plan.

Bigger users might want to check out the MaxiClimber XL. There is also a ‘Sport’ version which comes with added resistance bands.

Feedback from Buyers of the MaxiClimber

Almost all excellent feedback so far – with the average bought down by a single buyer who says the machine was delivered broken and is awaiting a refund (never a problem with Amazon). Commenters did note that this is not an easy option, with terms like ‘hard going’ and ‘nice sweaty workout machine’. It was also noted that this is an easy machine to store, with the stand folding flat it can be propped up in a corner or even stored flat under a bed. The lack of assembly got some praise.

One thing that came through from several comments was that adding some adjustable resistance would be welcome. As you get fitter, some people found that using the MaxiClimber became a little too easy. The main way you can make things harder / easier is to adjust your stride length. This is explained in the workout guide.

Overall, the comments were hugely positive for this type of machine. You can check out the latest feedback from buyers of the MaxiClimber right here.

Alternatives to the MaxiClimber

Of course, once someone produces a popular piece of home fitness equipment, other manufacturers are sure to follow. While there are some ‘no brand’ cheaper alternatives – I’m going to skip those. Bad feedback and customer service which is prone to disappearing overnight is never a good combination.

Summing it up: Is the MaxiClimber Right for You?

If you would like an intensive workout which really will burn through the calories fast – then the MaxiClimber Vertical Climbing Fitness System makes a great alternative to the regular types of home fitness equipment.

Feedback from buyers shows there really are fast results, especially in the thighs / stomach / buttocks region.

If you are new to fitness I need to recommend you start off gently. This is an intensive workout and will leave you sore if you rush in too fast! Having said that the calories burned per hour of use are off the scale compared to things like exercise bikes.

There are often discounts available on fitness equipment over at Amazon, and this item also qualifies for free shipping.

Check out the latest price and see the full picture gallery for yourself now on this dedicated product page.


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