York Perform Home Multi Gym Review

York Perform Multi-Gym Review

Summary: You’ll get a solid mid-range multi gym with the York Perform – from a manufacturer with a great record of quality products. This offers a versatile workout, with leg press, chest press, peck deck, arm curl and leg extension options built in. The weight stack checks in at 220lbs (100kg) for all options – backing the versatility with plenty of power. I like the design, with everything built in to a smart, surprisingly compact unit.

You can find the full spec, along with the feedback from owners on this dedicated amazon.co.uk product page. This review dives into the details of the York Perform Multi-Gym, and also highlights some alternative in the same mid-range price bracket.

York Perform Multi Gym
A solid setup without the price tag of the bigger brands – York Fitness have been supplying home gyms for decades and have a ton of brand loyalty…. more

Detailed Review of the York Perform Multi Gym

You’ll get a solid unit with the York Perform. This measures almost 2 meters high, by 141cm from front to back and 115cms wide. With the weight stack included it weighs in at 357lbs (162kg).

The design looks smart without being fancy. This is primarily black, with metallic hardware for the weight stack and some distinctive orange touches. There are curved supports at the front, with solid bars at the bottom – keeping the unit stable.

As with all home multi-gyms, assembly is needed. Comments from previous buyers said that the instructions for this are good – it bolts together easily.

Training Features on the York Perform Multi-Gym

What I like about this model is that the full weight stack can be used for all the training options. There is plenty of padding for comfort.

You’ll get the following features:

  • Peck Deck
  • Vertical Chest Press
  • Arm Curl (2 positions)
  • Lat Pull-Down / High Pulley
  • Seated Row
  • Low Pulley
  • Leg Extension

Sealed bearings are used to ensure a smooth resistance whichever option you are using. Compared to many home gyms in this price range, the corner-friendly design and bigger / versatile weight stack make the York Perform great value for money.

york perform in use

What Previous Buyers Said About the York Perform Multi-Gym

One buyer had some trouble with the assembly, though overall the feedback for this model (at Amazon and elsewhere) has been very positive.

Value for money came up as a plus point. Many gyms in this price range have smaller weight stacks. The way the design allows this unit to sit in the corner of a room – taking up less space overall than many similar sized options – also got some positive feedback.

Overall, feedback said this was a solid gym, which compares well to similar priced models.

Wrapping Up: Is the York Perform Multi-Gym any Good?

This model fills a gap in the market. If you don’t have £1000’s to spend on a setup, and don’t want a smaller unit which lacks the weight stack options – then the York Perform is right for you.

It covers all the main areas, with versatile options for pecks and upper body – as well as a leg-press. What I liked best about this gym is the corner-friendly design

York Fitness has a solid reputation when it comes to home gyms, and the Perform model ticks all the right boxes.

Check out the full details and read the latest buyer feedback on this dedicated amazon.co.uk product page now.

Alternatives to the York Perform:

There are two gyms with broadly similar price points and decent specs which I would suggest checking out.

#1 – Marcy Eclipse HG3000 Compact Home Gym

Marcy HG3000 Multi-Gym ReviewThis unit looks great, in matt black and red. It has a very similar spec in terms of the exercise options and is a little narrower than the York Perform. The weight stack is 150lbs (67kg), smaller than the York model, though plenty enough for most of us.

You can read my review of the Marcy Eclipse HG3000 – or check out the dedicated amazon.co.uk product page and compare for yourself.

#2 – vFit Herculean CUG 2 Budget Home Gym

Designed as a space-saving starter gym, the Herculean CUG2 (compact upright gym 2) has a decent 72kg stack. It works on all the key muscle groups and uses a double-cable system for safety. The compact nature of this setup makes it perfect for the corner of a spare room. That said, taller (6′ or over) users should opt for the Marcy gym above instead.

You can read my review of the vFit Herculean here – or jump right to the amazon.co.uk product page and check out the spec yourself!

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