TNP Accessories EZ Curl Barbell Bar Set Review

TNP Curl Barbell Set

Summary: TNP Accessories has produced a no frills, great value for money set of barbells. With a good range of lower-end weights supplied and an EZ curl design, this is an ideal set for the beginner. This set has very solid customer feedback (value is a phrase which appears a lot), check out the product page at for more.

Detailed Review of the TNP Accessories Solid EZ Curl Barbell Bar Set

The TNP accessories barbell set is an all-round set which will get you started lifting immediately. With an EZ curl design bar you’ll find a good range of weights supplied too, as well as two solid spinlock collars. This low cost set allows you to change the intensity of your training by swapping the weights around quickly and easily, while also giving you the option of buying additional weights for your set.

This barbell set is ideal for those wanting to build their shoulders, back, forearms, chests and biceps. The weights supplied are durable with a floor friendly plastic covering, these coming in matching pairs that combine to make a total of 10kg, 5kg, 2,5kg and 1kg. The barbell itself has a high quality chrome finish and is 47 inches long (1.2 metres) and 25mm thick.

In terms of value for money, you can’t really go wrong with this set, the entire package coming in at the same price of some bars alone. The spinlock collar grips ensure weights are held in place firmly, while also offering a quick release. The EZ curl design will place your wrists, forearms and elbows in a more comfortable position, meaning a lower risk of the common injuries that can be sustained in lifting.

User Feedback on this Budget EZ Curl Barbell Set

The reviews of the item are generally very positive. Many have stated that this is an ideal barbell set for the beginner, while also working well with a bench. The barbell has been described as solid, one user stating that they felt the bar could take treble the supplied weight with no problem whatsoever.  Value for money was mentioned more than once and a good summary of the item comes from the following comment – ‘My wrists thank me and my wallet thanks me’.

The TNP accessories barbell set is an ideal one for those just starting out lifting. Great value for money, this set offers the fitness enthusiast a good combination of those lower weights, ideal for use in the home or garage.

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