DKN Vinyl Kettlebell Set Review

Vinyl Kettlebell Set

Summary: Great value beginner kettlebell set with wide handles, good looks and a vinyl coating that protects the floor if you drop them. You get 4 kettlebells in one sett, a 2kg, 4kg, 6kg and a 8kg. There is also an option for a smaller set of just three. DKN have a great reputation for producing strength training equipment – and these colour-coded sets of vinyl kettlebells do not let them down. You can find the options (and read the latest feedback on this page in the DKN official Amazon store.

DKN Vinyl Kettle Bell Weight Set - Multicolour, 2 - 8 kg
Vinyl coated kettlebells have a strong moulded construction with an ergonomically designed handle for enhanced comfort… more

Detailed Review of the DKN Vinyl Kettlebell Set

To get you introduced to kettle bells, the DKN Vinyl Kettle Bell Weight Set is perfect. It includes four kettle bells with increasing masses, 2kg, 4kg, 6kg and 8kg, suitable for the beginner to intermediate user (8kg is more than enough for most of us, even advanced users!). They are great for strengthening muscles in most parts of your body such as the arms, shoulders and back, although you could also incorporate them into your workouts and also strengthen your core and abs. I do recommend seeking advice from a personal trainer before you start kettlebell exercises – it is easy to end up with a pull or a strain if your technique is off.

These kettlebells are very well designed, for both aesthetics and performance, take the colour coding, for example, while it makes them look good, it also helps you identify between them more easily as you progress with your workout. The kettlebells have also been coated with vinyl which protects the weight itself as well as the floor during storage or when you drop it (which happens to the best of us!). For better handling, the handle has been made wider (you’ll see how important this is once you compare to older, narrow handled bells, especially those with painted metal coating)

There is a lot you can do with kettlebells: lifting as you would a dumbell, swinging around your body to exercise the abs and back as well as plenty of other techniques you can learn from the Internet or health guides such as the Enter the Kettlebell.

Buyer Feedback for the DKN Vinyl Kettlebell Set

It is hard to get too enthusiastic about a set of weights, though there is a lot of buyer feedback and a lot of enthusiasm for these bells. The theme which runs through the comments is that these are great value – especially when you take into account the various exercises you can do with them. Delivery was prompt too (a big plus when you consider the alternative of carrying a 20kg load yourself).

The DKN Kettlebell set is seriously good value – check out the feedback and latest offer on the dedicated product page now!

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