The Weider Abs Crunch Trainer Review

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Summary: For safer, more effective crunches, the Weider Abs Cruncher is a well made and very popular choice of machine. With a comfortable, integrated mat and a DVD and booklet for instruction, you’ll be working those abs the right way. Check out the great feedback and small but welcome discount on the product page now!

Weider Abs Crunch Trainer
Protection to both your back and neck…

Detailed Review of the Weider Abs Crunch Trainer

The Weider Abs Crunch Trainer is ideal for those who want to perform those crunches perfectly, giving protection to both your back and neck. The trainer comes with an integrated exercise mat and a well-padded headrest, both ensuring added comfort in your workout. The item is very practical too, with a space saver design, seeing it fold into a very small size, ensuring that it can be stored anywhere and transported easily. This Abs Crunch trainer is a low budget item, made even more reasonable by a small discount at Amazon.

When ordering this piece of ab training equipment, you’ll find two handy extras coming your way too. You’ll enjoy an instructional booklet to aid you in your crunches, while an instructional DVD shows examples of how to use the trainer in the most effective ways possible. All in all, you’ll find 12 different exercises to perform with this trainer, adding great versatility to your workouts.

The trainer has an ergonomic design, ensuring the safest position in protecting both your back and neck, while also ensuring that you are achieving an effective abdominal workout. You might find similar pieces of equipment at a lower price, but the integrated mat certainly doesn’t come as standard, making this product very reasonable at the price.

What Previous Buyers Have Said

Reviews of the item are very complimentary as a whole. The trainer is said to fold up quickly and easily and can fit under a bed as long as you have 6 inches of height. The instructional booklet is said to be highly informative while the added DVD has been described as worth the cost of the item alone (despite the fact that one reviewer said it looked like it had been filmed in the 1980’s!).

The Weider Abs Crunch trainer is an ideal piece of home gym equipment that ensures an effective, comfortable and safe abs workout, while the added booklet and the DVD make for the perfect instructional tools. Check out the product page for the latest discount and reviews now!

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