Fitbit Aria 2 Smart Scale Review

Fitbit Smart Scales Aria 2

Summary: Millions of people trust Fitbit to measure their movement. The Aria smart scales take this to the next level, giving you super-accurate information on your body weight, body fat percentage and more. This is a premium set of scales, and sturdy compared to what most people think of as bathroom scales. The big benefit is that your measurements get synched. You can keep track with Fitbit apps, and see the relationship between your movement / activity and your overall weight.

This product is collecting some positive feedback from users. Check out this dedicated product page for more.

Fitbit Aria Air Smart Scale, White
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Detailed Review of the Fitbit Aria 2 Smart Bathroom Scales

Fitbit call this a smart scale, referring to the technology. You’ll also find the design smart. It has the same basic form as any bathroom weighing scale. It is flat, square, and has a simple digital display. I love the design. This reminds me of the top of a computer chip, with the lines all going to the display.

You’ll need some AA batteries to get started. If you move these scales around, you’ll need to recalibrate them for the most accurate measurements by removing the batteries.

Using these scales once set up is as simple as any others. You’ll stand on them! The magic comes with the app integration, and (private) measurements for up to 6 users.

What Do the Fitbit Scales Measure?

These days, weight alone is not enough for fitness fans. We also want to know what percentage of body fat we have (and conversely what lean muscle). This ties in with our BMI (Body Mass Index) score.

The Aria smart scale gives accurate readings for up to 8 people. You have to synch it with your app first. Instructions are given, and the feedback from previous buyers says that this process is easy. Don’t worry if you are sharing a scale. Fitbit has already thought about the sensitivity of weight information – and keeps this private!

What you’ll get on your app is continual information on your weight and composition. This can be displayed in graph form.

Benefits of App Integration

For me, the big benefit comes from having this graph in conjunction with your activity tracking. You might be able to find the same information from other sources, though that relationship between exercise and body weight will be all in one app here.

Does this make spending more cash on the smart-scale worth it? I’ll let the feedback from previous buyers tell that story…


Fitbit Aria Scales: Feedback from Previous Buyers

Tracking Calorie BurnAccuracy is always a question, and so I was pleased to see that one review compared the body fat reading with one taken in the gym. Spot on twice! Several people mentioned how easy this scale was to set up – and how it worked great with the Fitbit app.

I always like to balance the feedback, though the one negative review at at the moment is a little puzzling. The big gripe was that the user needed to remove the batteries for 15 seconds to recalibrate. I’m sympathetic, and hope that they received therapy, hand holding, a big box of tissues and millions of pounds in compensation to get over their ‘ordeal’.

Back in the real world, the general consensus from those comments is that, yes, the Aria 2 is expensive – though it is well worth it.

Track BMI, Weight and Your Workouts in the Same Place

We all know that working out an improvement in body fat percentage and weight are related. Fitbit has taken this to a new level with the Aria 2 smart scale. You’ll have the data synched automatically with your app. This means your workout data, heart-rate date and weight loss / body-fat data is all in one place.

With data like that, you’ll know what works and what does not. That insight will lead you to your goals much faster and makes the Aria 2 scales a real bargain!

Check out the feedback and full technical capabilities of the Aria 2 now on this dedicated product page.

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