JLL CT200 Elliptical Trainer Review

JLL CT200 Budget Level Elliptical Trainer

Summary: The CT200 Elliptical Cross Trainer from JLL is their most popular model. This is the basic home elliptical in a range that goes all the way from simple to commercial gym style machines. It has a 2-way flywheel (5kgs) and a console which tracks all the key stays. A recent upgrade added a tablet holder, and a heart rate sensor will display your pulse rate on the screen. What people liked about this machine is that it is easy to move into place. It has excellent reviews for equipment in the budget price range – with the top-quality service provided by UK based JLL coming in for specific mentions.

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Popular Model:

JLL CT200 Home Elliptical Cross Trainer, 2024 Model, 8 Level Magnetic Resistance, Cardio Workout, Advanced Momentum Mechanism to resemble 10kg, Console Display with Heart Rate Sensor Black & Red
The JLL CT200 Cross Trainer is designed to be both stylish and durable. It simulates climbing, walking or running without causing excessive pressure to the joints decreasing the risk of impact injuries…. (more…)

Detailed Review of the JLL CT200 Elliptical Cross Trainer

This is a smaller unit compared to many home elliptical trainers. It is just over 1 meter (106.5cms) tall, 55cms long and 37cms wide. It weights a solid 30.5kgs – giving you a robust base unit for your workouts. A large chunk of this weight is the flywheel. This adds 5kgs – as well as providing the smooth resistance. JLL recommend a max user weight of 100kgs for the CT200 cross trainer.

You can switch between the 8 magnetic resistance levels using a dial. This can be seen underneath the console on the pictures. JLL switched up the design with this model. Instead of the standard silver / grey, you get a smart black and red unit.

Pedals have a non-slip surface, and the stride length is perfect for anyone under 6 foot tall. If you are bigger, then I recommend checking the reviews of commercial level ellipticals with longer stride lengths.

Electronic Console and Heart Rate Monitor

Console View C200 JLLYou get an LCD monitor with the CT200. This is basic, though does cover all the key statistics. 2x AA batteries are needed (they come with the elliptical). This monitor covers 7 functions:

  • Time working out
  • Current speed
  • Distance covered
  • Calories burned
  • Odometer
  • Pulse rate (via a sensor built into the handlebars)

The final function is ‘scan mode’. I’m not sure this is a separate function… it simply allows you to scroll thought he different readouts one at a time.

While the CT200 Elliptical is no app compatible, it does have a tablet holder. This means you can add some entertainment or heart rate tracking through external devices while you work out.

Feedback: What Did Owners of JLL CT200 Elliptical Trainers Say?

There are always a couple of grumbles about assembly in the feedback for fitness equipment. The JLL CT200 is no exception. Setting those aside (it is no harder than any similar product), the main theme of the comments is the excellent value. While you will not get a commercial gym level machine in this price range – most people felt they got great value for money.

One thing that stood out in many separate comments was that this unit is just as good as those which cost more money. This does tie in with the other entry level machines from JLL – for example, their R200 rowing machine or JT200 exercise bike.

JLL have built a solid reputation for years now. That said, it is always worth checking the comments / feedback before you buy any elliptical trainer.

CT200 Elliptical

Wrapping Up: Is the JLL CT200 Elliptical Trainer Right for You?

This machine is perfect for anyone that wants a solid, practical elliptical trainer without splashing out big money. It is a small machine, with 8 magnetic resistance levels, that will get the job done without the expensive bells and whistles of big budget machines.

There is a console to track your calorie burn, plus a built-in heart rate monitor. If you prefer your own entertainment while you work out, then the built-in tablet holder will come in handy.

With positive feedback which emphasises the excellent value – this is a popular pick for budget level elliptical cross trainer units.

Check out the latest feedback and see the details in the impressive picture gallery – over on this dedicated product page now!

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