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Best Vibration / Power Plate Exerciser for Home Use

In my experience, it only takes one session on a power plate / vibration plate exerciser to get rid of any lingering doubts as to whether they are effective – this detailed guide to the best vibration plate trainer has all you need. Standing (mostly) still and resisting rapid shakes might not feel like ‘proper’ exercise. I can assure you that once you try your muscles will quickly let you know that they are getting a great workout.

This page compares the best selling vibration plate trainers for home use. I focus on known / established brands – this is not just another boring list of knock-offs and cheap tat from brands likely to disappear in the time it takes you to say ‘now, where was my warranty’…

Here is what’s below:

  • First, a table which summarises the top selling units in the different price/ type categories.
  • After that these power plate machines (I use vibration plate / power plate interchangeably here) are covered in more depth.
  • Next is a look at some of the features, accessories and extras which make a big difference. You can decide which are key for your needs.
  • The page ends with an FAQ… all those small, but important questions that help make your buying decision better.

Table: Best Selling Vibration Plate Exercisers

LifePro Vibration Plate

Best-Seller: LifePro Rumblex 4D Vibration Plates

Feedback for Rublex trainers is fantastic. You get a remote, 99 intensity levels and access to a range of quality training videos. This is a bigger unit and is super-stable - resistance bands too!

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Bluefin Fitness Pro

Solid Upright: Bluefin Pro

Upright workouts with a 360 degree swivel, heart rate monitors and built-in Bluetooth speakers. Check out the console, which has multiple concurrent displays. A great unit at a super-reasonable price point.

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Wonder Core Rock N Fit

The Unique WonderCore Rock N Fit

The attachment on top of this powerful vibration plate adds different exercises to the usual resistance training. This is a popular unit, much more than just the 'as seen on TV' gimmick!

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Mini Vibration Plate

Beginner Model: LIfePro Waver Mini

LifePro tech, at a budget price point. The mini is the perfect way to try out vibration plate exercises, without a big outlay. You get a small but powerful unit, and the LifePro lifetime guarantee.

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Detailed Comparisons of the Best Vibration Plate Trainers

Best Selling Vibration Plates for Home Users: The LifePro Fitness Range

Best LifePro Vibration Plate Trainer ReviewWith more than 5,000 comments (almost all positive) from owners, the LifePro fitness vibration plate is a category best-seller. There are 3 units, with the majority of people happy with the entry level vibration trainer. This ticks all the boxes at a lower price point. It has 99 resistance levels, a remote control and elasticated resistance bands so you can add in some upper body training. I liked the display, which has multiple numbers for speed and time.

If you are experienced with power plates, then there are two ‘upgrade’ options. Both have dial motors, with one bigger than the other. Adding the second motor gives oscillations in addition to the regular vibrations.

LifePro are US based with the excellent service that you’d expect. They ship from the UK. One look at that feedback from buyers will show that this company is proactive when it comes to looking after their buyers. If your machine breaks, you’ll normally get a replacement. LifePro proudly offer a lifetime warranty on their units.

Check out my LifePro Vibration Plates Review page for detailed information on all the models.

Even better, check out this dedicated product page for yourself and see the close-up pictures and that all-important feedback.


Great Value Upright Vibration Plate Trainer– The Bluefin Pro

Bluefin Fitness Pro Vibration Plate TrainerThere are two models from Bluefin Fitness with impressive specs. Both sit at the budget end of the price range. The one I am featuring as my top rec in this category is the impressive ‘Pro’ model, which is an upright. It comes with rails, and a wide console on top. This is not the only extra. You get a circular plate that swivels. This gives you 360 degrees to work with for extra ways of using the powerful resistance. It has speakers built in with Bluetooth capability. They are big, and sit either side of an impressive console with multiple displays.

Bluefin also make a floor-standing model. This also has Bluetooth speakers, and comes with a remote control + elasticated resistance bands. Both are popular models from a well-regarded manufacturer that has been around for years.

The Bluefin Pro vibration plate exerciser has a lot of good feedback from previous buyers. Many people who were initially sceptical were surprised by the speedy effects. Check that out for yourself, along with the picture gallery on this dedicated product page now.

If you’d prefer a little more info, my Bluefin Pro Vibration Plate Exerciser Review will fill in the gaps.


Wonder Core Rock N Fit Vibration Plate

Wonder-Core-Rock-N-FitIt may be a cliche, but this is the exact product you will find out about on late night ‘informercials’ on TV. Wonder Core are best-known for their abs / crunches equipment. This unique vibration plate has a seat. And it works. This not only allows for people who would not normally consider themselves in good enough shape to try resistance training, it unlocks some exercises that you might not otherwise have thought of. No extra prizes if you guessed the muscle group that they benefit the most – it is the core muscles.

There is some excellent feedback for the Rock N Fit. This ties in with the other Wonder Core products in terms of quality of the build and service too.

You get a remote control, plus workout videos to take you through those extra exercises.

My detailed review of the Wonder Core Rock N Fit covers all the key data.

You can skip those extra words, and head straight to this dedicated product page instead – where you’ll find the zoomable gallery, feedback and full list of built in programmes.


Budget Conscious? Try the LifePro Waver Mini!

This smaller model won’t break the bank. It comes packed with health benefits – both for improving fitness and for rehab. You control the 100 different vibration levels on the machine itself or remotely. This unit is small enough to slide under a sofa or pop into a cupboard – though it comes with a powerful motor.

I rate this as perfect for anyone that would like to try vibration plate training or rehab, without the financial outlay required to get a full sized unit.

You get the LifePro know-how, a flexible unit and of course, the famous lifetime warranty that this company give with all of their units.

Check out my detailed review of the LifePro Waver Mini here.

You can skip the words and see the close-up pictures and comments for yourself instead – over on this dedicated product page.

Sportstech Pro Vibration Plate Trainer

Vibration Plate Trainers FAQ

How Long Does a Vibration Plate Workout Last?

A big advantage of vibration exercises is that 10 minutes is enough for a powerful workout. The average session length is between 10 and 30 minutes. This depends on the number of muscle groups you want to cover, your experience / fitness level and the time you can spare. For anyone with a hectic schedule, the ability to get an intensive workout without the time commitment is a huge positive.

Will I Feel Sore After Working Out?

You will need to start off with lower intensity and work up to avoid uncomfortable muscle soreness. While you will not feel the same type of soreness as starting with weights (for example), you will be using muscles in a new way – and can expect to feel it at the start.

As you gain experience and fitness / tone, soreness will go away naturally. This can be seen as a positive. You will be using muscles and strengthening them – that feeling comes from them being renewed.

Should I Wear Trainers During Vibration Plate Workouts?

No. For the best results you should use your vibration trainer without trainers or other gym shoes. This will let you get the full benefit of resisting the movements. If you are sharing a plate (for example in a gym), then high-grip socks (or other coverings) can be used instead.

How Much Does a Home Vibration Plate Trainer Cost?

As with all home fitness machines, there is a range of price points. Vibration trainers are cheaper than other equipment like treadmills and rowing machines.

You can get a decent budget trainer for around £100. This will be smaller and have few ‘bells and whistles’ in terms of tech or function. The ‘Sweet Spot’ for many people is between £200 and £300. There are some excellent machines with 2 or even 3 motors, remote control watches and Bluetooth speakers at this price point. Prices go to over £1000. For most home users, there is no need to spend this much to get the job done.

How Many Workouts Should I Do Each Week?

3 workouts per week will give your muscles time to recover. As with most forms of exercise, there are a lot of different factors to consider. The duration of your sessions, your own fitness level, your goals, the intensity of the vibrations and the other types of training you are doing in addition to this one should all be considered.

Vibration Plate Workouts Per Week?

Will A Vibration Plate Help me Lose Weight?

Training will burn calories which will help with weight loss. There is no magical way that this type of training removes fat – it is all about the work you put in. Claims of up to 500 calories per hour look great on paper. That would involve a full intensity workout for an hour at a time, which is not what vibration trainers were created for. 100 to 200 calories over 20 minutes is more realistic. The big benefits come with tone, strength, and cardio health.

If you combine your training with a healthy diet and other forms of exercise, it will certainly help you trim down – for weight loss alone, you’d be better off with an elliptical trainer or other cardio style equipment.

Do Vibration Plates Require Maintenance?

There are no special maintenance requirements for home power plates / vibration trainers. You will need to tighten screws from time to time. Even the hardiest design sees them naturally loosen (it’s all the shaking). As long as you keep your machine clean, make sure it is stable on the floor and don’t abuse it – for example by jumping on it too hard – then any ‘name’ brand will last for years.

If wear and tear is something you are worried about – find a brand with a long warranty and track record of great after-sales service. LifePro and Bluefin are both great for this.

What Different Types of Vibration Plate Trainer Can I Choose from?

There are two main formats. The main differences then come down to the number of motors, extras like resistance bands, and the technology.

You can get;

  • Floor standing units: This is a flat tablet, often only 15 to 20cms tall. You lean on it, stand on it and do regular crunches, planks, and other routines.
  • Upright Units: A bar comes up, with the console on top (usually at around stomach height). You can do different exercises, including swivels on rotating plates, in addition to the workouts from the flatter units.

In a commercial gym you will get powerful upright units with programmable consoles and the smoothest, quietest engines. These cost well over £1000. For home users, uprights start at £220 with a basic floor standing machine from £100 and up.

Are Vibration Plates Noisy?

You get a hum, which gets quieter as you spend more money. This is not loud, though it is constant and will travel though the floor (rubber mats are great for stopping this). Compared to a treadmill, these machines are reasonably quiet.

Can I Connect with Fitness Apps / Music Streaming?

Vibration trainers have yet to join the list of fitness equipment compatible with KinoMap and other popular apps. The scenic maps and group training ideas don’t work so well when the pace and mix of exercises is so personalised.

You will be able to connect your phone via Bluetooth to these machines. This lets you stream your favourite music or a podcast to enjoy while you train.

Features of Vibration Plate Trainers

Looking into the Features of Vibration TrainersA different way of deciding which is the best vibration plate trainer for you is to decide which features are ‘must have’. Once you have your personal ‘must have’, ‘like to have’ and ‘not so important’ lists – it is relatively easy to look through the models available and find one which ticks all the right boxes.

Here are the features to look out for:

Power: As you pay more, and move from basic to commercial trainers, the engines get more powerful. You will see this expressed as watts or horse power. Bigger engines produce more powerful, quieter vibrations.

Number of Motors: You will see dual motor trainers and even models with 3 motors. They work providing vibrations in different directions. Some will oscillate as well as vibrate, with micro-vibrations added via a 3rd motor in some units. This type of machine is often called ‘3D’ or similar.

Compact or Bigger Options?

Size: A key question here is whether you will leave your trainer in place or need to store it away between uses. This type of fitness equipment is smaller than many others, though they are heavy. This is needed to keep them in place when the shaking starts. A basic unit is only 15cms from the floor, around 60 to 70 cms wide and 40 deep. As you pay more, you get bigger, heavier machines. Models with safety bars / consoles on top, these machines are bigger.

Resistance Bands: A common addition to home vibration plate trainers are resistance bands. This is a category of fitness equipment which can be used alone. They are elasticated bands. As you shorten them, they are harder to stretch. Adding bands to your training unlocks some added exercises for your arms, shoulders, and chest. Some models come with more than one size of resistance band.

Remote Control: These machines are hard to use without a remote control. You’ll need to stop and adjust the intensity of the shaking too often to be comfortable. Remotes come in two main types. The best ones strap on to your wrists. This means no pockets needed, and no fumbling around to see where you left that remote. Most units have one, with the cheapest plates more likely to have the separate handheld.

Add Reflexology to Your Workout Routine

Reflexology: For some users, this is an unnecessary gimmick, for others a must-have. An example is the 4D Vibration Plate from Sportstech. This highly regarded German brand have added magnetic reflexology, along with 2 motors giving the regular resistance workouts. Reflexology won’t burn extra calories – though for some users, it will give a boost to their wellbeing.

Levels and Programmes: Some trainers have 50 levels, others 99 or even 120… these relate to the power of the engine, rather than the absolute power of each level. You should always start low, and work your way up, as this type of training is more intense than many people expect. Related to this are pre-set programmes, which take you through set workouts. I recommend reading the instruction manuals before you jump in.

Speakers with Bluetooth: There is nothing better to drown out the hum of your trainer than your favourite music playlist. You don’t need to pay too much to get a unit with Bluetooth and built-in speakers. For example, the Bluefin Pro has them either side of the console at the top. Bluetooth is great for music. At the time of writing, vibration trainers have not joined the group fitness app trend.

Ridged / Textured Surface: All trainers have a textured surface to some degree. If not, they would be hard to use – you’d slip off at just the wrong moment. The attention to detail, type of texture and comfort level of this varied significantly. Take a moment to zoom in on this detail before you buy, and you will see the difference.

Price Point: The spread from a basic / cheap trainer to an excellent one is smaller than with most other home fitness devices. You can get something functional for £100, with a really good trainer for £300. Pro / commercial gym level plates are more than £1k, though for 95% of home users, there is no need to spend this much.

Pulse Rate Meter: This feature only appears on upright vibration trainers with bars. There are areas you hold, that will detect your pulse rate and give you a readout on the display. If you want a floor-standing unit, you can always use an app on your phone or watch to check your heart rate.

Safety Features of Vibration Plates

Safety Handles / Bars: Upright vibration trainers have bars which come from the sides of the plate, which house a console on the top. You get to do all the same floor exercises, plus some more. Extras on this type of trainer include 360-degree swivelling plates. Having the console / controls and speakers on top is also a plus.

Adjustable Feet: This might sound like a minor factor, though you will find it is key to have a stable base for your trainer to stop any annoying wobbles. Rubber feet are a plus, if you can adjust them with a screw for uneven floors, then that is a plus.

A Detachable Seat: The Wonder Core Rock N Fit comes with a seat. This unlocks more exercises and gives this unit a unique appeal. You can also buy seats separately for some models. Note that you will need to hit YouTube for some videos covering how to use it.

Accessories and Extras with Your Vibration Plate Exerciser

A low cost item which really does help is a big (A1 sized) poster with many of the most popular vibration plate exercises on it. This is a cheap item (less than £10 at the time of writing), and will save you a lot of trouble starting and stopping while you get your routine perfected.

Take a look at the product page here:

You might also want to invest in a mat. There are various types, some of them are rubber mats which are specifically designed for home gym use. If you want a clever alternative, then try out this mat (which was designed for washing machines!). With many vibration plate workouts involving touching the floor while you shake different body parts, you might think about a wider matted area. In this case, you could try the Interlocking Mat from York Fitness instead.

For those seeking quick results, I’m sure that you could combine your vibration plate exercise routine with an ab toning belt. As a disclaimer I have not tried this combo – though in theory they would not interfere with each other too much. Check out my detailed guide to the Best Toning Belts here.

Quick Overview: Vibration Plate Exercises

exercises for vibration platesWhen you first see one of these machines, it is hard to imagine too many combinations of stances that would help you to tone up. You’ll find that many parts of your routine will involve having different combinations of limbs not on the shaking surface. Here is a fast overview of the key exercises:

Lower Body: The base exercise for the lower body involves standing with a slight bend in the knee. This is far from the only way to improve tone in your legs and buttocks. It has been recommended that squats, lunges and (for the more adventurous) single legged squats can all be effective.

Stretching Type Exercises: Many of the exercises involve part of you on the ground. This includes stretching, where some exercises have only your arms on the plates. The act of balancing against the power plate shakes activates muscles that even experienced athletes find beneficial.

Abs and Core Exercises: The instability of the shaking motion is great for your core and abs. This is the main area your body will naturally use to compensate for the instability that the shaker causes. Planking can be done on a vibration plate, with your toes on the floor and hands on the plate. There are many variations of this possible.

Remember, you should make sure that you get advice from a reputable source (ideally a qualified trainer, at least via a DVD or manual) before you start to do any type of exercise!

Do Vibration Plate Trainers Work?

Some people think that power plate type machines are just another fitness fad which will soon fade away. I can understand this point of view, though disagree with it.

Power Plate training has been around for a long time in professional athletics. You will now find these machines in most gyms, and the home market is booming too. It is the feedback from 100’s of different individuals of all different backgrounds which underlines the point the best.

Here is a selection of the sceptical to happy type comments from some of the different machines available at

‘… got rid of my double chin and flabby belly, also lifted my bottom…’ (Annie W about the Crazy Fit 3900W)

‘… helping rid my cellulite as well, so shocked how well this works…’ (Nikki about the ZAAP TX-5000

‘ … I feel every part of my body is more toned and I feel doing the plank on the machine has a great effect on my abdominal muscles…’ (L Powell about the Confidence Vibration Plate plus.)

One more here, these are not outlier comments, in fact many more people were delighted than not. I recommend you read through the comments at for whichever of the best vibration plate trainer options you choose –  this will give you a balanced view of what genuine buyers have said.

Summing Up – Best Vibration Plate Trainer

There is little doubt these machines are effective, and compared to other categories of home fitness equipment they have a lower price tag too. Your main choice is whether to go for one with handles or a simple (lower cost) floor standing model. Those handles will give you that element of safety, and allow you to do more standing exercises. Many parts of your routine will involve floor exercises, where only your arms or toes are on the shaking plate.

Budget from £70 to £200+ for these items.

If your experience is anything like that of the 100’s of people that have already left comments at, then you should see tone, weight loss and / or a reduction in cellulite within weeks.

Here is the table of my top picks in different price categories. Below that you will find links and summaries of all of the best vibration plate exercise machines listed here.

LifePro Vibration Plate

Best-Seller: LifePro Rumblex 4D Vibration Plates

Feedback for Rublex trainers is fantastic. You get a remote, 99 intensity levels and access to a range of quality training videos. This is a bigger unit and is super-stable - resistance bands too!

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Bluefin Fitness Pro

Solid Upright: Bluefin Pro

Upright workouts with a 360 degree swivel, heart rate monitors and built-in Bluetooth speakers. Check out the console, which has multiple concurrent displays. A great unit at a super-reasonable price point.

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Wonder Core Rock N Fit

The Unique WonderCore Rock N Fit

The attachment on top of this powerful vibration plate adds different exercises to the usual resistance training. This is a popular unit, much more than just the 'as seen on TV' gimmick!

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Mini Vibration Plate

Beginner Model: LIfePro Waver Mini

LifePro tech, at a budget price point. The mini is the perfect way to try out vibration plate exercises, without a big outlay. You get a small but powerful unit, and the LifePro lifetime guarantee.

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