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Food, Diet and Fitness

Your Guide to the Best Options for Food and Diets to Reach Your Fitness Goals

This section of Fitness Review contains articles and in-depth guides which cover the important topics of your food choice and dieting. You will not find claims of wonder-diets (or in fact any claims at all) on this page. The objective is to give practical and balanced information which will allow you to make better informed choices (along with a medical or nutritional professionals and your own research of course).

First of all below you will find the 3 scenarios which I find fitness fans look to change their diet. These are to lose weight, to gain weight (particularly lean muscle) or to simply improve health and maintain a balanced diet along with their fitness routine. There are articles covering all 3 of these categories on this page. After that I have covered the best way to improve your own diet, by using the power of habits instead of willpower. There are a few words on supplements as well as energy drinks at the bottom of this page.

Fitness and Food – The Three Goals

Goal 1: Losing Weight

If only life was as simple as burning more calories than you consume! While this is a fundamental, the types of food and balance of those types is even more important. There are hundreds of ways of looking at this which include not only the balance of foodstuffs – but when and how to consume them too.

The prevailing thought is that processed foods, too many carbs and foods filled with excess sugar are all to be avoided. This really is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to losing weight. For some interesting perspectives read this article on XXXXXXXXXXXXX and this one on YYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY.

Goal 2: Gaining Weight

While most of us fight to keep weight down, those who enjoy weight training are trying to do the opposite – and to gain weight. Not just any old weight, the objective here is to put on lean muscle. This involves consuming extra calories of course – a lot of extra calories. Again it is the type of food which is the important factor and not just the quantity of it.

Protein is the key ingredient, and many fitness fans drink this in the form of whey extract shakes or eat protein bars – in addition to natural sources like meat and egg whites. You can find out more on how to get started with a weight gain diet in this article.

Goal 3: Improving / Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle

For many of people, getting healthy is the main objective when it comes to looking into food and diet information. This can involve drastic diet changes (perhaps alongside weight loss), though more often is just about making informed choices and switching the unhealthy options for those which compliment your exercise routine. Whether that choice is to cut down on sugar, up your fruit and veg intake, avoid processed meats or simply to plan better to avoid those junk food moments you’ll find advice and guides right here at Fitness Review.

Fitness, Diets and Food – The Power of Habits

A theme throughout this site is that will-power is not alone enough to get most people to their fitness goals. This applies very much to food and drink choices.

I strongly suggest that you build good habits instead.

Once you start, even in a small way, on consuming a healthier diet (in whatever way works for you), then you will also start to think of yourself as someone who makes healthy lifestyle choices. This will enable to you add more good habits. It will enable you to kick out the junk and start eating a diet which is properly aligned with your goals.

Supplementing Your Diet

Vitamins, minerals and other supplements are increasingly popular. These have moved from a way to get more of the missing vitamins into your diet, they are increasingly used to boost the key ingredients needed to improve fitness performance. Of course, you should not take anything without consulting a medical professional. For an overview of the most common fitness supplements and links to more in-depth pieces around the web, see this article.