JLL S400 Motorised Folding Treadmill Review

Summary: Usually, the treadmills with premium features like shock absorbers and incline are the bigger, fixed models. The JLL S400 contains all the premium features, and also manages to fold away between use. As regular readers will know, I am reluctant to use the term ‘gym spec’ lightly – this home treadmill deserves that label. At the time of writing the S400 has as a huge discount at – bringing it from firmly top-end to a more moderate mid-price level, see the product page for the latest mega-discount and to read the reviews from current owners.

JLL S400 Premium motorised folding treadmill with digital motor technology, Two men...

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Detailed Review of the JLL S400 Motorised Folding Treadmill

Running on this cushioned treadmill feels comfortable and the shock absorption works great. Buyers have reported that even after many sessions the strain on their feet is reduced and / or barely noticeable. This is down to the 16 point shock-absorbing running surface. If you know the contrast between road running and those slightly cushioned tracks, then you will have an idea of the big benefits coming from this.

The automatic incline is one of the best features on offer. Many treadmills offer a few settings which need to be manually adjusted (you usually need to stop running to do this). The JLL S400 instead does this automatically while you run. With 20 incline settings to choose from, the possibilities for the computerised programs are expanded – you can run on ‘any terrain’ via the 20 incline settings.  This model starts at a nice gentle walking speed of 0.3km/h moving up to the maximum 16km/h. Although, the speed at 12km/h is more than enough for most of us.

The JLL S400 is very sturdy and can handle a lot of rigorous use from the most demanding users, it is well built and will last a long time. Once it is assembled, which is quite easy and takes 30 minutes, it wheels around easily.

Feedback on the JLL S400

Other than someone who comes across as being angry that he called out an engineer when there was nothing wrong and got charged for it – the feedback has been very positive. Most users report that this is very easy to put together (there are always one or two negatives on this), and that the machine was sturdy, reliable and fully spec’d. The average of the star ratings is above average, especially for comparable fitness equipment.

This is a gym-spec (or as close to it as you’ll get without spending thousands) treadmill, and has excellent user feedback – check out the giant sized discount for yourself on the product page now!

  • Higher end treadmill with BIG discount
  • Built in shock absorbers
  • Folds away between runs

  • Mid-range price big for some budgets

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