NordicTrack S27i Commercial Exercise Bike

Review of the NordicTrack S27i Bike

The NordicTrack S27i commercial home exercise bike has a giant touchscreen and a technology list that blows away their older models.

You can pivot the screen. This takes advantage of the floor exercises via the iFit app, a great addition to the scenic rides. S27i bikes look amazing, are fully adjustable and include incline, decline and sprinting options. Add the ‘under the hood’ tech like Silent Magnetic Resistance, Inertia enhanced flywheel and 2-sided SPD pedals, and you’ll see that this is easily the best NordicTrack home exercise bike yet.

Check out the iFit options and video of this bike in use now – over at the official NordicTrack UK website.


Detailed Review of the S27i Commercial Exercise Bike from NordicTrack

This is a big unit. It is 145cm long, 71cm wide and 165cm high (max). It weights a sturdy 98kg boxed. The S27i can be moved around by tiling the back and using small transport wheels on the front bar. It is made of premium steel, making it suitable for users up to 160kgs (that is more than 25 stone).

While the technology is impressive, the style is what made this model stand out for me. It has sharp angles, a cool 2-tone design and would look equally at home in a gym or your living room.

Both the handlebars and saddle are adjustable. The handlebars have new tech to make them easy to adjust – important when you see that the HD monitor is attached. With a wide base, you will have none of the wobble-issues that cheap ‘no brand’ home exercise bikes suffer from.

Incline and Decline Options

Resistance on the S27i commercial uses the patented ‘SMR’ system for top-end NordicTrack gear. In addition, you get the option for incline and decline. This mimics slopes and is ideal for those scenic runs you get via iFit. Your trainer will be able to automatically adjust the 20% incline and 10% decline – plus the speed – during training programmes.

Pedals are worth a mention too. They are double sided; you pick from grips or toe-straps.

Technology on the S27i

S27i Commercial Exercise Bikes Have Impressive Technology

I have covered the iFit training app below, first the other technology.

The HD screen is huge. At 27 inches this is like a computer monitor or small TV. You control your bike using the one touch system and see your stats in real time. For those that don’t want to train on iFit, this is perfect for entertainment while you pedal.

Add to this the 30w integrated sound system. For me, the bike is as quiet as they come – though just in case you want to pump up the music while you peddle, this sound system goes way beyond what you get on other bikes.

Bluetooth for headphones, Wi-Fi and Google Maps integration all help. You also get an ‘AutoBreeze’ fan, plus bottle holders, padded saddle, and that Silent Magnetic Resistance.

iFit Trial Membership with the S27i

iFit is hugely popular. This training app has multiple components:

  • Trainer led workouts where the trainer controls your resistance and incline
  • Scenic rides, and a vast library of recorded sessions
  • Stats tracking, for individual rides and over time
  • Social functions, you can compete with your friends, or make new ones

You get an initial 28-day free trial, which you need to register for. After that it is up to you whether to subscribe. If the feedback of iFit users is anything to go by, this will be the perfect addition to your newfound fitness routines.

iFit Trial with the S27i Bike


Feedback: What Buyers of the S27i Commercial Home Exercise Bike Said?

This is a new model, so we are now waiting for the feedback to come in. Those that have used it with iFit are already posting top-rated feedback. Add the technology, and hugely positive reviews of the other bikes in the ‘Commercial’ range from NordicTrack, long warranty, and big brand service – and there are zero worries for me here.

Wrapping Up: Is the S27i from NordicTrack Any Good?

Just when you thought that home exercise bikes had ‘maxed out’ on the technology, NordicTrack proves everyone wrong.

The S27i is a stunning addition to an already popular range. This bike has it all. A massive 27-inch HD screen, iFit integration, incline / decline, Silent Magnetic Resistance and Bluetooth / Wi-Fi included.

For anyone that loves biking, this is an investment that will last you for years.

NordicTrack now offer affordable Pay Monthly options.

See the S27i bike in action, and check the latest price now, over on this dedicated S27i page on the official NordicTrack UK website!


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