Proform Sport E2.0 Elliptical Trainer

Proform Sport E2.0 Elliptical Trainer

The Sport E2.0 Elliptical from Proform gives you a brand name cross trainer, without the hefty price tag.

Better still, this model is compatible with iFit. You get group training, videos with top instructors and can train using Google Maps for scenery and variation. The Sport E2.0 is no slouch when it comes to the build quality either. It has 12 resistance levels, 6kg of effective inertia and wide pedals for a comfortable (and safe) workout.

It is compatible with tablets and phones – the one shown in the pictures is added, not part of the build.

You get a lot of elliptical without the price tag with the Proform Sport E2.0 cross trainer. Check the close-ups in the impressive picture gallery, and the latest price, over on this dedicated page at Proform’s official UK Store.

Detailed Review of the Sport E2.0 Elliptical Trainer from Proform Fitness

This is a rear flywheel model, and the looks are distinctively Proform.

It is notably heavier than the ‘no name’ trash that proliferates these days. At 46kgs, you have a sturdy base to work out in safety. It can be moved around, with small wheels at the front letting you tip it up and wheel it into place.

The black, silver, and red trim looks smart, though the key for me is the functional design. Wide pedals, curved poles and even a handy bottle holder all combine to make the Sport E2.0 a practical pick.

Digital Resistance with SMR Technology

SMR stands for ‘Silent Magnetic Resistance.’

This is used by Proform on everything from the budget Sport E2.0 cross trainer to their high-end commercial units. The digital part means you adjust the resistance via the console. There is no need to stop your workout to adjust via a knob. The silent part is key. Quality build and SMR combine to keep your elliptical quiet and the resistance smooth and predictable.

6kg of effective resistance is plenty enough for home users.

This model has a 115kg recommended weight for users. That is 18-odd stone.

Console View E2.0 Elliptical

iFit Compatibility of the Proform Sport E2.0 Elliptical Trainer

You get a full month of iFit for the family (multi-user) with the Sport E2.0.

This is a hugely popular subscription service with live training, video libraries, stats tracking, social functions and Google maps-based scenery for your workouts. After your trial, you will know whether iFit is right for you and whether to continue.

Note that you need your own tablet or phone, along with the iFit app, to use this. Higher priced ellipticals from Proform including the HIIT i6 and E420, have HD screens. You get the best of all worlds with the Sport E2.0 – iFit, without the big price tag those HD screens come with.

This elliptical works perfectly with the colour contrast console, you can also use other training apps (again via your own phone / iPad).

Small Extras Make a Big Difference to the Sport E2.0

IFit and the high-contrast console get the headlines, though it is the small extras which make the Sport E2.0 stand out from other budget models.

There are built in speakers, which you can plug your iPod or phone into. Enjoy music or listen to podcast while you burn those calories. You also get a built-in water bottle holder, wheels to move your unit around, a tablet / phone holder and bigger than average pedals for extra comfort.

Feedback: What Did Owners of the Sport E2.0 from Proform Say?

This is a new model, so I’ll cover the general feedback from Proform ellipticals while the specifics come in.

Overall, Proform is a respected brand, and the build quality gets specific praise. This might not be the glowing praise of Peloton or NordicTrack fitness equipment – though it is rarely less than ‘solid.’

iFit is hugely popular. Once people use it and see the difference it makes to their motivation, it is hard to go back to self-guided sessions. Within this app, people have their favourite parts to rave about. This is often the group training sessions, through huge library covering all fitness levels is a close second.

Wrapping Up: Is the Proform Sport E2.0 Elliptical Cross Trainer Any Good?

This model works perfectly for anyone that wants a trusted brand-name elliptical, without paying big money for a commercial model.

You get a big, safe, and stylish machine with SMR, 12 resistance levels and wide pedals.

When you add the colour contrast monitor and tablet / phone shelf and app compatibility, there is simply no excuse not to start burning those calories right away.


Check out the full (impressive) picture gallery, along with the latest price – on this E2.0 Elliptical page at Proform’s official UK Store.


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