Proform Vue Fitness Mirror Review

Proform Vue Fitness Mirror Review

Summary: The Proform Vue Fitness Mirror gives the personal trainer at home a high-tech makeover. While screens on bikes and treadmills give you video of trainer-led sessions – the Vue is a full-length mirror. The integrated 22-inch smart HD display lets you follow strength, cardio, yoga and HIIT workouts in real time.  It ensures your form is just right too.

Vue Fitness Mirrors work with iFit. This includes thousands of trainer-led workouts. There are live and recorded sessions, scenery for your workouts and advanced stat tracking. It is not all tech; you get a storage rack behind the mirror that includes quality weights too.

When you see the Vue in action, it is hard not to be impressed by how far technology has come. See the dedicated Vue Mirror page now – on this dedicated page at the official Proform UK website.

Detailed Review of the Proform Vue Fitness Mirror

Proform Vue Fitness Mirrors are both innovative and attention-grabbing. The full-length mirror includes options covering strength training, HIIT and cardio. The mirror has a width of 24 inches and stands six feet tall, with a total depth of 14 inches. It opens into a cabinet, which is perfect for storing the weights.

Built into the glass is the touchscreen display, where those all-important workouts appear. Overall, the mirror has a pivoting reflective surface of 2 feet by 5 feet.

You get have a 2-year frame warranty and 1-year warranty on all parts and labour.

How the Proform Vue Fitness Mirror Works

The Vue is essentially a full-length mirror, with a built-in touch screen on the upper portion. The HD touch screen portion is also reflective.

As you work out, you not only see the trainer giving instruction, but you also get to watch yourself. This means you will check your stance and see how accurately you are keeping pace with the instructor. At the end of a session, the high-definition touch screen simply turns off, leaving you the clean reflective surface along the whole length of the mirror. The mirror pivots on its strong base, allowing you to position it anywhere and at any angle.

Yoga on the Proform Vue

Free Trial of iFit Included

You get a free 30-day trial of iFit (family membership) along with the Vue.

This gives you reflective training sessions with the pro trainers, as well as stream on-demand studio sessions at any time of day.

iFit membership will track your fitness sessions, allowing to keep a close on your progress. The tracking can also guide you in which step to take next in your fitness journey. The family membership includes yourself and up to four other users.

Mark’s Note: While subscribing to iFit is optional, the benefits of the Vue Mirror require it. If you do not intend to subscribe, then this is not the right machine for you.

Accessories with the Proform Vue Fitness Mirror

Back Rack on the Proform VueAlongside the touch-screen mirror, you will receive the following:

  • 10lb Barbell
  • A pair of 5lb Dumbbell Bars
  • Four 2.5lb Weight Plates

All the equipment can be stored on the back of the mirror, with the barbell, bars and plates hooking onto the back, ensuring they are out of sight.

Sound Options on the Vue

There are two ways in which you can access sound through the Vue mirror. At the base there are two 3-inch speakers. They allow you to listen to your trainer as you work out. You might want to keep the audio to yourself. This is easy to set up – the Proform Vue pairs with Bluetooth compatible headphones.

Feedback: What Users of the Proform Vue Fitness Mirror Said?

Reviews of the Proform Vue mirror are widely positive. One reviewer got to have a demo session with the mirror and was impressed at how they could check out their form throughout their yoga session. Another stated that they love the workouts and how good it was seeing the ‘beautiful me’ in the mirror (Mark’s Note: I’m not beautiful, and it is still good to see you are working out correctly!). It’s ‘just like a normal mirror’ when not in use and with it there’s now no excuse not to do a workout. The space saving aspect of the mirror was also noted as a positive.

iFit gets accolades for its training on treadmills, rowing machines, bikes and ellipticals – as well as for the Fitness Mirrors. The combination of live and recorded sessions, beautiful scenery and advanced stats tracking is a winner.

Is the Proform Vue Fitness Mirror Right for You?

This forward-thinking piece of home gym equipment is perfect for those who want to follow along with a fitness trainer.

The Vue mirror allows the user to perfectly replicate the form of the trainer, with both you and the trainer in view. There are countless different workouts to enjoy. Slick and stylish, the Proform Vue is amazing technology – with the flexibility to cover multiple types of workouts.

Check out the super-impressive gallery, technology, and latest pricing now over on the official Proform Vue Fitness Mirror page.


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