Exercise Bike Black Friday Deals

Don’t Wait for the New Year Rush: The Best Home Exercise Bike Deals Happen on Black Friday

Every year, new people make an old mistake.

They buy exercise bikes when they are at their most expensive – around Christmas and (especially) in the New Year.

Let me give you it straight, you won’t get a better deal than those released on Black Friday each November. You don’t need to wait for the actual day, as the fitness brands now make a ‘season’ of it.

There are excellent Black Friday deals on exercise bikes this year. Examples from NordicTrack, ProForm and UltraSport have savings of up to 45%. You can even lock in the best price now – and spread the cost using 0% finance. Do remember to check the terms before you buy!

This page has the home exercise bike deals for Black Friday / Cyber Monday which stand out from the rest. They cover upright bikes, studio bikes and recumbents.

First below are the highlights, after that you’ll find details of each offer – plus some specialist models.

My Picks: Three Black Friday Exercise Bike Deals Not to Miss

Details on these Black Friday Home Bike Deals:

A Commercial Bike with £800 Off: The Amazing S22i Studio Cycle

Studio S22i Bike Review NordicTrackThis type of bike is familiar to anyone that enjoys group cycling classes. The huge 22-inch monitor catches your eye right away. This lets you access iFit (free trial included) and take part in live or recorded classes.

It is the technology under the hood which makes this NordicTrack model stand out.

You get incline and decline, quiet drive technology, 24 digital resistance levels, Bluetooth audio, speakers, and an inertia-enhanced flywheel.

This bike is a serious bargain at £1,599 – that is £800 cheaper with the Black Friday deal.

For that, you get a commercial quality exercise bike that will last for years.

Check out the stunning gallery and details of how to pay monthly with 0% interest now, over on this dedicated S22i exercise bike product page.

ProForm C10R Black Friday: An Amazing Recumbent for Less than a Grand

Proform C10r RecumbentRecumbent home exercise bikes don’t get better spec’d than the C10R from ProForm.

This type has a big seat, so you can sit back while you peddle. Their popularity has grown from the original older users to anyone that wants to burn calories without the discomfort of an upright. The C10R is fully adjustable – and powerful too.

At £899 (at the time of writing), this recumbent bike is a steal. You get a built-in 10-inch monitor, which is perfect for the free iFit trial. The C10R works with Bluetooth headphones, or you can use the 2” speakers. The seat is big, padded, and comfortable and the CoolAire fan keeps you cool while you peddle.

Add 25 resistance levels using the patented SMR (Silent Magnetic Resistance) and an inertia-enhanced flywheel.

With £300 off for Black Friday (pay at once or in instalments), the ProForm C10R is a bargain – check out the gallery and see how iFit works now, on this Recumbent C10R bike page at www.proformfitness.co.uk



A NordicTrack Upright for Under £500 (Bound to Sell Out)

GX 4.5 Pro UprightThe GX4.5 Pro from NordicTrack has a classic upright design.

It also has a lot of the technology you’ll find on the far more expensive NordicTrack home exercise bikes. No HD screen this time. The GX 4.5 Pro bike has a regular backlit display with push-button controls. You can still use it with apps, via your own phone or tablet.

GX 4.5 exercise bikes have a solid base and are surprisingly quiet (SMR technology again). You get 9KGs effective inertia (plenty enough for causal use) and 25 digital resistance levels. Add speakers, a comfy cushioned seat and horizonal / vertical adjustment for all shapes and sizes, and this is a bike that will last you for years.

See the latest price and Black Friday discount for yourself now, over on this dedicated product page at nordictrack.co.uk


More Black Friday Exercise Bike Deals Worthy of a Mention

£900 Off the ProForm Studio Bike Pro 22

Deal on the ProForm Studio 22Black Friday exercise bike deals don’t often get this good. This model is a studio bike with tech that puts Peloton to shame! The 22-inch touchscreen pivots, so you can use it for floor exercise videos as well as sprints on the bike. You get iFit for a year included in the price (that’s worth a chunk of change!).

What caught my eye with the Studio Bike Pro 22 is the adjustable setup. The seat moves horizontally and vertically, and the handlebars have 5 positions. You can even swap the seat / pedals.

Combine the tech, silent magnetic resistance and Black Friday discount, and this offer is too good to let go.

Check out the stylish design and iFit details now, on this page at www.proformfitness.co.uk



Under Desk Mini Bike – UltraSport

Ultrasport under desk mini bike reviewNo Black Friday deal yet for the UltraSport mini bike. I had this listed last year – and hope to see a discount soon.

That said, this is the sub-category best seller for a good reason. UltraSport is the brand behind the infamous f-bikes. They set the standard for simple, cheap fold away bikes. This mini-exerciser bike sits under your desk or by the sofa. It lets you peddle while working or watching TV – improving circulation and burning some extra calories.

I’ll keep a close eye, though seriously – this is a bargain at the full price.

Check out the 1000’s of positive reviews and see the unit in action on this dedicated UltraSport Mini Bike page at their official store at amazon.co.uk

Wrapping Up: Best Black Friday Deals on Home Exercise Bikes

Every year, new people fall into the same old trap.

They ‘save’ money buying no-name exercise bikes. You’ll spot them easily; they have weird collections of capital letters as the ‘brand name.’ Many have great reviews (usually fake) and disappear as soon as the real quality disasters become known… only to be replaced with a new brand with the same spec and pictures.

I’m sure you get it by now.

Stick with quality brands, with real warranties, real reputations, and real after-sales service.

If you can’t stretch to NordicTrack or ProForm, then JLL bikes are a good bet.

I think of spending that little bit more as an investment. Get a good bike, and it will last for years, and will still challenge you as your fitness improves.

My pick this Black Friday is the stunning S22i Studio from NordicTrack – check it out now at www.nordictrack.co.uk – you’ll be impressed.


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