Beurer EM 35 Electronic Stimulation Unit (EMS) Review

Abs Belt Beurer EM35

Summary: Abdominal Training Belts provide the ultimate in straightforward workouts. Simply place it around your waist and your muscles get to work. Ideal for use in the home, this Beurer belt has five programmes and forty intensity levels, ensuring that in a matter of weeks, those Abs will be stronger and more toned. Solid feedback for this item, check the product page for more info.

Detailed Review of the Beurer EM35 Belt

The Beurer EM 35 Electronic Stimulation Unit is an abdominal training belt which uses Electronic Muscle Stimulation (EMS) to activate natural muscle movement, therefore making your abs stronger and more toned.  The mid to low cost belt has five training programs and forty different levels on intensity, ensuring that users can customise the belt so for both optimal workouts and comfort levels.

The belt has an LCD display with four control buttons and clear symbols, ensuring ease of use.  The belt comes with a Velcro strap which is designed for all users with a waist circumference of between 75 and 140 cm. Each of the programmes on the belt last for between 22 and 31 minutes and you’ll be able to monitor the countdown timer throughout the ‘workout’.

In comparison to other toning belts, the Beurer EM 35 offers good value for money. One of the best aspects to the belt is that there is no additional cost in buying pads or gel, simply wet the existing pads and you’re ready to go – the only extra outlay being the batteries occasionally. The item has a nice design too, black and grey in colour with an orange lining, while the LCD display is a sleek silver.

What Current Owners of the EM35 Said?

Take one look at the reviews of the item and you’ll see that the majority of users have been highly satisfied, more than half actually awarding the maximum five stars. Words such as ‘Amazing’, ‘great’, ‘best yet’ and ‘recommended’ appear regularly in the reviews and many users stating that it works very well alongside exercise. A small number of users have experienced pain when using the item, stressing the need to read the instructions and therefore wet the pads first.

The Beurer EM 35 is the perfect piece of home fitness equipment. With programmes that last around half an hour, it’s perfect for use when watching the TV, or doing jobs around the home, or even if out walking. The Velcro design ensures comfort while the levels and the programmes ensure you can use it how YOU want to.

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