Can an App Extend Your Lifespan?

Longevity App

The Humanity App Tracks Behaviour Associated with Longevity

You don’t need a longevity app to tell you that the average lifespan has been increasing for 100’s of years. While a big factor is reduced child mortality, improved healthcare, better diets, and lifestyle choices mean there are more people reaching 100 than ever.

It is not only years lived that are important – how many of them are active and healthy is key. A new app from a company called ‘Humanity’ tracks the lifestyle factors involved in living a long and healthy life.

The question is, can it work?

What the Humanity Longevity App Tracks?

Longevity Tracking AppLiving a long and healthy life involves exercise, food, and sleep. It also involves keeping a sharp mind. Within each category, there are multiple factors. For example, it is not just what you eat that can slow the effects of aging. When you eat, how often you fast and the balance of nutrients, protein and carbs make a big difference.

Humanity track how long and restfully you are sleeping, how active you are (in general and during HIIT / home workouts) and how mindful you are too.

This information is then used to give you an overall score.

The ‘H’ Score

By tracking the key factors of aging, Humanity are able to benchmark your results. You get a ‘H’ score. This shows whether your lifestyle is slowing aging or speeding it up. You can track not only how you score against the population in general – your own improvement is also scored. For example, if you discover through the app that you are slacking in one or more key factors, those can become your focus.

Compatibility with Popular Fitness Trackers

Humanity used Apple devices for their beta. An Android version of their app is scheduled for release. In addition to iPhones, the app will synch with popular tracking brands. The list includes Fitbit, Oura rings, MI Fit 5, Apple watches and more.

Join the Waiting List

You can get the app now, though you’ll need permission. Access is gated, while the app is tested and perfected. A recent funding round means that development is ongoing – with an Android version coming very soon.

To join the waiting list, head to – the request access button is on the top right.

Longevity, Fitness and Lifestyle: My Thoughts

Longevity research is has ballooned in recent years. The work of the SENS Foundation, Dr David Sinclair and many others is unravelling the complex relationship between aging, disease, and death.

I can’t wait to get the Humanity app on my Android phone. This is just one more step to educate people that how long their healthy lifespan lasts is directly under their control. Of course, there are chance factors. What you can do with the right combination of sleep, healthy eating and exercise is give yourself a far better shot at a long and active life.

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