Capital Sports Flow M Water Rowing Machine Review

Capital Sports Flow M Rowing Machine Review

Summary: The Flow M Rowing Machine from Capital Sports fills a gap in the market. This is a water rower, at a price point only just above a cable-style unit. It has a unique design. Instead of the front, the water tank (which holds 13 litres) is underneath the rail. This allows for a striking design – which does include a tablet holder for entertainment while you row. You get a pump and lubricant with the machine. Chest-strap heart rate monitors can be plugged into the console. You will need to purchase one separately as it is not included.

Capital Sports have a solid reputation for their wide range of products – which range from steppers to weight vests. You can check out the brand and see the impressive close-up pictures of the Flow M rower, over on this dedicated product page – check it out now!

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The CAPITAL SPORTS Flow M1 water rowing machine is the new compact version of our already proven watercraft, uniting high-quality design and craftsmanship with an incredibly natural rowing experience. (more…)

Detailed Review of the Flow M Rowing Machine from Capital Sports

Water resistance rowing machines can be expensive. Capital Sports Flow M keeps the price reasonable, though comes with a great spec.

Putting the water tank under the rail allows for a more compact design than the usual ‘plank’ style wooden rowers. This unit is 156cms long, 51.5cms wide and 95cms tall (measured at the top of the console). If you look at the last picture on the product page, you will see that it stands up, great for storage, though for me, not the kind of manoeuvre you would pull between every session!

There are wheels at the back, allowing you to move your rower around by lifting the front.

The frame is made of steel. This not only keeps things sturdy, but it also allows for a big 150kgs (more than 23 stone) maximum user weight.

13 Litre Water Tank

Water rowers produce natural resistance, complete with water sounds. With this type of rowing machine, the resistance depends on how much you fill the tank. There are 8 levels marked. The more water you put in, the more resistance you get (the harder each stroke becomes).

There are pros and cons. On the plus side, the resistance will never let you down or get ‘soft’ due to wear and tear – a common complaint for rowers with elastic band resistance. The con is that you need to add or remove water to change the resistance. If you are sharing your rower with others with different fitness levels, this could become a problem.

Once you have used a water rower, it is hard to go back to magnetic or elastic resistance.

Capital Sports Flow M Water Rowing Machine: Console Options

Console Flow M RowerYou get a complex LCD display with this machine. It sits at the top of the front area, perfect to watch while you row. All the regular numbers are displayed, including an estimate of the calories burned per session. There is also the capacity to add a chest-strap heart-rate monitor readout to this console. Note that you need to buy one separately, as it is not included with your rowing machine.

A tablet holder is part of the design – this can be used for entertainment while you row. No Bluetooth connection with the machine in this instance.

Feedback: What Buyers Said About the Flow M Rowing Machines?

One buyer found a faulty seat, which did not have correctly drilled holes. While this is a concern, the overall feedback for the unit is positive. This does tie in with Capital Sports other products – which have solid (though not glowing) feedback and comments from the UK and Europe.

Specifics positives on the Flow M included the ease of adding water and the general ease of assembly. Adding water purification tablets to the shipment was noted as a way to improve the overall experience.

Wrapping Up: Is the Capital Sports Flow M Water Rower Right for You?

This machine would be perfect for anyone looking for a water-resistance rowing machine that does not want to budget £1000+ for the major brand models. It also works if you are constrained by space, with a smaller footprint than most water rowing machines.

Capital Sports are known for their sturdy kit, which includes a lot of weighted vests and cardio machines. With the Flow M, they have created a unique design – which is bound to appeal to anyone that wants a water rower than does not follow the crowd.

Check out the full picture gallery and read the latest feedback from owners for yourself now, over on this dedicated product page.

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