Cheap Fitbit Clone from Teminice

Fitbit Clone Review

Summary: This fitness tracker makes no effort to hide their ‘influence’. This is as obvious a Fitbit clone as you will find. With 10,000+ customer reviews (hugely positive) this is a super-popular tracker. It does all the key measurements, with distance, speed, calories, and pulse all measured. If it is on your wrist while you are exercising… well, nobody will know it is a Fitbit clone.

The real plus is that you can connect it to an app on your phone. This takes advantage of the GPS. All of a sudden you will wonder why anyone needs to spend £100’s to get a wristband fitness tracker with its own functionality when your phone does it anyway…

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Detailed Review of the Teminice 2020 Cheap Fitbit Clone Tracker

You get a black wristband, made of pliable plastic with plenty of flexibility for different sized wrists. There are diagonal lines on the strap, which is soft enough to not be noticed while you are wearing it. The screen is LCD, this is bright and sharp – better than you would expect for the cheap (compared to Fitbit / other brands) price point.

Dimensions are 24cm x 2cm x 1.2cm, with the tracker weighing in at 100 grams. You get a choice of colours. Black is the most popular, with muted red, blue, purple, light green, and orange also available. They are advertised as unisex, waterproof, and sweat proof.

Batteries are lithium polymer, they are included. You will get a USB cable for charging, along with a user manual.

What Gets Tracked?

This activity tracker links with a dedicated to a phone app – those functions are covered below. It tracks important data covering both activity and sleep without that connection.

All-day activity tracking includes steps, distance, time active, speed, heart rate, and calories burned. Exactly the type of functions you will get from a separate pedometer.

On top of this you get sleep tracking – this does require you to wear the device in bed.

Fitbit Alternative with app synchSynching Your Fitbit Clone Tracker with a Smartphone App

Two major benefits come from connecting this device to your phone. The first is that you get alerts on your wrist. These include incoming call alerts, calendar reminders, SMS messages, social media alerts. The body of the tracker will vibrate, letting you know there is a message to check. You then decide whether it is worth getting you phone out!

The second part is that connecting with the GPS on your phone gives you extra data. This can then be filtered through the sport / activity you are engaged in – for tracking and extra insights on your performance. You can then track how well you are improving over time.

There are 14 sports modes on the connected app. These are walking, running, spinning & (separately) cycling, dancing, climbing, hikes, treadmill, workout (cardio), tennis, yoga, basketball, football, and badminton.

Feedback: Were Owners of this Cheap Fitbit Clone Happy?

With 10k+ comments left, there is a lot of feedback for this tracker. Surprisingly (considering the price) it is all positive. The theme which runs through comment after comment is that nobody who has one understands the point of spending 5x the price (or more) on a branded alternative…

As well as the great value, many people mentioned how easy to use this device is. Once the app was installed, the instructions to connect and switch between the functions were super-easy to follow.

Minus Side?

On the minus side, straps breaking seemed to be the main gripe. Fortunately, this was a small minority of devices. It seems like people were outraged that they needed to send the device back for a refund (surely a fairy could have replaced it!!).

My usual disclaimer, it is always worth checking out the latest feedback. This can and does change, and just because this is the most popular Fitbit knock-off today, does not mean it will still be popular tomorrow.

Wrapping Up: Get a Genuine Fitbit, or Go Down the Chinese Knock-Off Route?

This fitness tracker does everything you would expect from a branded alternative at a fraction of the price. The killer feature is the app connection. This uses your phone’s GPS and alerts system, which means that it does not need to be separately built in to the app.

Track your activity, set alerts for when you stop moving too long, make sure your sleep is good quality and see your heart rate and steps.

When you connect with the app for the 14 activity modules, you open up the kind of functionality that a lot of people (over) pay good money for with Fitbit and other higher end devices.

The feedback from buyers is overwhelmingly positive.

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