Confidence GTR Power Pro Treadmill Review

Folding Treadmill GTR Power Pro

Summary: If the GTR Power Pro treadmill from Confidence fitness keeps the 50% discount in place at the time I’m writing this – it will get promoted to the number #1 recommendation on the site. This is a lightweight, solid and very professional treadmill – for the spec you would be getting a very good deal at the original price… the discount brings it down to the level of machines which would look a little like toys next to the GTR! User feedback has been good, and the 12km / hour top speed should be plenty enough for the majority of home running needs. Check out the amazon product page to see if that discount is still available and check the user feedback for yourself!


Detailed Review of the Confidence Fitness GTR Power Pro Motorized Treadmill

The GTR Power Pro is a light and compact treadmill with a generous running surface space. At 27kg this is almost half of the weight of many similar machines. It comes with a 3 level adjustable incline (really good once you crack the regular runs, as these add some variety and can test your stamina). The GTR also folds away, which is a must-have for many home runners. This machine will work smoothly at walking speeds and has a top speed of 12 km / hour – unless you are an athlete or have particularly long legs, this should be plenty fast enough. An emergency stop clip system is included.

A multi-functional LED display is included. This includes a heart rate monitor (Confidence suggest you slow down to walking pace before using this). There are 12 preset programs to choose from and the display will cycle between distance, calories burned and speed – or simply display them all at once.

User Feedback on the Confidence GTR Power Pro

This machine has a lot of feedback, approaching 500 comments at the time of writing. This means 1000’s have been sold already. The average rating was 4 stars, which seemed positive – though obviously some users were not completely satisfied. Looking into it, some users had to send the treadmill back due to faults, though the vast majority gave it 5 stars. There was one reader who gave it 2 stars as he had not used it, and another complaining that it was expensive for a clothes hanger too!

The most common theme in the feedback was that this was a great piece of equipment for the price. There were very few comments on the assembly side, with 20 to 30 minutes mentioned.

In summary for this treadmill, the value here is really in the discount. If you are split between going for a mid-range treadmill or a budget-level one – then the Confidence Fitness GTR Power Pro could be the solution – as long as the big discount remains in place. Check out that feedback (and hopefully the discount) for yourself now over on the Amazon product page.

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