DTX Fitness Adjustable Weight Bench Review

DTX Adjustable Weight Training Bench

Summary: This home weight bench has a lot of extras. For a start you’ll get a leg press, then an integrated rack – and you can add preacher curls to this list. You can use up to 100kg barbell weights with this bench. These can be ordered separately. This is a versatile bench for the price, and has excellent feedback from previous buyers. Check out the gallery, which includes close-ups of the different options on the dedicated amazon.co.uk product page.

DTX Adjustable Weight Bench With Barbell Rack Leg Extension & Arm Preacher Curl
DTX Fitness All-in-one Weights Bench
Bench press, butterfly, leg raise & preacher curl exercises
Thick upgraded bench padding…. more

Detailed Review of the DTX Fitness All-In-One Dumbbell / Barbell Weight Bench

This bench certainly looks the part, with matt black finish and solid overall look. For me this is a bit of  a hybrid, more than just a weight bench – though not quite a multi-gym. You can lay flat, or adjust upwards, though not to a completely upright (90 degree) angle. With butterfly capabilities, an integrated leg press and preacher curl component, you get a lot of options for a sub £100 price point (at the time of writing).

Some assembly is needed, though according to the feedback this is not too difficult. You will need a set space for this bench, as it does not fold. If you do not already have them I recommend ordering with weights / and a bar – having this ordered all at once can save a lot of trouble (and carrying the weights!).

User Feedback

I like to look for patterns in both the positive and negative feedback for all fitness equipment reviews here. The one word which came up again and again for the DTX adjustable bench is ‘Sturdy’. There were the usual grumbles about assembly, with some people posting helpful feedback on avoiding issues with this. On the whole most people found this easy (every piece of equipment needing assembly has some grumbles!). People did point out that this bench does not fold. If you are short on space then I recommend checking out the popular Gorilla Sports Folding Weight Bench instead.

Some commenters mention that 6-foot users have no problems with this bench. If you are above this height it could start to become a little cramped.

Overview – The DTX Adjustable Home Weight Bench

Choosing the DTX adjustable is all about the extras. If you want a simple bench with a barbell rack then there are many other options out there (see my article on the best weight benches for more). With butterflies, leg presses and preacher curls included – you get a lot of different options for your money with this bench. Feedback is excellent for this type of product, putting aside the occasional grumble about assembly, the general consensus is that the DTX adjustable weight bench is a sturdy product and great value for money.

Check out the gallery showing the different options in a lot more detail, and the feedback / comments from previous buyers on the dedicated amazon.co.uk product page.

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