Best Dumbbell Racks

Dumbbell Racks Ultimate Guide

The Best Dumbbell Racks for Home and Commercial Use

Dumbbells have a knack of spreading… if you are anything like me, the first step in any workout is finding the right ones!

This guide covers the different types of dumbbell rack in a lot of depth. You’ll find sets (which include both the weights and the racks), stand-alone racks and different options for commercial and home use.

Here is how things are organised:

  • Home dumbbell racks: Solutions for your home gym setup
  • Racks with weights included: Small sets and large
  • Commercial dumbbell racks: Solutions for commercial gyms and shared spaces

Types of Dumbbell Rack

The Key Question: What Dumbbells can be Racked Up?

Let’s start with your current setup. It is common to accumulate dumbbells over time. You might have some adjustable, some hexagonal, and some specialist types (lighter ones for aerobics, and so on).

You can find racks which will work for a lot of shapes and sizes. I also think there is some benefit in starting fresh. You’ll find some great value rack solutions which have tiered weights, all of the same kind. If you make a smart choice – those dumbbells will be serving you for 10 years to come. That is worth a small investment alone, before you even get to the fact they can be tidied away!

Main Types of Dumbbell Rack

There are two broad types. These are triangular (or pyramid) shapes, where your heavier weights sit at the bottom – and flat types which can be tiered, where you store your weights against a wall. My preference for home use is the pyramid style.

I have covered examples below. These are the best-sellers and popular choices. First, you’ll find home racks without weights, then sets, followed by the bigger commercial gym racking solutions.

Weight Racks for Home Use (without the dumbbells!)

I have covered a pyramid and flat option below, along with a simple plastic one which would suit you if you have lighter weights.

Top-Rated Home Use Pyramid Dumbbell Rack – DKN Unisex 6

DKN Weights RackThis pyramid unit can hold 12 weights (it is designed for 6 pairs). It has a sturdy metal frame and comes with rubber feet for added stability. There are also nylon guards which cover the groves that you store your weights in.

The sturdy construction means it will hold heavier dumbbells. One buyer reported 2 of each of 20kg, 16kg, 12kg and 10kg – and still thought the unit could take more! Another was using it for a max 30kgs.

You can store both rubber (hex) and chrome (bar) style weights on this rack.

Buyers reported it was easy to put together, and the word ‘sturdy’ came up several times. At the time of writing this unit has the maximum 5-star rating (though as always, do check the comments from previous buyers for yourself to get a clear picture).

For versatility and value for home gym setups, I feel this one is hard to beat!

Check this dedicated product page at now for the pics and latest deal.

Popular Tiered Dumbbell Rack for Home Use: Mirafit 2-Tier 150kg Rack

2 Tier Dumbbell RackingI like the angled setup of the Mirafit rack, which works to keep access easy. A point which you might miss is the large space below the bottom shelf – great for some additional storage to keep your setup tidy.

The metal construction means that you’ll be able to store up to 150kgs of weights on this one. It fits all sizes of dumbbell, with the minimum 11cm handle easily cleared by all but the tiniest weights. Several buyers reported using this for hex dumbbells. Larger adjustable weights are fine too – though one buyer reported that their 35kg York weights were a difficult fit.

This rack can also be used to store your kettlebells.

Two words stand out from the buyer feedback. One which I am always happy to see is ‘quality’, which came up several times. Sturdy is also used a lot, and several buyers reported that this one is easy to put together.

An ideal unit if you have a mix of hex, chrome and kettlebells to store!

Check out this dedicated product page, where you’ll find that detailed feedback and close-up pics.


Cheap Home Dumbbell Rack for Lighter Weights

If you are looking for a cheap solution and have lighter weights – then the Hardcastle Small dumbbell rack might work for you.

This is plastic and has 3 tiers. I recommend it for max 10kg weights. This really is a bargain for those seeking a quick and easy solution, though not recommended for anything too heavy.

Check out this dedicated product page for the details.


Sets of Dumbbells with Rack

Dumbbell Racks with Weights Included

If you are in the process of getting your home gym sorted, then you can solve any issues with dumbbells all in one go. A rack + set will usually be a lot cheaper than buying them separately. As a bonus – you’ll know from the start that your weights fit perfectly.

Options here cover those who want heavier weights, and those who want a mix for different activities.

Mirafit weights + rack comboMirafit 6kg to 40kg Dumbbell Set + Rack

This is ideal if you do strength training at home. 10 hexagonal dumbbells are included, plus a smart, heavy duty rack which holds them perfectly.

The biggest hex weight is 20kgs, more than enough for most of us! They come in pairs, with 2x 20kgs, 2x 15kgs, 2x 10kgs, 2x 5kgs and 2x 3kgs all included. The rack is L-shaped, and perfectly angled for easy access. Like the stand-alone rack covered above, I like the fact that this one has space below the bottom shelf. This is made of heavy gauge steel, so you know it will last the distance.

A lot of positive feedback for this one. With delivery included, you won’t have the hassle of carting the weights around yourself either!

Check out this dedicated product page for the gallery and full spec.


Lighter Dumbbell Set + Rack from Palm Springs

This unit is ideal if you use dumbbells as part of aerobics or conditioning routines – rather than strength training. You get a lightweight stand, and 3 pairs of dumbbells for a knock-down price. These are 2x 1kg, 2x 2kg and 2x 3kg.

The stand has a neoprene finish, which keeps it scuff and scratch resistant. The weights are easy-grip plastic types. Previous buyers have reported that these are perfect for smaller hands!

For the price-point, this has a lot of positive feedback. It is a plastic stand, so keep the expectation level right compared to the more robust (and more expensive) metal framed stands.

Check out the positive feedback and check the gallery over on this dedicated product page.

Light Commercial Dumbbell Racks

Commercial Gym Dumbbell Racks

This section covers rack + weight combinations which work for smaller commercial gyms and for hotel / block of flats gym areas. With a mix of users, you’ll need options for the size of the weights. You’ll also need tough racking which will stand the test of time. Depending on the size of your gym, you might also need to look into multiple racks.

3-Tier Rack from Body Solid

Commerical Dumbbell Rack from Body SolidFor heavy duty gear, Body Solid are the go-to option for many gym owners. This steel framed rack has welded sides and wide feet for stability and safety.

What I like about this one is the range of hexagonal weights that come with it. There are 10 pairs in total. All are heavy-duty hex design. The top weight is 25kgs, with the heavier ones sitting on the bottom and the lighter pairs up top.

This has been specifically designed for light commercial and home markets – and comes with a lifetime warranty on the frame.

If you know Body Solid, you’ll already know that their kit is top quality.

Check out the gallery which includes a close-up of the weights on this dedicated product page.

Best Commercial Dumbbell RackFull Commercial Gym Dumbbell Rack: Pair of Racks + Unique J-Lock System

Jordan Rubber have what could be the ultimate solution for full commercial gyms. This set includes 2.5kg to 50kg (when paired) dumbbells made of heavy duty rubber. This will not only save on the ‘clanking’ of metal weights, it will protect your floor from those inevitable drops.

There are two racks in this set, which fit together for a stable storage solution. These feature two rows each, and unique locks (J-locks) which hold the dumbbells in place. I like the wide feet, which provide stability. These taller racks would not look out of place in any commercial gym.

This rack and weights combo will last for years.

Check out the impressive spec on this dedicated product page!

Pyramid Designs for Commercial Gym Use: Mirafit Paired Dumbbell Rack Sets

If you are short on space for a tiered flat rack, then Mirafit once again have a solid solution. This would be ideal in a light-commercial setup. It involves two stands, each with 6 pairs of weights. They have a pyramid design – along with wide bars at the bottom for extra stability. Construction is heavy-gauge steel, with each rack just under 1 meter tall.

You’ll get sets of weights, from 1kg through to 20kgs.

Mirafit specialise in simple solutions just like this, with their robust build quality. If you don’t have space for a bigger rack – or want dumbbells in separate parts of your gym, this could be ideal.

Check out this product page for the spec and user feedback.


Wrapping Up: The Best Dumbbell Racks

I have experience ‘dumbbell creep’, where you have to search for those scattered weights before starting a workout. If this is you, then a rack can be a solid investment!

Not only will you find some excellent racks, investing in a set with weights + racking can save you some money too.

I have picked the best-rated solutions for home and light-commercial use here.

There are plenty more options.

I recommend you compare the build quality, weight combinations and (most important of all) the user feedback from previous buyers before you get a rack.

Here are two pages to start your search, one for home gyms and the other for commercial buyers.

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