Exercise Snacks

Exercise Snacks

Exercise Snacks are a Great Way to Stay in Shape – Get Started with My Simple Guide

Exercise snacks get around the challenge of building a fitness habit all in one go.

Sure, motivation alone will get you working out for the first couple of weeks. This is when you’ll need willpower to keep it going.

An exercise snack is a tiny (2 minute+) bit of activity that fits effortlessly into your existing daily routine. Collectively, they contribute to your tone, fitness, and weight management – without taking over your life. The best thing about exercise snacks is that they help you to identify as someone that works out. That perspective is just what you need to take your health and fitness to the next level.

This page lists five easy exercise snacks.

Pick one and start today, you’ll be happy that you did it.

Exercise Snacks: Bodyweight for 2 Minutes Before Your Morning Shower

I have this exercise snack nailed.

Each morning before my shower (immediately after waking up) I do 30 push-ups and a 1-minute plank. This is a small enough set of exercises to be easy, and big enough to get my heart rate up and shoulders, chest and core muscles toned.

You could add whatever exercises work best for you. For example, 10 air-squats and some burpees, or 2 minutes intense exercise on your up-down stepper.

Exercise Snacks Pushups

Fitting Exercise Snacks in at Work

Sitting for extended periods is a health hazard (see this article for the facts).

With a little planning, you can easily fit in some exercise snacks during the working day. They can be as simple as alternate standing up ankle taps, stretches, or an air-squat.

Naturally, everyone’s workplace setup is different. If you are lucky enough to have your own office, then a few push-ups become possible. If not, then stepping out for a brisk walk is the perfect alternative.

Mini-Bike in Front of the TV

Minibikes work brilliantly for exercise snacks.

You might know them better as pedal exercisers. Instead of a full bike setup, you get a floor standing block with pedals. These cheap units are just right to use while you are watching TV. It only takes a couple of two-minute bursts to get your circulation going. Why not use the end of your favourite show as a trigger?

Check out my detailed review of the Ultrasport Mini Bike (pictured).

Ultrasport under desk mini bike review


Exercise Snacks While Waiting for the Kettle to Boil

That time waiting for the kettle can be put to good use in the form of an exercise snack.

A great hack is to put a block on your kitchen floor (something like the Reebok Deck) and give it a one-minute workout while that water warms up. Sure, it won’t be the ultimate fitness habit – but incrementally, a few times a day it will boost your blood flow and burn a few welcome calories.

Stretching, squats and a wall sit are alternative exercise snacks while you are waiting for that all-important brew.

Old Advice Repacked: Taking the Stairs

Taking the stairs need not feel like a chore.

When you rethink this old fitness advice as an exercise snack, it feels fresh and new. Instead of burning some calories (while welcome), think of this as a way of boosting your circulation, toning your muscles, and helping you identify as someone that takes health and fitness seriously.

Stairs are everywhere. Whether you are at home, work or out and about – become the type of person that sees taking the stairs as a positive.

Cold Showers Improve Circulation

Wrapping Up: Exercise Snacks and Habit Stacking

I’m a big fan of James Clear (Atomic Habits) and his approach to habit formation.

A core tenet is to make it easy to perform a habit, along with ‘stacking’ – which is linking a new habit to an existing one. In this post I have linked exercise snacks to morning showers, making a cuppa, your favourite TV show and to working hours. Of course, there are many more examples, some universal and others which will be personal to you.

It is easy to get started with exercise snacks – get going right now!


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