Garmin VivoSport Activity Tracker Review

Garmin Vivosport Activity Tracker Review

Summary: Slim and smart are the two words that jump to mind when you first see the Garmin Vivosport. This fitness tracker is in the low to mid-price range. It tracks all of the essential workout information you need. The GPS tracker looks after your routes, speed and times. While the heart monitor gives you your fitness and stress levels. Synchronsing with your phone and the Garmin app, you are connected whatever the activity.

This tracker is perfect for anyone that wants a trusted brand device, though can’t justify the big price tag of the full sports watch.

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Garmin Vivosport Smart Activity Tracker with Wrist-Based Heart Rate and GPS - Pink (Fuchia), Small
All the best Garmin tech, without the huge price tag of their full sports watches – the VivoSport connects with the Garmin app.. more

Detailed Review of the Garmin Vivosport Tracker

The Garmin Vivosport is a smart activity tracker that you wear like a watch. This stylish tracker has a width of just 2.1cm and is just over 1cm thick, making it comfortable and unobtrusive to wear. The good news is that this Garmin equipment is safe to wear in the pool or the shower. This means that you can literally wear it all day or night, with the only time it needs to be off your wrist is when it is charging.

Tracking Options on the Garmin Vivosport

This fitness watch comes complete with GPS tracking which allows it to monitor your routes, distances and times automatically. This tracking applies to walks, runs and even cycle rides and will even map it out if you synchronise it to the Garmin Connect app. There are also a host of pre-programmed timed activities as part of the tracker, which include both cardio and strength training.

Elevate 24/7 wrist-based heart monitoring collects data automatically and is able to estimate your VO2 Max and your fitness age. These two indicators can improve over time, the more you exercise. Your stress levels can also be determined using the Garmin Vivosport based on fluctuations of your heart rate.

Vivosport with Garmin Connect

Pairing and Sharing

You can pair your Garmin Vivosport with any compatible smartphone using Garmin Connect (all Apple and Android phones offer Garmin Connect).

This allows you to do so much more with this smart watch. You can access text messages, read your emails, receive notifications from social media and even access music controls if you want to pump up the volume as you run or cycle.

A livetrack feature allows your friends to see exactly how hard you have been working, which is an extra motivation in itself (who doesn’t want to do more than their friends?). You can also be part of the thriving online community where you can join challenges, encourage others in their fitness exploits and even post your own exploits directly to social media.

Design and Usability

This Garmin tracker is both slim and light and will therefore complement any outift you wear it with, either in a fitness setting or socially. The watch features an always on colour Garmin Chroma display.

The maximum battery life for the tracker is seven days when in smartwatch mode. When GPS is on, the maximum battery length is eight hours. In reality, with normal usage, you’ll need to charge the tracker every 3 or 4 days.

With a 5 ATM water rating, you can go up to 50m deep in water and it will have no effect on the watch. Great for swimming and obviously in the bath or shower. Maybe take it off if you intend a little deep-sea diving.

Inside View Vivosport

Feedback: User Reviews of the Garmin Vivosport

Reviews of this Garmin smart tracker are positive. With most reviewers awarding the Vivosport the maximum five stars. One user was real impressed by the customisation options allowed, ensuring that it can be used by both beginners and pros. The stylishness and the comfort of the tracker has also been praised. A number of users mentioned that wear and tear can have an impact on the strap, which cannot be replaced – ensure you are careful when taking it on and off. The following review was a fine summation of the tracker:

As an entry level Garmin this exceeds my expectations, it looks trendy, feels brilliant on and doubles as a time piece.

Is the Garmin Vivosport Right for You?

The Garmin Vivosport is an ideal lower to mid-priced fitness tracker for those of you who take fitness seriously. Adapting to all of your fitness needs, this watch can track your runs, walks and cycles using GPS seamlessly. Monitor your progress using the Garmin Connect app and interact with friends, family and the whole Garmin social community. Synch the device to your phone and you can receive notifications and more.

Check out the gallery, technology, and latest pricing now over on the Garmin Vivosport page.

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