Gym Master Folding Adjustable Sit-up Bench

Sit Up Bench

Summary: Easy to assemble, this Gym Master adjustable sit-up bench will ensure you push yourself a little harder in those crunches and sit-ups, making it great for your abs. Complete with power ropes and dumbbells too, this low cost solid bench is ideal for your home. Big discount on this item at the time of writing, see the product page for info.

Update: Adding a best-selling replacement as the original disappeared – check out the new UK-based Fit4Home sit up bench!

FIT4HOME Foldable Sit up Bench for Core Ab Workout - Abdominal Crunch Exercise Equipment for Home Gym, Fitness Inversion Benches Folding | TF-1109 SUB 53
An Excellent Portable Exercise Bench for firming and shaping the abdominal, back, chest, arm and hip muscles…. more

Detailed Review of the Gym Master Folding Adjustable Sit-up Bench

The Gym Master Sit-up bench is an ideal piece of equipment if you want to push yourselves a little harder in working those abs, giving you added incline so you’re working against gravity too when performing pushups or crunches. This item comes with both dumbbells and power ropes too, adding variety to your workout, while a large discount at Amazon sees this piece of equipment fall well within the low budget range.

This sit-up bench is a generous 127cm long when fully assembled but has a folding function making for both easy transportation and storage. It features a durable upholstered back rest complete with high density foam, ensuring added comfort throughout your workout, while the steel frame provides added stability. Two half a kilogram dumbbells and the 80cm power ropes will add some great variety to your range of workouts performed on the bench.

This machine is highly adjustable, ensuring that your workouts are guaranteed to be challenging. Both the leg supports and the incline can be played around with, ensuring that the bench is ideal for all users regardless of height, although you should be aware that the item has an upper weight limit of 100kg. The bench has non slip capped feet, which both provide added stability, as well as preventing any damage to your flooring.

This low budget item is very competitive in price. There are more basic, slightly cheaper items in the same category, but with the added extras, the adjustable nature of the bench and the folding function this is certainly reasonable. You’ll also have a 12 month warranty too.

For a low budget ab trainer, the Gym Master Folding Adjustable Sit-up Bench is ideal. The highly adjustable nature of the bench ensures that you’ll always have the option to up the intensity, while the power ropes and the dumbbells add some nice variety to your workout. Check it out for yourself (and see if the big discount is still there!) at now!

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