Gymaholic App Review

Gymaholic App Review


All Round Fitness with Exercises and Tracking – for Free – Gymaholic Review

Workout apps are the most popular you find on the App store. With so much choice, it can be difficult to know where to start. Each app takes a unique approach to fitness. For an all-inclusive fitness app with great examples of how to undertake each exercise, the Gymaholic app ticks all the boxes. On this page you will find out all about the Gymaholic app, including getting started, exactly how it works and an overview of how the unique exercise system.

Getting Started with the Gymaholic App

To install the Gymaholic app on either your iPhone or iPad head to app store and search for it. The installation of the app takes less than a minute and then you’re ready to go. On launching the app, the first thing it will ask is if you’d like to link it to the health app. This is a useful idea, allowing the app to talk to Apple Health, ensuring all your workouts are properly tracked. You now find yourself on the home page and you’re all set to go.

Downloading the Gymaholic App

How the Gymaholic App Works

This popular fitness app is divided into 5 sections which you can access through the menu at the bottom of the screen. Here’s a look at each of the five sections:

#1 Home

This is an overview page. On the left you find the number of days since workout. This number is prioritised as it can become a handy reminder if you’ve neglected exercise for a few days. Below it tells you your rested muscles. To the right is a 3D image that represents you, this image able to rotate 360 degrees. Hit the three- button menu and you can enjoy extra options. Check out ‘progress’ – which shows you the progress on each of your muscles. Your weight and body fat are also listed. At the bottom of the home screen is a chart which shows you a training overview listing your daily workouts.

#2 Workouts

In this section you can follow a series of suggested workouts. For example, if you’re just starting out you can follow a 3-day beginner program that works a whole host of muscles over those 3 days. Hit the more workouts button to see the extra programs you can enjoy. Other workout programs include home bodyweight workouts, workouts with equipment, full body gym workouts and area focused gym workouts.

Exercises on Gymaholic

#3 History

This section brings up a calendar and you can click on any date to see exactly which workout you did on any given day.

#4 Exercises

This is the most impressive part of the app and what sets it apart from a host of other fitness apps. Here you find a list of exercises. Many of these are behind a pay wall, with a number of free examples. When clicking on any of the exercises, you are met by the same 3D figure showing you exactly how to do the exercise. The visuals are impressive and you are left in no doubt exactly how to do any exercise. In addition, the area of your body that is currently being worked is highlighted in green. Hit the small green arrow above the example for more text info regarding the exercise in question. In total, there are hundreds of different exercises offered on the app.

#5 My Body

This final section is where you can track vital fitness info. This includes your weight, your body fat, neck, waist, and height measurements. It will also cover the size of key parts of your body such as your chest, biceps, and hips.

Gymaholic App Review

Gymaholic App Usability

This fitness app couldn’t be more straightforward. Having installed it, you can get going straight away, with the five different sections easy to navigate. It is suggested that you link it to the Apple Health, as your workouts and data will be transferred directly, keeping your fitness overview up to date. It’s easy to track all your exercises and see the progress of your vital fitness data. Follow the guided workout plans for best results and you won’t see better examples of each individual workout plan on any other app.

Gymaholic App Overview

The Gymaholic app is a highly useful addition to your fitness arsenal. The key selling points of this app are the excellent visuals that show you exactly how to do each workout with the green area telling you exactly what muscles are being worked. Use the guided courses, keep track of your fitness, and see exactly how your body is changing on the home page.

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