JLL IC400 Elite Indoor Bike Review

JLL IC400 Elite Exercise Bike Review

Summary: The JLL IC400 Elite exercise bike has studio cycle good looks – and a solid spec. This is a bigger home exercise bike. It works perfectly for stand-up sprints, as well as sitting workouts. Highlights include the 3-piece crank (just like on a real bicycle), huge 20kg flywheel and a lot of adjustment options for different sized users. This indoor bike has an LCD monitor, perfect for those that don’t want the extra expense of group training apps and full-colour monitors.

Both the IC400 Elite and the ‘Pro’ (previous version), got a ton of positive feedback from users. You can check this out – and see the close-up picture gallery of the key components – over on this dedicated product page.

JLL IC400 ELITE Indoor Bike, Direct Belt Driven Exercise Bike For Home, 20kg Flywheel, Friction Resistance, Monitor, Heart Rate Sensors, Adjustable Seat, 12 Months Domestic Warranty, Black and Red
7 Function monitor displays: Time (mins/secs), Distance (miles), Speed (mph), Calories, RPM, Target Heart Rate and Pulse (ppm)… more

Detailed Review of the JLL IC400 Elite Indoor Bike

JLL produce a range of quality home exercise bikes. The IC400 Elite is at the bigger end of the range. It is 130cms long, 133cms tall and 54cms wide. It weights a solid 47.8kgs – and supports users up to 150kgs (more than 23 stone). With steel allow construction, this bike will last and last. The only colour option is a smart black and red, with touches of silver / metal.

Adjusting for different family members is a sticking point with many indoor bikes. This model gives you a lot of combinations. There are 9 vertical levels for the handlebars, plus both horizontal and vertical adjustments for the seat.

Those handlebars are forked. This lets you stand and sprint or take a lower profile for a serious hill climb (and lots of options between).

20kg Flywheel and 3-Piece Crank

As a rule of thumb, the bigger the flywheel, the smoother and more predictable the resistance. The IC400 Pro has a huge 20kg flywheel. Compare this to the single digits of cheaper knock-off brands, and you will feel the difference.

The 3-piece crank is also worth a mention. This is the system used on regular road bikes, it makes for a reliable, smooth, and realistic cycling motion. A quick mention for the racing saddle. This looks great, though is not a cushioned / comfortable saddle. If you prefer some extra comfort, padded covers are cheap over at amazon!

Add in a water bottle holder and wheels to move your bike around.

Belt Drive JLL IC400 Elite

JLL IC400 Elite: Monitor and Pulse Rate Meter

JLL used a bigger LCD monitor for the IC400 Elite. This is a rectangle shaped, and in portrait orientation (which works perfectly with a studio bike). If you want an iPad style display, with app compatibility, then you will need to spend more money. I recommend the S15i from NordicTrack – which comes with the excellent iFit.

Back to the JLL IC400 Elite. You get all the measurements needed for a workout at the same time. These are speed, distance, calories burned, RPM and your pulse rate. There are pulse rate monitors on the outside forks of the handlebars.

Feedback: What Buyers Said About the JLL IC400 Elite

Overall, hugely positive feedback for this bike. This emphasised the size and smoothness of the bike, along with the value for money. One person got a grinding noise after the bike was out of its 2-year warranty. While I am sympathetic of course, I found their complaint about the small ball-bearings amusing… I mean, did nobody ever tell this person how a bike works?

JLL are known for their great service, with a UK base and glowing feedback for products across their entire range. Specifics in the positive comments for this bike include easy assembly and the sturdy build. The easy changes to the resistance also got praise from more than one owner.

Wrapping Up: How Does the JLL IC400 Elite Exercise Bike Compare?

This bike would be perfect for anyone after a solid, reliable bike without the extra expense that comes with app / iPad compatibility. It does everything you need for a great home workout using a simple friction resistance setup and LCD monitor. You can use it while seated or use the studio-cycle style handlebars to stand and sprint. With a 20kg flywheel, there is enough resistance to get you fit – and to keep you there!

JLL are a British brand with an amazing reputation for quality home exercise bikes. This bike is a fantastic replacement for the IC600 Pro – and is sure to be a best-seller within its niche.

Check out the latest comments and see those close-ups of the key components for yourself now, over on this dedicated product page.


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