JLL JF100 Home Exercise Bike Review

JLL JF100 Budget Exercise Bike

Summary: You’ll get some serious home exercise bike pedigree with the JLL JF100, at a budget level price point.

JLL are well known for their popular range of upright bikes and mid-range home exercise bikes with solid feature sets. If you’d like a sturdy bike, with enough resistance for all but the most hardened sprinters, then the JF100 fits the bill nicely. You’ll get 10 resistance levels, a pulse rate monitor and a computer console, all for under $100. UK brand JLL recommend this for domestic use, noting that if you want the more intense ‘stand up’ or sprint workouts, you should opt for one of the studio style exercise bikes instead.

This model has a ton of positive feedback, especially when you keep in mind that the budget uprights space has still competition.

Check out the impressive picture gallery including close-ups, and latest price now over on this dedicated product page at the official JLL store.

Popular British Brand:

JLL® JF100 Home Exercise Bike, 2024 New Adjustable Magnetic Resistance Cardio Workout, 4kg Bi-Directional Flywheel, Display with Heart-Rate Sensor, Adjustable Handlebars & Seat Height
10 Levels of Magnetic Resistance. Max User Weight 100kg.
4kg Two-Way Flywheel. Detachable 3 Piece Crank System. ROHS CE GS Compliance.
LCD Monitor: Time, Speed, Distance, Calories, Odometer and Pulse. Heart Rate Inbuilt into Handrails. (more…)

Detailed Review of the JLL JF100 Exercise Bike

For me the JLL JF100 looks smarter than many rival exercise bikes in this budget price range. This model is fixed rather than folding, and at only 62cm long by 120cm tall is compact enough not to take over your spare room. This bike only has one colour option, black and grey.

The saddle is adjustable, with 7 levels. I saw one comment that a user under 5 feet tall was comfortable using it. If you are much over 6 feet tall, you might want to look at a bigger bike instead.

On the (also adjustable) handlebars you’ll find pulse monitors, which feed back to the console between them. This is a simple console, though it does have all the key information while you cycle. This includes speed, distance, calories burned and pulse rate.

This is the most popular budget model in the extensive range of JLL Exercise Bikes.

10 Resistance Levels (Easy to Reach Controls)

There are 10 resistance levels, which are controlled by a knob just below the handlebars. This is reachable while sitting on this exercise bike. The ability to move the resistance up and down while you cycle can help add variation to your sessions. There is a 4kg 2-way flywheel inside. This will allow for a mid-level of resistance. This will be fine for casual users and those that want to burn some calories. If you are a keen cyclist or training for an event, then you should look up a level or two to a more pro-level unit.

You will need to put this bike together, though most people reported that this is simple. There is even a Youtube video to show you how. This will take 30 minutes max.

Console and tech JF100 Bike JLL

What Previous Buyers Said About the JLL JF100 Exercise Bike?

At the time of writing, there are more 300 reviews at These are very positive, especially compared to the budget price. At this price level you normally find a higher percentage of people who were expecting something that looked like it was from a commercial gym at sub-£100!

The general consensus is that this is a sturdy bike for the price point. I get the feeling that causal users are very impressed, with older users and those taking the first steps to a fit and healthy lifestyle particularly positive.

JLL JF100 Bikes: FAQ

What is the Maximum User Weight of the JF100?

JLL recommend users up to 100kgs can use this bike. That is 15.74 stone in old money. Remember that the makers of fitness equipment are always conservative with these recommendations. That said, anyone over the recommended weight uses this bike entirely at their own risk.

How Hard is the Resistance on the JF100 Exercise Bike?

For a budget level bike, the 10 levels of magnetic resistance is a major plus point. You control this using a knob, which is on the frame just below the console. At level one, you’ll feel like you are biking on air (great for a warm-up). Get towards level 10, and things feel more like a tough hill climb. While not pro-level resistance, this is plenty enough for home users looking to burn some calories.

Is the JF100 Home Bike Safe?

Yes, JLL comply with both UK and EU safety standards for all of their fitness equipment – including the JF100. This model is compliant with CE, UKCA and EN957 standards. It is not safe for children under 12, who are prohibited from using is. JLL also note that under 18’s should be supervised.

JF100 Calories Burned

How Many Calories Can I Burn on the JF100 Upright Exercise Bike?

This depends on how intense your cycling session is. If you go for it with intense exercise, it is possible to burn more than 700 calories per hour. A more realistic goal, with light, medium and intense peddling all used during a session, is 300 to 400 calories per hour. Easy workouts, for example in front of the TV, are closer to the 200 range.

JLL JF100 Exercise Bike Review: Summing Up / Next Steps

For me this fits perfectly with ‘First Bike’ type buyers. Not for the pros, this is a regular budget exercise bike, with great feedback which would suit those looking to add some exercise to their routine. If you want to have a sprint, hill climb or super-intense cardio workout – then you will be better off spending more on a studio style bike. This one is compact, smooth and perfect for those who want to burn some calories without going crazy.

This bike comes with a 12 month warranty – and anyone that has bought JLL equipment before will know just how good their after-sales service is.

Check out that impressive gallery now, and read the comments from previous buyers on the dedicated product page!

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