Nero Sports Upright Exercise Bike Review

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Summary: The popular Nero Sports call this exercise bike an ‘Upright’, though you will immediately see that it has the look and setup of a studio bike. This home bike is designed to work with an all called Zwift. It adds multiplayer mode, scenic rides and tracking via Bluetooth. You will need a separate tablet or iPad for this – you can see how this sits on the front of the bike in the picture above.

Nero Sports have a hugely popular Bluetooth treadmill which works in a similar way. Feedback from users of this bike has been hugely positive.

You can see the full gallery, including shots from the Zwift App, plus check the latest feedback for yourself over on this dedicated product page.

Nero Sports exercise bike KINOMAP bluetooth connection indoor cycling Training Studio Cycles 24 Month warranty
✔ RACE LIVE with other online cyclists (Zwift app)
✔ iPad / Smart Phone Stand ✔ 12kg Fly Wheel – Silent running
✔ Pulse Sensors / Heart rate monitor ✔ Super soft seat ✔ FREE Water Bottle
✔ Fully Adjustable Seat and handles ✔ 3 Piece Crank ✔ FREE 5 Year Warranty
✔ LCD Computer ✔ Toe Clips ✔ Transport Wheels for easy movement (more…)

Detailed Review of the Nero Sports Bluetooth Upright Exercise Bike

Distinctive curves along with the contrasting black and yellow trim give this home studio bike a unique look. It is a compact unit, with a solid base. Note the bar from the saddle goes all the way down to the cross bar in the middle – adding stability to the frame.

There are wheels on the front to move it into place. These are not connecting to the floor while you work out. You can adjust the saddle height and move it back and forward. The height of the handlebar / console unit can also be adjusted.

This exercise bike uses a 12kg flywheel for smooth / predictable resistance. You change this using a dial which is under the console unit (seen between the bottle and handlebars on the main picture). With a 3-piece crank, soft seat and safety straps on the pedals, this bike will stay smooth while giving you as tough a workout as you need.

Electronics and App Compatibility

Console and Tablet Holder Nero Pro Studio BikeTo get the best from the Nero Sports Bluetooth upright bike, you should use your own tablet or iPad. There is a built-in console. This is super simple and will certainly get the job done. It shows the usual speed, distance, heart rate (via handlebar sensors), time working out and the number of calories you have burned.

When you download Zwift, your options increase rapidly. You can cycle through beautiful mountain ranges, beaches, or historic cities. Track your progress between rides – and even compete (or just ride along) with others in multiplayer mode. While this is not quite a Peloton, it certainly has most of the benefits!

Feedback: What Owners Said About the Nero Sports Studio Bike

In general, Studio style bikes are smaller than the uprights. This seems to have caught some owners out. If you are over 6 foot, you should consider a bike specially made for taller riders (or a commercial grade one, which are that bit bigger).

Feedback about the build and quality of the machine was universally positive. This includes the resistance, with people noting that the Nero bikes are capable of giving you a thorough working out.

The after sales service from Nero Sports also got specific praise. This does tie in with their other products. You get a 5-year warranty with this bike for extra peace of mind.

Finally, people loved using Zwift!

Comments / feedback will often change – so make sure you check the latest updates, whether you choose the Nero Sports Bike or any other home exercise bike.

Wrapping Up: Is the Nero Sports Exercise Bike Right for You?

This bike is perfect for those of us that would love a Peloton, though can’t justify the expense. You get a well-made studio style exercise bike from Nero Sports. The bike works perfectly without the app, just like any other home bike. When you add in Zwift, a new ‘interactive’ world opens up. The bike has Bluetooth, which links the app to your efforts – plus a holder for your tablet / iPad right at the front of the bike.

Check out the gallery – which shows it both with and without the Zwift setup – and read the latest feedback for yourself now, over on this dedicated product page.

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