NordicTrack VR21 Recumbent Exercise Bike Review

VR21 Recumbent Exercise Bike from NordicTrack

Big (and stunning) update time – NordicTrack have refreshed their recumbent bike range – and the new R35 will blow you away!

The design is amazing, though it is the technology used for the mechanism, and stunning HD screen which caught me by surprise. You can bike with live trainers, who control the resistance level remotely – or simply choose a scenic ride. The fully adjustable and super-comfy setup will ensure you burn those calories without any discomfort.

You can see a series of pictures, including close-ups, plus the latest price and delivery options over on this dedicated R35 product page at the official store!

Detailed Review of the NordicTrack VR19 Recumbent Exercise Bike

I loved the squat yet high-tech look of the VR19. This is smaller than the commercial models. Once it is assembled, the dimensions are as follows: 137cm long, 64cm wide and 131cm tall at the top of the console. It weighs in at 53kgs. This is heavier than many home bikes (great for a stable ride), you can still move it around, using transport wheels under the front.

NordicTrack are notoriously cautious with their maximum user weight recommendations. This machine has a rec of 125kgs (that is over 19 stone in ‘old money’). Some assembly is required, though the feedback from buyers suggests this was a simple enough process.

As always with NordicTrack exercise bikes, it is the small design touches which make an outsized difference. You will find a bottle holder, easy adjusting chair, and smaller handlebars either side of the chair. Perfect for when you want to hold on for a more vigorous uphill climb!

Smooth Resistance and Simple Controls

Monitor for the VR19 BikesYou get a 7Kg flywheel with the VR19 recumbent bike. This is plenty enough for a smooth and predictable ride. The top settings will have you peddling hard – though you can warm up with feather light resistance.

Unlike with budget exercise bikes, you don’t need to stop to adjust the resistance. This is all controlled through the console – with a single touch increasing and decreasing the resistance. The pedals are extra-wide. You will put your feet in, then adjust the straps to keep them in place. Slipping from the pedals is the last thing you want to think about while working out.

VR19 Recumbent Bikes: Electronics

This bike has a coloured monitor that will show you all the key measurements. Speed, time, distance, and calories burned come as standard. You can track your workouts through this monitor, and even synch it with a chest strap (for example a POLAR or similar). There are heart-rate meters on the handlebars to check your pulse. This can be used as part of your training, though if you are anything like me, you’ll take a look now and again out of pure curiosity. Speakers and a fan add extra value to an already excellent recumbent.

To use the free iFit programme (you get 1 month trial sub with a purchase), you will need your own mobile device. This unlocks training programs plus some amazing scenic rides. This is valuable, taking rides from a chore to an enjoyable time out from your daily routine.

What Did Buyers Say About the VR19 Recumbent Bikes from NordicTrack

Users of iFit with the VR19 were super-happy. The bike itself got positive reviews from users around the world. The words that came up again and again include ‘Robust’. That ties in well with other Nordic Track fitness equipment – which is definitely more solid than the usual home gym machines available today.

The quietness of this recumbent also came in for individual praise. On the minus side, a couple of people were unhappy with the assembly requirement (this is normal, even IKEA furniture gets negative reviews for that!). Most people did find the assembly easy enough, with 1 and 2 hours both mentioned.

NordicTrack does offer an excellent warranty – so you can purchase any of their machines with peace of mind.

Wrapping Up: Is the VR19 Recumbent Bike from NordicTrack Right for You?

With a low price point compared to many NordicTrack bikes – the VR19 Recumbent is accessible to home users as well as gym / fitness room owners. When you add in a month using the iFit program, this bike becomes even better value.

This is a solid, robust unit which includes a lot of the technology found on bikes which cost many times as much. Smooth resistance, one-touch controls, monitors and chest-strap compatibility all come as standard.

Add in a super-comfy seat and you will see this is a winner!

Check out the close-up pictures, full spec, and latest pricing (including the free iFit) now, over on this dedicated product page.

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