NordicTrack AirGlide LE Elliptical Trainer Review

Detailed Review of the NordicTrack AirGlide LE Elliptical Trainer

Mark’s Summary: You get the new design and all the best new tech, as my NordicTrack AirGlide Elliptical trainer review will explain. All this at a great price when compared to the other commercial spec cross trainers in the impressive NordicTrack range.

The key to the great price is the 5” display. Instead of an expensive HD touch-screen, you use your own iPad, tablet or phone to access iFit. This is the remote live and recorded training app where the trainers change the incline and resistance of your elliptical in real time.

Once you try it – your training sessions will never be the same again!

Check out the impressive gallery and iFit details now – over on the AirGlide LE page on the official UK NordicTrack site.

Detailed Review of the NordicTrack AirGlide LE Elliptical Cross Trainer

Let’s start with the size and design, before getting into the features and technology.

This is a bigger home elliptical, and is suitable for users of all shapes, sizes, and fitness levels.

Once assembled, the dimensions are 180cm long by 63cm wide by 175cm high. There are front mounted wheels to get it into place – though I’d personally recommend you find the ideal spot and leave this cross trainer there.

The boxed weight is 102kgs and the recommendation from NordicTrack is that users up to 135kgs (a little over 21 stone) can use it safely.

NordicTrack ellipticals come with a good warranty. You need to register within 28 days of purchase. This provides 2 years parts and labour, plus 5 years for the frame.

Features: What Makes the AirGlide LE Stand Out?

iFit is the killer feature – but there is plenty of tech outside of this trainer-controlled app.

The engine of any elliptical trainer is the flywheel. This is 7kg and is inertia-enhanced. It used SMR (silent magnetic resistance), which runs through the NordicTrack fitness equipment portfolio.

There are 22 digital resistance levels to work through as your fitness improves.

You get incline at 15% and decline at 5%. This is something unheard of with lower priced no-name brands and will help vary your workouts.

The stride length is 48cm with oversized pedals. While not quite commercial level, this is much longer than you get from many rival brands.

Console View NordicTrack LE Elliptical

Using iFit with the AirGlide LE

You get a free month-long trial of iFit with your purchase of the AirGlide LE.

This is an interactive training app with a twist.

The twist is that you can choose to give trainers control over the resistance and incline of your cross trainer. Participate in live group classes, choose pre-recorded classes which match your fitness goals – or simply train over stunning scenery or historic cities.

With no HD screen on the AirGlide LE Elliptical, you’ll need to use your own phone or tablet / iPad. This is simple to set up with Bluetooth.

As well as the training, you get stats tracking and social options with the iFit App.

If you don’t fancy going ‘high tech’, don’t worry. The LE Elliptical works brilliantly using the 5” high-contrast display – with all the key stats shown in real time.

Quality Extras from NordicTrack

Some extras that you won’t get from other brands include NordicTrack’s bespoke (patented) technology.

There is an AutoBreeze workout fan integrated into the frame to keep you cool. The grips are ‘SoftTouch’ and there is an all-important water bottle holder.

Does the NordicTrack Airglide LE have iFit?

Feedback from Users of the NordicTrack AirGlide LE Elliptical Trainer

As is often the case with brand new models, there is not much feedback outside of the iFit crowd to go on. Needless to say, iFit users loved the LE Elliptical – almost too much with some overenthusiastic individuals to say the least.

Back to ground level, NordicTrack enjoy a super-loyal following. I own a home treadmill, and fully intend to go back to this brand should it ever need replacing. The only grumbles I have seen involve the delivery team being ground-floor only – it’s best to be prepared.

I will come back to this page in a few month’s time and update with any significant feedback.

Wrapping Up: Is the AirGlide LE from NordicTrack the Right Elliptical Cross Trainer for You?

This is an amazing elliptical trainer with stunning good looks and a top-tier spec.

What keeps the price significantly lower than other Elliptical Trainers from NordicTrack is the monitor. Instead of a built-in HD touchscreen, you get a standard high-contrast display. Using your own tablet (there is even a shelf!) is the perfect work around. This gives you access to iFit, without the big price tag of the other models.

Find out more about iFit and see the stunning close-up pictures now, on the AirGlide LE elliptical page on the official NordicTrack website.


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