NordicTrack RW600 Rowing Machine Review

NordicTrack RW600 Rower

Mark’s Summary: NordicTrack have upped their game in terms of both design and technology with the new RW600 rowing machine. The curved supports, big crisp HD monitor and ergonomic seat will immediately catch your eye. It is beneath the surface that the real benefits are found. The RW600 rower has two different resistance levels (digital + air), and an innovative space saving design which is different from the usual single-pivot idea.

You get a free year’s subscription to iFit for interactive training sessions with this model. Plus, a warranty that puts other fitness equipment makers in the shade.

Check out the styling in the impressive picture gallery – along with the latest price – over on this official RW600 rowing machine page at now!


Detailed Review of the NordicTrack RW600 Home Rowing Machine

This new rower is a stunner. It manages to look leaner than the previous generation of NordicTrack rowing machines – at the same time as having some beautifully designed curves. The black, grey, and silver is classic NordicTrack. The console has a thin arm, placing it perfectly to enjoy the HD screen for iFit training.

The RW600 is 211cm long by 56cm wide and 119cm tall. It folds up brilliantly into a triangle. You can then wheel it away between uses using the discreetly placed front wheels. The rower weight 44kgs, with a max user weight recommendation of 115kgs. Steel is used for the rail for robustness and safety.

NordicTrack has a standard two year all parts and labour warranty with the RW600. This is extended to a full five years for the frame. Make sure you don’t forget to register your purchase within 28 days to kick off the warranty.

26 Digital Resistance Levels with Extra Air Resistance

You get the best of both worlds with the new RW600 from NordicTrack. Resistance is controlled digitally though the console. This can even be changed remotely by your trainer via the iFit app. You also get Air Resistance on top. If on top of the flywheel is a bar, you push this forward or pull it back to adjust the angle of the fan – adding air resistance.

Add to this the oversized pivoting pedals, soft-touch ergonomic handle and fully adjustable positioning for the console – and you have a home rowing machine which will work for users of all different sizes and fitness levels.

iFit with the RW600 Rower

Beautiful Sharp 10-Inch HD Console for iFit

iFit is a key reason for choosing NordicTrack. You get 1 year of family (group) membership with your RW600. This unlocks live and recorded training sessions from a vast library. You can connect via Bluetooth if you prefer headphones. New workouts are happening every single day – keeping your rowing safe.

Your trainer can adjust your resistance level. This not only keeps things interactive, but it also helps with pushing that fitness level forward. You can row with amazing scenery, get involved in the social media aspects of the app, and track your stats like never before.

To say that iFit is popular is an understatement – it has transformed home workouts for thousands of people already.

Feedback for the RW600 Rowing Machine (iFit Users)

The RW600 is a brand-new model and does not have the level of customer feedback on retail sites that is enjoyed by the more established NordicTrack rowing machines. It already has a lot of feedback via the iFit program. At the time of writing this is at 4.7 out of 5, with more than 1000 people commenting – exceptionally positive feedback!

NordicTrack pick up positives for the quality of their rowing machines from all around the world. Models with dual air and digital resistance are popular with all levels of rower. They pack plenty of punch for serious rowers – and are flexible enough for beginners too.

I will keep a close eye on the feedback and adjust this page as soon as we have a decent sample. In the meantime, you will find the iFit feedback already in place on the official product page.

Wheels RW600 Rowing Machines

Wrapping Up: Is the RW600 Rowing Machine from NordicTrack Right for You?

Little doubt about the great looks for this model. NordicTrack combined some elegant new curves with a design that is distinctive and immediately recognisable as their brand. It is a combination of the technology and attention to the small details that make this rower worth the money for me.

The highlight is the HD screen. This is perfect for iFit – either with a live trainer or a recorded session that suits your current fitness levels. You also get dual resistance, Bluetooth, and a brand-new way to fold your rower and move it out of the way.

If you love to row, the RW600 will stay with you as your fitness improves.

Check out the fascinating close-ups in the picture gallery – along with the latest price – over on this dedicated product page at now!


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