Omron Walking Style One Pedometer Review

Omrom Walking Pedometer

Summary: Budget pedometer which fits in your bag or pocket. Contains a 3D sensor which monitors distance traveled and calories burned. Ideal for those who want to get started keeping track without the complex options! At the time of writing this had a nice discount at – check out the latest deal on the dedicated product page.

Omron Walking Style One 2.1 Step Counter - Black/Grey
Advanced 3 dimensional sensor for accurate results
Can be carried in your pocket in a bag or on your belt
Features an aerobic mode for sustained periods of walking… more

Detailed Review of the Omrom Walking Style Pedometer 2.1

The device couldn’t be easier to set up, the only thing you need to do is calculate and input your stride length. All you have to do is measure from the back of your heel on your front foot to the tip of your big toe on your back foot. Then you’re good to go.

Users have stated that the 2.1 is extremely accurate and the handy belt clip means it is very accessible on walks. The 7 day memory means it is very easy to scroll back through the week to see how well you have been doing. This is great if you have weekly targets because if you’re behind after 3 or 4 days you can push on in the last few to hit your goals.

The calories burnt is a great motivator, once you realize how many calories you’re burning you will just want to walk more, this could mean taking the stairs rather than the lift, walking to the shop rather than driving and more.

Overall this is a great value pedometer that is simple, easy to use and very accurate.

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